Saturday, July 17, 2010

Showered with loves again......

Mum and dad came to visit us again, 3 days ago. Whenever they came, they never fail to bring us something, be it edible or not !

This time round, mum cooked kueh chap for us. We used to have this dish back in our childhood hometown (we have since shifted to another town after completing our secondary educations) and she knows we missed this dish sooooooo much x 100000 !

The main condiments. Braised pork + innards.
From top left : Tongue, hard boiled eggs, meat, ears, taufu and intestine (hidden somewhere in between).

Mum's version of kueh chap.
In my childhood hometown, they uses triangle - shaped kuey teow which are thinner.
Mum uses the normal kuey teow and they tasted just as nice. The original bowl of kueh chap should be loaded with soup and not as what was shown above. I only pour a little bit of soup because I have to stomach something else. Read on and you will know. ;D

Ears. My all time favourite !
Some of you might feel 'geli' just like what hubby felt, but this is truly the BEST part of a pig, after the tail. Oh yes, I love pig's tail too!
The texture of the pig's ear are crunchy in the inside and soft on the outside. Once you chewed on it, you will feel like eating 'soft bones'. Simply awesome !

We chinese are terrible. We eat the whole pig inside out, from the head to the tail !
The texture tasted just like meat. Soft to chew. Nice !

And this is the reason why my kueh chap have so little soup because I need to stomach this bowl of yummy soup prepared by mum with LOVE. Intestine stuffed with eggs, stomach and ginko nuts.
I love pig's stomach too but definately NOT the intestine.

After having such a heavy dinner, dad just can't wait to share these durians with us.
His friend who sold this durians to him has been praising sky high on the quality. *sorry, no photo of the yellowish flesh as I totally forgotten about it*. Exactly like what his friend said, these durians are not a let down. Bitter and a tad of sweet, these durians are worth the money paid!

And some mangostenes for us to bring back home.

Oh...that's not all. Dad bought us some local biscuit - La Piah from Johor. The outer skin is a bit similar to 'tau sar piah' and the inner are with sweet paste. A bit moist and will not stick to the teeth. I can have 5 of these at 1 shot for breakfast !

The doting grandparents did not forget about YX and Baby XJ. Some sand arts and a design ruler (is that what you call?) for YX to get creative with.

Toys for Baby XJ.
2 Doctor's sets and 1 cooking set. Once the kids saw these, they can't wait till go home to open up. The doting grandpa immediately cut open all the 3 toys and played with them !

The little doctor XJ. She placed the stethoscope over her ears with grandpa's help and walk around the house with it. She must be thinking it is one of her accessories to beautify her. Oh.... she likes to be called 'mei mei' (beautiful).

And Dcotor YX pretending to draw some medicine with the syringe.

Thank you mum & dad !


  1. Your mum and dad are so wonderful. They are good in getting toys which are really interesting for your children. I am sure your children are looking forwards to your parents' arrival.

  2. Must agree with Yan that your parents are very good in choosing toys that interests the kids. My parents though doting on their grandchildren would give AngPau and ask us to get theri favourite toys. Not much fun as receiving real toys directly from Popo and Kungkung right? But it's the thought that counts..:P

  3. have a really loving and thoughtful pair of parents! Lucky you! As for eating different other parts of the pig, for me it's geli! Hehehehe! Dare not touch at all!

  4. Your mum and dad are sure doting to their children and grandchildren. So many goodies! You, YX & XJ (& your siblings!) are sure lucky :-D.

  5. We will do likewise for our children in the future too,won't we?

  6. yummy...I miss kwe chap alot. I used to it while I was in SIngapore.
    The biscuit from Johor looks yummy too....from your description.
    And not to forget,the kids are having fun with the doctor set.

  7. urgh, i don't eat all those innards and those durians at all.. but mangosteen and la piah is fine for me lah.. hehe :D

  8. your kuay chap has got so much ingredients! usually i only order intestines (clean ones, hopefully), tau kuah and egg. my favourite! heheh...

    doctor sets are so cute... ur daughter tot is a necklace? or earrings?

