Friday, July 9, 2010

July Giveaway by Blindperfect

I've got to know about this giveaway from CH Voon and am all excited to try my luck !

Rules to Enter is easy!

1. Only for MALAYSIANS residing in Malaysia (this is because the vouchers can be redeemed in Malaysia only :)
2. All you have to do is make an Entry (a short one will do) for this Giveaway at your blog.
3. You have to sign in and become Blindperfect's FOLLOWER :) - if you have not done so.
4. Leave a COMMENT on this post here.

Quick. Hop over to Blindperfect as contest ends on the 10th July (Saturday night) !! All the best to you and wish me luck too ! :D


  1. No wonder suddenly so many people updated their blogs! Hahahahaha!!!! Not me, malas...

  2. hahaa good luck! hope u can win the price :)

  3. Hi!
    Nice to know you're joining :) Nice blog you have here..
    And I'm following you as well.


  4. Eh, I got to know it from Voon too and tried my luck pun.. lol..

    Good luck to you eh? This is fun.. hehe

  5. aww i wish i live in good luck!!


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