Friday, August 13, 2010

My carelessness caused me $$$

Sigh! Not a good heading but a good story on FRIDAY the 13th. Anyway, this was a past dated post. It happened 2 weeks ago.

I was asked to collect a piece of cheque from a customer. I 'hate' to go over to this customer's office because the premises is gated. Everytime, I will have to pray and hope the gate is open so I can drive straight in. The gate I'm referring to is like those railway gate which dropped down from the top to the bottom. Some call it barred gate? I'm not too sure of the name. Normally it is red with white stripes on it.

example of the gate I'm referring to. Googled for the image.

I can just park my car at the open space provided and walk all the way into the office. I don't mind walking. But the main problem is, there were 3 BLACK DOGS ! I'm afraid of dogs, what more BLACK color type. They looked fierce.

So by hooked or by crooked I need to drive in so I can avoid the dogs. I was delighted when I noticed the barred gate was slightly slanted (with one side higher than the other). I was too confidence that my car can pass through that small gap and thus, step on the accelerator.

* BANG * That's the prize I got from entering with poor judgement. SIGH !

The roof of my car was 'decorated' and I need to repaint the whole roof and that cost me RM280 !

Not only that. The radio antenna which was attached at the back of the car roof was broken and I have yet to find a replacement for that. Wonder how much will that cost me.

I was lucky hubby did not get angry over this matter. My in-laws did not even nagged at me.

Come to think of it, it is more of my stupidity that cost me an expensive lesson. I guess, I need to pray harder next time when I'm asked to visit this customer !


  1. aiyoh, even if the bar is 90 degree straight also you must be careful, somemore that is already slanted, sure will jatuh and hit on you one..

  2. Omg...u r brave enuf to enter. If me i sure do not dare to take the risk.

  3. True what SK had said.

    well, what pass is past. Next time be more careful lo

  4. Nevermind, small money spent will bring big money in. Just to be more careful next time.

  5. Ish... be more careful next time.

  6. [SK] ~ sad....very sad. I should be more alert that time.

    Mommy Ling ~ Blamed on my 'take for granted' attitude ;(

    smallkucing ~ This will became part of my memories.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Wah...your words are so comforting. Thank you ;) I felt a little bit better reading this. haha...

    cleffairy ~ Not only careful, must be more brainy next time ^_^

  7. Oh, sorry to hear that! Just be careful next time lo..
    And glad that you're alright!

  8. wah now i know u r a risk taker!

  9. got no guard there to open the gate for u???

  10. aiyoh bro...becareful next time....a painful rm 280 lesson...hehehe

  11. can i laugh a bit.

    feel not good to laugh la...

    It is normal. I guess i spend a lot money for my car as well.

    Just be happy. Dont worry.

    anyhow... have you speak any bad word or sentences today?

    try to record.... tell me okie.

  12. Ah well...accidents happen! Next time somebody to go, give 5% commission... Hehehehehe!!!

  13. At least you are ok ma... After this experience you will be more alert geh lor :)

  14. Next time be more careful ok. We learn from our mistakes.

  15. Sigh u bang into the gate while I bang into a drain few days back. Press wrongly - wanted to press break but was pressing accelerator instead. Never happen to me before. Not sure what's wrong. Month of Seven?

  16. That was hard experience, but it will make you remember :) It's good to know that you are all right.

  17. Feel sorry for you. I can understand the feeling of having to lose unnecessary money over inaccurate judgement. Be more of a no-risk taker next time to avoid misjudgement. Cheer up!

  18. Feel sorry for you...learnt from lesson.

  19. Women can't drive!!!

    Kidding lah XD

  20. wow... really garang driver...

  21. well, lesson learned and u r safe, that's the most important.

  22. never mind..somehow or rather, we learn from our mistakes when it comes to driving .. estimation and accuracy are part of driving skills.. nasib baik the bar didnt come banging down on the car roof..lagi serious then.. next time call this customer or guard to open the toll bar.. :)

  23. aiyo poor thing. nasib nothing more serious. tc

  24. Hayley ~ Ya....must be extremely careful. :D

    Mummy-J ~ I dare not do that again, ever!

    LittleLamb ~ No. The guard only comes in around evening time (to guard the factory during midnight time)

    vialentino ~ yes...a very painful RM280 lesson

    CH Voon ~ can laugh ;(

    suituapui ~ Next time I must go in the evening time when the gate will be open! Wrong timing.

  25. Lilhyppo's mum ~ oh yes...lucky the bar gate did not drop down and quashed me kemek kemek. haha

    p & p mum ~ must becareful next time. Learn a bitter lesson.

    willie ~ sob sob....with that money i can buy so many things

    Mummy Gwen ~ yes....I learnt it bitterly. haha

    cheeyee ~ Aiyo...hope you are ok!!! U must be thinking of something that day? Be careful next time.

    Puan Isah ~ yes yes...i will always remember that!

    Alice Phua ~ Exactly ! Wasted unnecessary money. :(

    MeRy ~ There will be no 2nd time!

    Kelvin ~ Isshhh ! Women are fierce driver. haha...

  26. SP ~ Haha....yalor...thought can go through ma....sigh!

    wenn ~ yes...lucky the bar gate did not drop down and kill me!

    reanaclaire ~ yea...I must brushed up my skill. haha...The guard only comes in during evening time.

    Irene ~ it is just the car....lucky did not kill me! haha

  27. Aiyo... never mind lah. Pay for the lesson learnt. You cannot honk-honk for somebody to come and open it for you?

  28. Paid RM280 to learn a lesson better than paid RM500 or RM1k for a lesson. :) So next time no judge judge ok, and most important, lucky you're not hurt. :)

  29. Ooops! An expensive lesson. Most importantly, there are no casualties. hehehe That's wat I always comfort myself when I scratch my car here n there. :p


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