  9. I miss koay chap too! It's one of the items in the "to-eat" list when we're back in hub's hometown. :) But I don't touch any of those innards n "special" parts. hehehe

  10. The pork dish... *faint*

    eh XJ and YX so lucky to have such doting grandparents :D Happy nyer they become doctor :)

  11. You're so lucky! hehe :)
    I don't eat pig tongue/tail/ear... I only eat the pork meat and intestines (sometimes)

  12. Ooooo....kueh chap! I love it ALL!!!! Yum! Yum! Hahahahaha!!!! grandparents dot on their grandchildren!! They'll give them anything they want. LOL!!!

  13. Somehow kueh chap is not very popular over here (in the Klang Valley). I tried it for the 1st time in Singapore last year. Not bad lah, I only like the soup as I don't like pork innards hehe.

    Your parents brought food and gifts to please everyone in the family. How nice! :)

  14. I never knew any ladies who loves the pig's ear and you are the first. I actually like that part the crunchiness.

    Your parents brought along so many goodies! Aww..feel so good hor. NICE!

  15. Kueh chap? Not sure what is this. Hahaha! But I don't mind eating all of the pig parts that you have mentioned. Got so much toys and food, I'm sure your kids will be so happy when your parents come visiting. :)

  16. Pork innards...i love it. you are so lucky. some more having durians and mangosteen

  17. Food is always the best things for a visit:)

  18. wou, it has been years since I ate durian XD

  19. wow..all good food.. cham.. i better go out for my food now... dinner time liow..

  20. I never tried this before leh. I think I don;'t have the courage to lor. Heehee...

    The kids look so cute with their new toys.

  21. I like pig's ear too! hehehe....But never had the stuffed intestines before.

    Love the gifts the grandparents got. Still looking for a creative ruler in Sgor! :)

  22. Sheoh Yan ~ Oh yes...both of my kids are very happy whenever they know their doting grandparents are coming.

    Inspired Momx1 ~ I welcome both presents and ang pow. LOL ! Yea...its the thoughts that count.

    Alice phua ~ Many felt geli on the different parts of the pigs. Must be trained since young. hehe

    Boey Joey ~ Our relationship with our parents are very close.

    eugene ~ Haha....hmmm.....I think so.

    MeRy ~ Kueh chap are simply delicious ya. Can't find them here in Seremban.

    [SK] ~ oH...U don't like durians!!! haha... just like my mum! She never touch them no matter how we coax her to.

  23. SP ~ Homecooked sure more ingredients le. Haha... girl will be girl. Love to look pretty.

    slavemom ~ Where does your hub comes from? BP? Next time, just try the pig's ear. Yummy. No porky smell at all. trust me. hehehe

    Merryn ~ haha...don't faint. Those pork are heaven.

    Hayley ~ If u got a chance, maybe u should try the pig's ear. Very delicious!

    suituapui ~ Kueh chap so yummydelicious ya. Grandparents bought more toys for their grandchildren than their own kids !

    Chloe ~ haha....everyone has their share. Fair and square !

  24. Mummy Gwen ~ *high 5* The ear are so addictive ya. Munch and munch .... just can't stop munching. hehe....

    cheeyee ~ Not all town sells this dish. Not too sure it originated from where. Oh... so you love those piggy parts too? haha....delicious.

    smallkucing ~ blessed to have them as parents and grandparents. hehe

    Kelvin ~ Wah...u very 'tham chiak'. hehe

    Vicky ~ Brunei no durian? I'm not a big fan but I do eat them.

    reanaclaire ~ Oh no...making you hungry? hehe...

    Lilhyppo's mum ~ strong porky smells. Should try the ears if you have a chance. Really yummy.

    Ann ~ you are another fan of pig's ear. *high 5* haha....My dad got those ruler from the 2 dollar shop in Johor. Hmm...maybe you should visit those Made in China shop. Am sure there are lots of them in Klang Valley area.

  25. Oh I don't take those spare part, only pork stomach. Yeah my mom like to boil this pork stomach soup too, same ingredient like you mom and intestine stuffed with eggs too keke.

  26. I never dare to try those parts...but my parents do love it. Anyway, durian definetely is a YES...LOL!!

  27. waaahhh...the body parts sure look delicious :) never had them with noodles before :D


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