Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby XJ @ 1 year 9 months

Weight : 10 kg

1) Baby love vegetables and soup
2) Can say a few more new words, but still not talking in sentences yet
3) Off diapers during the day time (except taking nap) for 2 weeks already. Past few days, no accidents at all !
4) Love to blow bubbles
5) Enjoying brushing teeth during bathing time (twice a day)
6) Still very attached to her Patrick, else she can't sleep.
7) Can drink from the cup pretty well (with some drips at times)
8) Love to climb on the sofa, chair, table, etc. All thanks to her brother YX who set that example for her.
9) Love to listen to CNY songs just like YX. Until now, we are still listening to CNY songs when the kids requested for it in the car or at home. Their new year never ending. haha
10) Still very much a Complaint Queen
11) Can draw a circle
12) Can recognised and say the word DOG, ANT, BIRD, BOOK
13) When given something, she will said Thank you followed by Welcome. haha
14) Very demanding. When she wanted something, she must have it. Else, she will scream on top of her lung.
15) Taking solids (rice + soup / porridge / mee suah) twice daily. Drinking 6 oz of milk.


  1. Kids love blowing bubbles! :)

  2. wa...hard to get that likes vegetables

  3. Wah so nice, she loves vege and soup. I think most kids loves soup.

  4. She no longer wear diapers then your newly bought cd how?

  5. Congratulation for XJ's marvellous archievement! A happy 1 year 9 months old!

    Have a beautiful day ahead!^-^

  6. aww so smart and cute!!

  7. Wah, very rare, she loves veggies! Good, good! My boy is somewhat a carnivore.

  8. Baby can go off diaper during day time already! Wah, that's an acheivement! I still dare not let Juan Or go off diapers yet. And it's good thing that she enjoys brushing teeth, no headache for you. As for my boy, he will give excuses saying he wants to sleep whenever I say it's time to brush teeth. *Pengsan!*

  9. So cute of her! Same here, my girl celebrate her CNY everyday! ;p

  10. So fast... 3 more months two years old! Very soon - off to play school and kindy already. Any plans for more?

  11. Wah....she is very smart !!! SOme more can go off diaper already!! GOOD GIRL.

  12. Oh this little missy is good 'coz she loves veggies, mommy no headache for that!

  13. Baby XJ is progressing well! LOL at no. 9. Luckily never ask ang pow from you everyday... hahaha!

  14. All the points leads to 1 thing. She is cute^^

  15. Good, no need diapers anymore during the some money!

  16. Mei Teng ~ Yea...and adults like me too! haha...

    smallkucing ~ haha...she is a bit different from her brother. YX will never touch on vege but baby just loves them.

    p & p mum ~ thks ;)

    cheeyee ~ she prefer vege over meat. Soup are just so delicious ya.

    mummy-j ~ she still needs them during nap and night time. I did not put her on the disposable anymore! Hurray! haha.....really save a lot of $$$

    Alice Law ~ Thank you. ;D

    Anya ~ little kids nowadays are very smart. Maybe due to milk powder? All the DHA & AA? haha

    cleffairy ~ boy loves meat but never vege. Baby however, is a bit different. She prefer vege over meat. She love fish though.

    Alice Phua ~ We bravely trained her even we knew she will be wetting her pants. After a few accidents, she knows how to tell. Maybe you can try on Juan or too? hehe

    Willie ~ :D

    Serene ~ you can enjoy the CNY songs together all year long ya.

    suituapui ~ I miss her baby moments now ;( Haha.. 2 already BIG headache. I won't dare to go for more. Maybe NOT now.

    Ann ~ Off diapers = save $$$ haha

    Dora ~ ya ya...she always request for vege. But she is not a meat lover.

    BoeyJoey ~ hahaha...Not only they like to listen, they love to sings too! Can already memerized the lyrics. haha

    Kelvin ~ thks...;D

    Pete ~ Save a lot of $$$$ . .haha..

  17. soon to be 2. any plan for the coming birthday celeb?

  18. It's great that she's eating well n loving veges.

  19. Mummy to QQ ~ yea...coming to 2 already. so fast. No plan at the moment.

    slavemom ~ she will always ask for more vege :)

  20. XJ is doing very well at her age.

    I mean, Sarah still do not know how to blow bubbles and draw circle at 1 yr 9 mths old.


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