Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Are we in Genting? NO

But this little vain pot can't resist the beautiful sweater given to her by hubby's aunt. When she saw it, she wanted to wear it immediately. Even in such a hot weather ! And she was saying "mei mei" (beautiful) while walking around the house, modelling.

Fit nicely on her

With a hood. YX will point at her and said "Little Red Ridding Hood".

The side view

Aaaaa....bliss. So comfortable !


  1. Ahh so cute! No wonder she loves it! hehe. It's a beautiful sweater..

  2. is it going to rain soon? :D

    prepare umbrella before rain?

    i cannot stand for hot weather so i feel better if withouut sweater in genting :P

  3. that's a lovely sweater. no wonder your lil princess likes it :D

  4. Girls are girls!cannot change one! young to old still as vain!hehehe

  5. i like to see little girls wear such sweater with hood, i feel very your baby's sweater reversible? then she can have 2 sweater at the same time...

  6. Again,how i wish i had girls................

  7. Nice sweater :) Maybe you can switch on the air-con so that she can wear it more comfortably and parade longer in it haha.

  8. Hayley ~ the material are very soft too. I like it!

    CH Voon ~ Wow...u strong man. I must wear sweater when I'm in Genting !

    mommy to chumsy ~ haha...and she thinks she is pretty too wearing it!

    Beii ~ hahaha.....this is so true!

    Mummy-J ~ No is only 1 way. I like little girl wearing something with a hood too. Very cute.

    eugene ~ hahaha.....don't say that! Boys are equally same.

    Chloe ~ Wah! that's a big sacrifies for her to model in the house. hehehe.....Later I won't dare to look at the electricity bill.

    smallkucing ~ she likes it when people told her " beautiful".....syiok sendiri. hehehe

  9. Wah very beautiful sweater... no wonder she wanna wear it despite hot weather! :D

  10. Lovely and sweet sweater. :)

  11. Yes, vy "mei mei" indeed. ;) Looks so sweet on her.

  12. cheeyee ~ hahaha....sweating also nevermind.

    Annie Q ~ I love the combination of colour too.

    slavemom ~ But not suitable to wear in our country. Unless in shopping center with cold air con.

    p & p mum ~ i like the colour too.

  13. beautiful sweater... match with the winnie the pooh sofa... :)

  14. cute flower prints! but looks very thick for normal weather lar... hahaha...

    wow... got small sofa ar... but the cloth looks dirty a bit... hehehe

  15. hehe, girls are like this, like to ban leng leng.,

  16. Linda ~ thks...I like it too...nice colour

    SP ~ Ya la...very thick but soft. So hot, she refuse to take it down. Thought only let her wear for a while, she insisted to put it on for the whole night. At the end, got to use something else to 'bribe' her to take it off. hehe.... That sofa was bought by MIL for her 1st grandson (SIL's son). Yalar...very dirty because never wash. hahaha.....cannot be removed le.

    Mummy Moon ~ very vain hor. hehe

  17. Your little model is so adorable. I like her sweater..very pretty. :)

  18. Mummy Gwen ~ the sweater have nice combination of colours ya.

  19. She looked cute in the sweater.


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