Monday, July 12, 2010

A night without Patrick

The other night, I can't stand the dirty Patrick anymore and I knew, I just got to wash it immediately. I have been postponing the washing job and left Patrick to look so dirty and yucky for a toddler to hug and smell.

That night......

While I was doing my laundry, I told Baby XJ that I HAVE to wash her Patrick NOW. Immediately, she protested with her 'manja' voice and said "NO".

Then, I told her " See, it is VERY dirty. Eeeewwwwww" by pointing all over Patrick.

She stared at the point I pointed and seems to agree with me. Then, she obliged by handing her Patrick to me.

Before I tossed it into the washing machine, I reconfirmed with Baby again just in case she changed her mind. I reminded her that she will not be able to cuddle Patrick to sleep that night, not be able to smell and touch the tail. True enough, she changed her mind and grab the Patrick away from me.

Then, I do that "Eeeewwwww dirty" again, and to my amused, she handed her Patrick back to me. haha

Once I put it into the washing machine, I carried and showed her that Patrick is now VERY WET. After washing, I will have to hang it dry before she is able to cuddle Patrick again. She nodded and we left the laundry area.

In the middle of the night...........

She woke up TWICE. Once at 12.30am and another at 3.30 am to SEARCH FOR HER PATRICK. She whine (eyes shut) with her hand touching left and right searching for her red darling. I quickly gave her another soft toy to cuddle, but she just can't find that 'shiok' feeling like what she got from Patrick. LOL ! She try to search for the tail (that soft toy also got a tail), and she knew it is different in texture and sizes. haha.....

meow meow as an alternative

Meow meow with tail

I whispered "Remember, Patrick is dirty and we washed it?" Hug meow meow and sleep now.

To my surprised, it worked ! That reminder quieted her down and she went to her dreamland instantly. I did the same to the 2nd time she woke up in search of her Patrick.

However, in future I will try not to wash her Patrick at night anymore. Else, she will be waking up in the middle of the night and disturbing my sleep !

Baby XJ and Patrick are just inseparable !


  1. Luckily XJ managed to sleep without Patrick ;)
    I remember hugging a white bear bear to sleep when I was small, it's funny when I think about it now :P

  2. Hahaha, she is so cute and she actually listens and did not threw a temper like most kids will.

  3. how long u wash her Patrick? untill so dirty meh??

  4. get one more patrick. Substitute it when you want to wash this one. That whas what my friend did...that is till her daughter discovered there are two Patrick...she then wanted both

  5. Hahahah! Your XJ is so attached to her patrick. My girls didn't sleep with any soft toy, I only allow them to hold their bolster at bedtime, because they have nose allergy.

  6. Haha she so in love with her Patrick. My girl lately so cuddle to her CJ7 gosh.

  7. Thx God my son dont hv such habit... otherwise i will be very cham.

  8. Luckily she's willing to accept Meow Meow as well. Can use this as her alternative the next time you wash Patrick :)

  9. Ha ha, cute, kids always have a favourite huggy toy!

  10. Lol, awww it reminds me of my napkin, for me it smells like heaven, for my mom it smells like da bian lol!!

  11. Patrick is XJ's best friend! I think she was so sleepy & whatever soft toys u gave her also never mind at that point of time :-)

  12. Awww...nice to have a nice soft dog as your comforter! Cats just don't do it!

    But such a good girl to not throw a fuss in the middle of the night. :)

  13. LOL!!! My daughter had Patrick too. Dunno where it is now. Probably stored in one of the boxes in the storeroom.

  14. time wash in the morning lah. I think she is not that attached to Patrick after all. ;)

  15. Aikss...i also have a patrick but get packed in the store..hahhahha

  16. Hayley ~ too have a soft cuddly friend. hehe....I think child will feel extra comfortable when they cuddle it.

    Kelvin ~ I think she is very sleepy. Phew...luckily she did not cry out loud and interrupt my sleep.

    mummy-J ~ haha...actually did not really note it down. Just wash when I felt it is dirty or felt Patrick needs a bathe. But recently, have been delaying due to weather and also something crop up.

    smallkucing ~ Ahh....I was planning about this long ago. But on the other hand, I was actually trying to wean her off Patrick someday. So getting her another one is not a good choice.

    Sheoh Yan ~ I had a smelly bolster when I was a child! Love it.

    vickylow ~ Wow...CJ7. That's a very cutie pie too.

    LittleLamb ~ My boy did not have such habit too. It's all a bad habit. I did not give my boy any soft toy to cuddle when he was a baby. But my SIL bought the Patrick for baby XJ since she was a baby. Got to wean her off soon.

  17. Chloe ~ No more chance to be alternative as she now wants BOTH !

    Pete ~ Cuddling soft toys gave them comfort.

    Vicky ~ hahahaha.....nice smell ya. If it is ours, we definately thinks they are the best.

    Dora ~ ya...i do think so. she is very tired but still have the urge to cuddle the Patrick.

    Ann ~ wonder people always said Dogs are man best friend.

    suituapui ~ Really? U did not let her bring the Patrick with her to NZ?

    Mummy Gwen ~ I only have 1 precious Sunday to wash. But recently, the weather does not permit me to do so and other things crop up too. So cannot stand the dirty Patrick anymore and have to wash it immediately no matter how.

    Mommy Ling ~ Better don't bring it out, lest your daughters got addicted to cuddle. hehe.. I'm now trying to wean off baby someday.

  18. phew, luckily she still allows you to wash Patrick and can at least survive for the night huh?? err, i mean you survive, cos she didn't scream and shout and not able to get to sleep, hahaha!! :p

  19. Nodded! I agreed... I prefer to wash Juan Juan safety blanket in the morning and hoping it would dry in the evening before her bedtime! No fuss!^-^

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. next time buy one more patrick for spare.. :)

  21. Hehe when I was young, I had a 'smelly' mini pillow that I used as bolster and blanket too.... I had it till after college! LOL!

    Anyway, Baby XJ has grown up! She listened to you. So guai and cute. :)

  22. It's amazing that bb XJ u/stood ur reasoning n allowed u to wash her Patrick. N then she managed to go back to sleep in the mid of the nite w/o much fuss.
    My kids love holding n smelling a hanky to sleep when they were younger. And luckily for me, any hanky will do. :)

  23. Haha... so cute! Patrick sure has a very nice texture. ut at least she quieten down and went back to sleep... good girl!


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