Friday, July 16, 2010

The 'centipede' temple

One fine Sunday, we decided to pay this Chinese Temple a visit.

The chinese wording (Wu Gong Shan) on the rock literally translated as 'The Mount Centipede'. It was believed that this area have various species of centipedes and if you spoted one, you will be showered with good fortune. I'm not too sure of the history but if you are interested, you may read a write up on this temple over here.

Beautiful Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin statue.

And the kids were overjoyed when they saw this statue - The Monkey God aka. Sun Wukong. YX quickly ran over and asked me to take a photo of him.

Besides that, YX loves the pig too - Zu Bajie.

Not forgetting the 'sifu' (Tang monk) and the white horse. Realised someone is missing ? Yea...YX does not like that 'uncle' , the 3rd apprentice of Tang Monk, thus, did not ask for a photo with him.

But the most enjoyable of all is feeding the fishes ! As part of donation, the fish food is selling at RM1 per pack. Hubby bought 2 packs to avoid both kids fighting for it.

Beautiful Koi pond.
They enjoyed feeding the fishes till refused to leave when all the fish food were used up.
YX pour bits by bits to feed the fishes......

....while baby XJ pick up one by one to feed. Hubby even joked that we may have to overnight at the temple if Baby continues to feed the fishes like that.
No. We did not spot any centipede !


  1. daughter would love the fish too!!! She loves animals and stuff...more than temples.

  2. How did she manage to use all the fish food? She is so cute.

  3. My son loves fish too..
    very nice pics.

  4. Wah you know the names of all those Chinese characters. I have no idea at all. Btw where is this temple?

  5. brrr.... i can see a giant centipede behind YX! looks scary man.

    never heard of this temple... where is it?

  6. Nice place to visit. Read about it recently.

  7. Suituapui ~ wow..your daughter are a real animal's lover.

    Sheoh Yan ~ haha...we hold her hand while teach her how to pour bits by bits. She protested of course (she is a fierce little baby) but we forced her to. bad.

    MeRy ~ I think all kids will love fish. They are so harmless if compare to dogs / cats. hehe... Both my kids are so afraid of dogs and cats. LOL

    smallkucing ~ Thks. The weather was background also nice :D

    Chloe ~ Journey to the West is one of my favourite drama! I used to watch them when I was a child. It is located in Temiang. Click on the link on top for the address. There is a write up by our local newspaper.

    BoeyJoey ~ That's the temple trademark! haha.. It is in Seremban.

    pete ~ A replacement for shopping centre. hehe.. and save money too!

    Kelvin ~ Ahh...did not finish reading my post?

  8. Centipede temple? Hmm, I din't heard of it before ;)
    But it'd be nice visiting the temple once a while, after some praying, we'd feel much secured :D

  9. Nice temple visit. haha frankly I really dun wanna meet the centipede leh, so scary.

  10. Hahahah Baby XJ is too clever...buying time to stay longer!

  11. No centipede? Ooh, too bad! : )

  12. Great visit to the temple. I haven't bring Gwen to the temple before. The koi fish pond is beautiful. Your two angels love taking photos ya. :)

  13. Where exactly is the temple in Seremban? My hubby says he has heard about this temple before but don't know exactly where in Seremban. Gimme the name of the jalan if you know, ok? Then I can ask my hubby to bring us there.

  14. where's this temple? there's 1 in BP with the characters from Journey to the West too!

    last time brought an african Uni fren there, and he tot the name of the Sun Wu Kong was "shi fu" because he always heard Sun saying "shi fu".

  15. The kids really enjoyed feeding the koi fish. It's better that bb XJ picked the food 1 by 1, than pouring the whole pkt at 1 go, right? :)

  16. Nice temple visit. haha frankly I really dun wanna meet the centipede leh, so scary.


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