Monday, July 26, 2010

The opposite

The other day when we came back from work, YX greeted us with this........

still in his UNIFORM !!!! Untidy and dirty !!!

We were surprised and asked him if he has just got back from school ? Cheekily, he said YES ! (actually he got back from school since 12.30pm).

MIL who was sitting quietly on the sofa then started to complain to us that YX refuse to take his bathe. He said he is not SMELLY and not DIRTY, hence he does not REQUIRED to take bathe ! MIL does not want to 'waste' her energy coaxing him and just let him be.

On the other hand, baby XJ was a clean freak! MIL said baby had taken her bathe TWICE that day (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). Whenever she heard the word 'pom pom' she will start to pull her shirt asking you to bathe her.

While MIL was complaining to us about YX, baby heard that word again (pom pom) and she started to pull her shirt asking me to bathe her. She whine and whine until I gave in. After bathing baby, I forced YX to take his bathe and he went unwillingly.

As a conclusion, baby took her bathe THREE times that day while YX only took once !

MIL commented 1 want to bathe so eagerly, another 1 is so afraid of taking bathe.

And hubby summarized as 1 like mummy and another 1 like daddy. is very obvious who is like mummy ya ! Baby XJ of course la. hehe

Look at how mischevious this boy is. And how untidy ! With the tie half way taken out and his shirt all pulled out !


  1. YX has very smart uniform leh, with tie somemore."P

    Guess girls are easier to manage than boys though I have no daughter. Hehehe..

  2. He is just tired from school la

  3. btw, for how long he has been like this, since 12.30 until ...?

  4. Hahaha! At least he knows why need to bathe. :)

    I shower both of my kids together at home... and I let them play the water gun (they can only play during bath time coz I don't have to worry they get wet. ^_^ ). I don't have much problem getting them to take bath. But they will take their own sweet time to take off their clothes! Still playing there!

  5. My daughter would just wet her hair and come out of the bathroom...and tell you she already had her bath. Muahahahahaha!!!

  6. None of my children dared to say no to Pom Pom. I will sure wallop them. My younger daughter tried to skip brushing teeth a few times at the babysitter's place. I also threatened to slap her mouth if it ever happened again.

  7. Pete ~ means boy don't like to bathe? Just like you too when you were young? hehe

    Inspired Momx1 ~ I like his uniform too especially the mini tie. haha
    Many commented girls are more obedient. Boys are very mischevious.

    smallkucing ~ He is lazy !

    mummy-J ~ from 12.30 pm till we came home from work at about 6pm. U say long or not?

    cheeyee ~ Ya...I tried before, showering both of my kids together. Save time and the kids have fun too! Wow...u cool mama. They got to play water gun. So nice!

    suituapui ~ hahaha...mandi kerbau!

    Mei Teng ~ Me too! Sometimes, if the weather got too hot, I showered three times!

  8. Sheoh Yan ~ Wow...u r so fierce? haha... MIL must have reached her torelance limit hence closed 1 eye and wait for us, the parents to settle our own kid.

  9. Somtimes I also having a hard time to coax Ryan to go for shower.that is boy......

  10. hahahaha.... kids.. kids.. :) At least your MIL let him be. :P I will coax my son to bath by playing bubbles with him. As sometimes forcing doesn't help. Inject some fun element into life routine will make our life livelier. After all they're just kids. who cares if he's smelly. :P My son once didn't wanna wash his face! :P

  11. for me, i try not to give in. cos otherwise he will bully me next time le. so bath time means bath time.

  12. Your MIL can tahan ar? I'm a clean freak too. After coming home from school, I won't even allow C to sit on the sofa or touch anything in the house or even take her lunch! First thing we do upon reaching home is... tip-toe into the bathroom to BATHE first! Crazy hor?

  13. I like his uniform too. The place I'm staying has a very big bath tub so Gwen never says "NO" when it comes to mandi time. My prob is to get her out from the tub..haha. I only let her bathe in the big tub few times a week usually just take shower.

  14. MeRy ~ agreed. This is boy. *shake head*

    Broccolli Ginger ~ I used to do that too - play bubbles. Now, he got bored. Not easy to trick also. It is all depend on his mood. The best is still that 'magic wand' aka cane. hehe

    LitteLamb ~ True...they will treat that as a habit and bully you. Sometimes, just got to be firm with the kids.

    Chloe ~ choice le. If we are at home, we will use cane. Then, he will listen. MIL just let him be. Partly, she got to look after baby and she must be very tired coaxing. So, she let us, the parents handle ourselves.

    Mummy Gwen ~ WOW!!! Bathtub. I'm sure YX will love the bathtub too. hahaha....and definately, I will have the same problem (hard to get him out from the tub). haha

  15. ahahha!and he looks as if he's super stressed out after a long day of work!

  16. I'm sure XJ doesn't want her "smelly" brother to touch her! hehehe :-)

  17. hahaha... funny lar... ur girl hear the word pom-pom must bathe immediately...

  18. normal, normal.. i have 2 boys... small that time also dislike bathing.. now big already, bathed 3 or 4 times per day like nobody's biz! :p

  19. hehehe, never surprise cos he's a boy!! i remember i was lazy to go to bathe too when i was a kid.. of course not now lah~~ :p

  20. sometimes boys just don't like to bath..

  21. Beii ~ ya la....take photo also know how to pose tired face for me.

    p & p mum ~ he thought by doing that face he can escape bathing.

    Dora ~ haha...XJ just love to play with water perhaps.

    SP ~ Yalar....very scare to mention that word in front of her. Once she heard it, she will start pulling her shirt. *pengsan*

    reanaclaire ~ haahha...conclusion, boys doesn't like to bathe? I wonder why.

    [SK] ~ all boys are the same? Glad that you like taking bathe NOW. hehe

    wenn ~ I wonder why. Bathing is so refreshing.

  22. Can't blame YX for not liking to bathe, right? Coz it's in his genes (blame it on daddy). hehehe

  23. Sheoh Yan ~ Wow...u r so fierce? haha... MIL must have reached her torelance limit hence closed 1 eye and wait for us, the parents to settle our own kid.


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