Friday, June 11, 2010


Hi everyone. I'm back after a long break. I did not go for a holiday but instead, it was my son's school holidays. He is following me to the office everyday and my lappie has become his tool to play online kiddie's game. I'm so happy and thankful to the Internet world. It was just amazing those activities can keep him busy for the whole morning. In the afternoon, he will nap from around 2 - 4 pm before continuing to explore the online game until we are ready to go home.

These few days, YX is driving me up to the wall. We put him to bed at around 10 pm. As usual, he will request to drink milk for 2 times before he is willing to sleep. However, after his usual milk, he requested to EAT RICE ! He whine and whine, saying he was VERY HUNGRY. *He ate rice at around 6.30pm, and drink milk at around 9.30pm *

Me: There are no more rice in the kitchen. We eat them tomorrow for lunch.

YX : You go and cook !

Me : *In my heart 'crazy' * That's impossible. When the rice is ready, you will be sleeping already !

1st night, he whine and whine until he fall asleep.

2nd night, he requested for the same again. This time, he was clever to look for MIL and told her he is hungry. MIL gave him bread. Do you think he is really hungry? I don't think so because he only eat half of the bread and told me he was sleepy after that.

3rd night, he did it again! He went to look for MIL and told her to cook ABC pasta for him. The dotting grandmother did as what was told and his wish granted. Again, do you think he is really hungry? NO! He only eat a few mouths and told me he was sleepy. And that few mouths took him ages to chew and swallow.

This morning, I asked him if he was really hungry or just ask for fun. I got a slap on my face when he replied " JUST ASK FOR FUN" ! Sigh! I'm real tired. Is he in the terrible 4 stage?


  1. LOLZ you should be thankful that he has an honest trait.

    Have a great weekend ya!

  2. Wonder wat will happen if he reach his puberty age...

  3. Haha same here!! I noticed that during this school holidays, Chloe keeps complaining either "I'm hungry" or I'm bored". And she can really EAT! I think maybe they are going through a growth spurt?

  4. Asking for attention? hehehe... but boys are boys.. they like to eat.. i think he felt quite hungry too..but cannot eat too much as yet..

  5. Welcome back! Kiahahaha... man, your boy just knows how to capture your attention. Look at the bright side, you are only bother by YX currently... hehe, you can imagine how double trouble would it be if XJ did the same to you right now.;p

    Happy weekend! looking forward to hear from you more!^-^

  6. Yeah..Gwen is turning 4 in a week's time and she is beginning to be more whiny. But I take no nonsense..hehe.

    I think at this age they are learning to manipulate and testing us..haha.

  7. My kid also kept on asking for milk these few days....dunno why leh! LOL!

  8. aww i know the kidds they always do that! i had my brothers always growing up they would whine and whine for my mom to cook for them if she didn't do it they would come whine to me. and when i finish making them food they r sleeping usfdoisdfosi they can make u insane cute though

  9. Gratitude ~ haha...honest for telling me "Just ask for fun"! He is good in making me upside down.

    p & p mum ~ maybe got more coming soon too like terrible 5. 6. 7. and so on. Fingers crossed. hehe

    Kelvin ~ I think he will then wallop a whole plate of rice or we will have to prepare 2 persons portion for him. is good too to see him having good appetite but definately not when I'm sleepy.

    Chloe ~ LOL! A good news indeed. I don't mind him having good appetite but definately not during bedtime.

    reanaclaire ~ Maybe ya. Asking for attentions. I'm real tired.

    Alice Law ~ positive are you! haha.. I will faint if baby XJ is doing the same. Hopefully she will not follow her brother's bad habit when she is at that age.

    MeRy ~ I hope so too.......

    Mummy Gwen ~ haha...terrible 4 stage!

    Pete ~ but your kids does not need to worry too much because you are a super chef dad. Can whipe up supper at anytime.

    Anya ~ oh yes...insane but they are cute ya. Kids. We just need to tolerate them sometimes.

  10. It's his growing moment i think

  11. LOL!!! Slap on the face as FACEPALM!! haha, ur kid really cute to the max ^^

  12. er... ur son follow u to ur office ar... then u are the bosses lo woo.. u have ur own company ke?

    what is ur company's function? share share a bit heheh

    i feel happy if my children ask to eat more woo...

  13. Wah u can take ur son to office so good? I wish I can do that. But then my daughter will keep on saying "mommy mommy" non-stop and disturbing others.

    Recently my 4yo gal also driving me crazy. Sigh. :(

  14. Terrible 4! My 4 years old girl is just opposite your son. She never complain hungry but when she does, she can eat a bowl of rice! hahaha! Now I am worry whether she is going to be a fat girl when she is turning 8. :p

  15. Huh...."just ask for fun"!? If JUan Or does this to me, I'll be very furious! Heheheh!

  16. Hahaha... YX sounds like QQ... always asking for food :-D. I read somewhere that sometimes the body system misinterpret thirst as hunger. Or fatigue as hunger. Dunno how true it is :-).

  17. smallkucing ~ yea...i do think so too.

    Vicky ~ can make me go crazy !!

    CH Voon ~ No le. I'm not BOSS. I just work for my FIL, so can bring my son to the office lor.

    cheeyee ~ son have been disturbing me in the office so I have to let him play with the online game to keep him occupied. Looks like there is a terrible 4 stage. sigh!

    Rose ~ haha...don't worry too much for her being FAT. She is still young.

    Alice Phua ~ Ya..I was so sleepy and real angry!!!

    BoeyJoey ~ Might be true. I will be glad to feed him if he really has the appetite. But definately NOT during sleeping time. He has all the energy which we adults, doesn't have. haha

  18. Well, at least he's honest. :)


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