Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun at the Playground

After their DIY slide at home, hubby and I tried our best to find a time to bring the kids to the real playground to have some fun. Yes ! Finally, we did it ! We only spent about 30 minutes at the playground and I can see satisfaction on their faces. For me, a good 30 minutes are enough. Else, we will be feeding the mozzies.

Did you noticed she is barefooted? This young lady was so used to it and took off her shoes immediately she reached near the slides. We brought them to the indoor playground @ McD before and there, they required you to be barefooted. Over here, I told her this is an outdoor and does not need to take off her shoes but she refused and kept on mumbling 'yeahyes' 'yeahyes' (this is how she pronouce SHOE). haha..... I've tried to teach her the correct pronouncation, but she just can't get it right!

Anyway, I let her have fun her own way (without the shoes) and make sure there are no sharp things on the floor, lest she cut herself.

Here's a video to show how she enjoyed herself NOT wanting my help ! She is not afraid at all. Baby @ 1 year 10 months.

Baby loves the playground so much. We even had to 'bribe' her, telling her we will play ball with her at home, else she refused to leave. Unlike YX (around her age), she is a bit difficult to handle. For YX, whenever we say 'Let's go', he will nod his head and wave bye bye to the slides. He never protest. For baby, she is the BOSS. If we forced her, she will scream her lung out.

*shake head* This boy refused to take his bathe again after school and MIL just let him be. Slowly, this will become a habit. I hope he won't do this until he completed his schooling days. Sigh !

For YX, the playground is the best because he can climb, jump and shout yet he won't be punished. We even encouraged him to climb ! Unlike at home, he will sure received the 'magic wand' if ever he climbs on the sofa set. As he has grown up a little, he now dares to explore furthure. Not like before, he only sits on the slides and dare not even climb up the stairs or into the tunnel (like the above picture).

And this is his 1st ! Previously, he dare not sit on the swing. That day, he somehow was not afraid anymore. He loves it!

For baby, it is her 1st time too ! and she loves it. One thing about this girl, she is not afraid of fall like YX used to be. She does not even want me to hold her when she was on the swing. She pushed my hand away ! That's how I managed to capture a video on her enjoying the swing.

But...ahem....excuse me because you got to tilt your head a little bit to watch it. hehe....


  1. Children sure love playgrounds! There's a few here in Lake Garden and everytime I passed by, sure full with children....

  2. My girls love playground too, especially the swing. The more they go, the more they will like it.

  3. hohoho...ur son stil wear the school uniform from 12.30 - 6pm? wah he can tahan for so long.
    nowadays i feel tat baby girls are very bossy ..

  4. why is YX still in his uniform?? he doesn't want to mandi again?? hahaha..

    yeah, i guess you should bring the kids to the common playground more often, i think from there they will be able to know more friends from the neighbourhood??

  5. Gwen was like Baby XJ. Gwen would cry her lungs out when I told her to leave the playground. Now still very much not intended to leave the playground. Sometimes I would bribe her or just pretend walking away..haha.

  6. My boy too, likes to go and play at the playground, just be there to get himself dirty and sweat out and that's what he calls FUN! :P

  7. Kids would be kids, they love the playground very much!

  8. Hayley ~ That's their ground of freedom! hehe

    Sheoh Yan ~ When I was a child, I was actually afraid of the swing. hehe....very timid.

    Mummy-J ~ Sigh ! Yalor....still in the uniform. It has became a BAD HABIT. ;( Agreed. Baby girl very fierce and bossy!

    [SK] ~ See how lazy can a male species be. haha
    Friends? They don't even bother who was there. They only enjoyed themselves. hehe

    Mummy Gwen ~ haha....sometimes, the bribe worked, sometimes, it doesn't. So got to use force. She is very demanding.

    Inspired Momx1 ~ Ya....both kids had FUN that day. Looking at them so happy makes me stress free too!

  9. Pete ~ A place they can have their freedom - jump, shout, climb. haha

  10. Playground is always the best place for kids to have fun.

  11. Children! They'll never learn... My daughter loved the playground next to A7W in PJ Old Town...all warnings fell on deaf ears until she fell from the rings - and never wanted to go there again! LOL!!!

  12. playground is always a nice place for kids.. i love playgrounds too :D

  13. They are having so much fun in playground. Cute XX she is very brave to play the swing. My girl previously very scare of swing haha

  14. sigh. i wished i had time to bring my son to the playground :(

  15. wah.. XJ is so brave oh!!! go up all on her own, from the other side some more! *salute*

  16. nowadays girls are more adventurous and playful than boys!

  17. nowadays even playgrounds are not safe to go.. unless more people are around.. those days, kids are left in the playground just opposite their houses.. then we would shout for their names to come back ..
    sorry, back to the topic,
    girls and boys now no longer different.. good that XJ is not the timid type :)

  18. I love going playground too when I was little! Oh the cheeky boy didn't want to bath again... playing in his school uniform some more?...

  19. I'm really surprised that this is YX's first time on the swing! Chloe is a playground queen too... indoor, outdoor, big or small, everything also she likes haha.

  20. they're really enjoyed alot ^^ I miss my playground near my msia house :(

  21. Fun and more fun.....great for kids!!

  22. I seldom bring my kids to playground, because I'm a lazy mom. Plus there are more crowds than the swings and slides to share. Normally my girl need to wait for her turn and she, being the timid one, always let others to play first - misses her turn.

    I notice the playground you went was empty. Can have all for themselves :D So enjoyable!

  23. Oh...glad they love the outdoors. But troublesome also when they don't want to leave.

    My son is the opposite. Play a bit can tell me late already, mosquitos coming, let's go home! :)

  24. I like sitting on the swing. And see-saws are fun too.

  25. MeRy ~ have to look out for the mozzies too. So scary. They attacked the kids only.

    suituapui ~ wah! your girl must had a great fall until refuse to play at the playground again. haha

    Merryn ~ I love the playground too. ;)

    vickylow ~ Baby XJ is more brave than her bother too. Only recently, YX dare to sit on the swing.

    LittleLamb ~ No worries. Try to allocate a short 15 minutes and bring Philip to the McD playground. :)

  26. p & p mum ~ They had great fun ;)

    Boey Joey ~ haha...XJ is really brave. She used to climb at home too ! even she fell a few times already, but she still climb.

    SP ~ Agreed.....haha.....

    reanaclaire ~ True. We used to go out in the evening to play without any adults accompanying. Now! I don't think I dare to let my kids to that.

    smallkucing ~ Yea..they just love it ;)

    Dora ~ Sigh! YX had cultivated this bad habit already. Nowadays he just wait for me to return home and bathe him.

    Chloe ~ YX is very timid. When he was about XJ's age, he dare not play at the playground when there are other kids !

  27. Vicky ~ No playground in Brunei? Heard there is a FREE theme park there, is it?

    Rose ~ sometimes, some fresh air and sunlight are good for them.

    yvonne ~ haha....yes...this playground is empty. Only got a few older kids kicking ball nearby.

    Ann ~ Wah! u got no problem at all. Can bring you son to the playground often. haha... baby XJ is very demanding. to bribe!

    Mei Teng ~ I love the swing too when I was a kid. :)

  28. We hardly bring the kids to the playgrd coz can't find well-maintained ones near our plc n vy scared of mozzies attack.


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