Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Irenelim Fashion

After married with kids, I find that my shopping time was cut down tremedously. Even hubby did bring me out to the shopping center during the weekends, I can't really concentrate to buy things especially clothings. With the 2 kiddos tagged along, sometimes I don't even have the chance to walk to the clothings section.

But with the wonder of the Internet, I can now shop clothings online @ Irenelim Fashion with an ease of mind. No disturbance, no pressure and I can take my time to browse and browse for as long as I want before choosing the best. They offers a wide variety of clothings cater for various occasions and are with good quality. Just a few clicks and relaxed, the clothings will be delivered to my doorstep.

All bloggers/website owners, if your blog is at least 3 months old and have at least 20 posts or web pages, do a review for Irenelim Fashion and they will give you a free dress/blouse of your choice from the selected catergory. There are about 60+ items to choose from. So, don't worry you will definately find something for yourself. Hurry ! Before Irenelim decided to change their insane mind about this giveaway !!


  1. Good try. Hope you get the notice from them soon.

  2. Ya i did that. service very fast

  3. May be i can do this,and give the gift for my lovely wife, telling (tipu tipu sikit) that i have won something from blogging,, hahahahah

  4. Haha, ya lor, I think I need to change my mind soon before all the free stuffs are completely gone. :)

  5. Nothing my size! Sulk! Sulk! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  6. In my case it is different. Even with a kid, i still have plenty of time shopping except that i don't have plenty of money. HAhaha

    Good marketing strategy by IReneLim.

  7. oh online sell items. hehehehe not suit to me... not guy's clothes

  8. lol.. firstime heard of irenelim :D

  9. So you got a free dress? Nice! : )

  10. I also want a free dress..hehe. :P

  11. saw the web, but i do lots of online shopping for bb clothes, not for myself, scared the size not ngam, then how to return ar??

  12. Sheoh Yan ~ Thks for sharing them in your blog.

    smallkucing ~ I remembered your post. U force your son to wear your dress. kakakaka....u very naughty.

    eugene ~ oh yes...you can do that for your lovely wife. get her to choose a piece of top/dress.

    Irenelim ~ haha...thks for such a crazy offer. Do this more often ok.

    suituapui ~ LOL ! Don't be angry la.... haha

    p & p mum ~ ya...nothing is impossible.

    Willie ~ LOL....eh..i also don't have $$$ for shopping la. That's y felt so excited to get this for FREE. hahaha

    CH Voon ~ Aiseh....choose something for your wife la. Sure she will be very happy

    Vicky ~ Y u laugh le? Need nice dress for party? Go to her website. Plenty to choose from.

    foongpc ~ Great offer ya. Hope Irenelim will give out more free dresses / more promotion. haha.....we ladies are just so crazy on clothings.

    Mummy Gwen ~ haha.... I choosed till I blur already. Too many to choose.

    Mummy-J ~ They provide measurement for each piece of cloths.

  13. So you got a free dress? Nice! : )

  14. May be i can do this,and give the gift for my lovely wife, telling (tipu tipu sikit) that i have won something from blogging,, hahahahah


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