Friday, July 23, 2010

A blessing in disguise

End of next month, I will be bringing YX for a week holidays in Ho Chi Minh together with my parents and cousin. Before anything else, the most important thing is to apply a PASSPORT for YX. Mine was expired too and need to be renew. I've been delaying the process from months to weeks and now, I started to get panic as the days are approaching.

Finally, last week I brought YX to the Immigression Department hoping to get the passport issued. To our dismay, the computer system were down and the officer in charged advised us to come back the next day. Dissapointed, we left. Once in the car, I suddenly realised it was actually a good news that the computer system were down. Why?

Because I did not bring enough $$$ !!!!

Normally, I will only bring a max of RM100 - RM150 in my mini purse whenever I go out downtown. I felt insecured if I have a large amount with me.

So, that day I was just so lucky to indirectly postponed the passport applications. Can you imagine how embarrasing it will be if the officer asking for $$$ and I only realised that I don't have enough? Moreover, that building does not have any ATM machine which means, I will need to drive all the way to the bank, while bringing YX along. The parking and all will cause so much of trouble.

Right after I went back home, I quickly placed the enough amount of $$$ into the folder together with all the other documentations required for applying the passport. This coming week, we are going to the Immigression again and hopefully, everything will went smoothly.

Be it shopping or not, my mini purse will never exceed RM150. For anything else, there is my walking ATM, aka hubby. LOL !

Will you feel insecure too when you bring too much $$$ when you go out?


  1. ya am scared of bringing cash out too

    Hope your passport application goes smoothly. They are quite efficient nowadays.

  2. At any time, I have lesser cash than you! I usually carry not more than RM50. Anything more expensive than that, I'll use credit card (gain points ma) hehe.

    The Immigration Dept accepts credit cards too. I find their system is quite lousy, always down 1. The last time I did mine, I had to go back 5 times to collect my passport cos "system down". Can you imagine, 5 times??!

  3. smallkucing ~ Really hope it will went smoothly because I've ran out of time! The results of delaying.

    Chloe ~ What? 5 times!!! Oh no! I'm getting worried now. Because I only have 1 month to get it issued. Do they accept credit card? I've checked at their website and it stated only cash, wangpos and bankdraft. Yea...I usually use my c/card too (to gain points) hehe...

  4. I feel insecure if I do not bring lots of case I need cash!!! LOL!!!

  5. err.. i don feel comfortable if little money in purse ler, suddenly need to use and realise no money, then very cham le.
    not sure seremband has or not, here i did my passport with a machine, very fast and easy. just like using atm, following the instruction...

  6. suituapui ~ Wah...then if I go out with you I will feel so secure because u have the $$$ hahahaha....just joking.

    Mummy-J ~ Now, most of the place accept credit card. If go shopping, I never use cash le... because c/card can gain points too. Really got machine? Never heard or seen one here. Interesting.

  7. I feel insecure if I don't bring enough cash. What if I met in an accident or something coz I'm usually alone with Gwen if I'm in KL. Ended up buying things if going to the mall..hehe..@_@

    In KL, they have kiosks to renew passport and the passport can be collected in the same day. But not for new application, only renewal and your passport must be the ones with chips.

  8. After reading ur post, i found out tat i have lost my passport.

  9. First of all, happy for you, going holiday lah,, good good, any secondly blessing in disguise good also (but how come you did not prepare cash earlier?) hahahahah.

    thirdly of all, i in any one time less than 50 in my wallet...

    take care now

  10. Mummy Gwen ~ haha....then your $$$ are well spent (shopping). I never know they have such kiosks. So advance already.

    Kelvin ~ Did you search throughly? Every corner of the drawer and bed or anywhere in the house? Better be sure.

    p & p mum ~ more secure ya.

    eugene ~ 1) Thank you. I'm looking forward for this holiday. 2) haha...I check and make sure I brought the important documents but overlook the $$$. 3) bringing too much out only make me spend more. hehehe

  11. If the amount I bring touches 4 figures, then I will feel insecure walking outside although I'll still put on a poker face. Do enjoy the overseas outing, ya! Wah....really envy you. I still can't find the opportunity to go for overseas outing.

  12. Have a nice holiday in HCMC.
    Since you are going next month..dunno will coincide with my trip or not???ehhehehe

  13. Ladies like to shop but carry very little cash, got husband as body guard and cash security officer...ha ha ha!

    Love shopping in Ho Chi Minh, can get everything you want in Ben Thanh market. Ben Thanh closes around 6pm but the night market around it can get cheaper bargain!

  14. i don't like to bring too much cash with me too, normally i'll make sure i have RM150 - RM200..

  15. at least it's just money that you forgot... sometimes ar, it's always forget this document or that document and have to go 2 times... :(

  16. your walking ATM didnt follow u to immigration? :p i think immigration should encourage us to be cashless too... just credit card will do.. safer too.. :)

  17. In Ipoh, the passport can be collected within 2 hours from application. Quite efficient to me :D

    *touch wood* I am going to apply for Maine's passport on MOnday. Hope no 'system down' :D

  18. it happenned to me..i actually drove back to get some more money..

  19. It sames with me...My wallet only have at least Rm50-Rm100, never exceed that amount.
    Unless, I have some urgent need to settle using cash,then I will get ready that amount.

    Enjoy ur holiday!!

  20. lol, hmmm me no scare, because people look me as a poor brat lol XD

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  22. I'm like u, feel insecure if I carry too much cash when I go out. Usually less than RM200. Hope u'll get ur passport done soon. It's rather troublesome for u to keep taking days off if their system is always down.

  23. *pengsan! Walking ATM=hubby... he better not see this! LOL...

  24. Wakakaka, I also address hubb as my walking ATM. No cash exceeds RM200. Normally I don't carry anything when I'm with children. So kiasi in case kena snatched, I'll fall down with a toddler in my arms.

  25. Alice Phua ~ Thks...I will make sure I enjoy this holidays. hehe... U can too. Wait a few more years for Juan Or to grow up a bit. You can bring him then!

    LittleLamb ~ Let see if we have fate to meet each other or not. haha....

    Pete ~ haha....carrying too much of cash makes me so credit card ma.

    Really? Would love to visit the Ben Thanh Market. Thks for the info.

    [SK] ~ It is not advisable to bring lots of $$$ around. Credit card is a good solution.

    SP ~ I've rechecked and checked the documents required because scare forgot to bring them but than, forgot all about the $$$ . haha

    reanaclaire ~ He is working. I already went during the weekends and really can pay with c/card.

    Lilhyppo's mum ~ Oh yes...2 hours already can collect. Very fast. oHH.....U r bringing Maine for a holiday soon?

    wenn ~ so troublesome ya....but yesterday I found out that they do accept credit card.

    MeRy ~ I think that amount we carried are sufficient already. Too dangerous to bring too much.

    Vicky ~ Oh..better be careful.

    slavemom ~ I think that amount is sufficient ya. Thks...I've already got my passport ! Luckily no system down again. hehe

    cleffairy ~ haha....I think he will love this nickname. hehe

    yvonne ~ Yes...what I'm afraid are the kids. I never bring handbag too. Everything keep inside the pocket.

  26. I also only bring a little purse with me when I go out. Sometimes when I line up at the cashier I check to see if I have enough money to pay. Just in case I used it already and forgot to replenish! hahahaha....

  27. Wah going holiday, nice! Hope you enjoy it and not too tiring for you taking the boy along. :)

    I don't bring a lot of cash, but I do bring about RM200-300. Or less if towards end of the month. LOL!


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