Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our day trip to KL downtown

* Back dated post*

On the 15th August, we when to KL for a makan-makan trip. We heard so much of this Hutong Foodcourt and are so tempted to give it a try even we know the food there are expensive. For the 5 of us (including the 2 kids), we spent about RM100 + for both breakfast & lunch over there.

The main entrance to the food court. You will never miss this signboard.

Basically, hubby and SIL do the ordering while I sat at the table looking after the 2 kids while waiting for the food to arrive.

Food No. 1 - we had the pork ball porridge + fried pork intestine.

Food No.2 - Beef ball noodles. This is really tasty. Even Baby XJ enjoyed it.

Food No.3 - Fried oyster omelette. My favourite !

Hot soya bean milk for the kids.

Food No.4 - Popiah. The fillings are very nice but the popiah sizes were a bit too small for the price we paid. No more 2nd time. haha

Food No.5 - Wantan noodle + extra fried wanton. The wantan noodle sauce is very thick and the BBQ pork are delicious. Worth trying.

All the above are for our breakfast. We wish to try the fried Hokkien mee and Bak Kut Teh but they were not ready yet. With a very full stomach, we proceeded to Pavilion for window shopping.

Pavilion's signature fountain. Whenever we wanted to take photo for YX, he will always pose as a monster or Ultraman. *shake head* This boy is so restless !

Then we saw this huge alphabets. The kids were so excited to have their photo taken. Baby XJ's photo did not turn out well, so I did not post it here.

*shake head* ..... look at his pose!

After spending about an hour plus at the Pavilion, we proceeded back to the Hutong Food court to continue with our food hunt. We were not really hungry but were thought since we were already there, why not once and for all try out the food we wishes to. haha..........

The atmosphere during lunch time at the foodcourt were busier comparing to the morning. There were ladies pushing carts selling dim sum and drinks.

Food No. 6 - Lo mai kai (glutinous rice) and BBQ pork pau.

Food No. 7 - Fried Hokkien Mee. The queue for this stall was so long but we did not give up. haha....

Food No. 8 - Curry mee. The soup were very tasty with some crushed peanuts added in. The chicken meat comes in big pieces too. Worth trying.

Food No.9 - Bak Kut Teh. This is really EXPENSIVE ! No more 2nd time. haha...... For all the food, I remember this price the best. Cost a freaking RM16 for a bowl of rice, soup + meat and 1 cup of chinese tea. However, for the 1st time experience it is still ok. Just for the sake of trying because it is famous.


  1. Even this is an outdated post, still enjoying looking at the photos,and you are right, XY and his ultraman pose never seem to end, hahahah, boys are boys,,, may be when he grows up,he loves to be a Macho man.

    take care now ya and God bless

  2. Wow, i love the fried oyster omellete! Must visit HuTong FoodCourt one day!

  3. you went to the right place!! all the famous and nice food around KL, all under one roof!! but then sad to say, very expensive (at least 20% more expensive than their original outlet) and not all can maintain the standard.. so far but the beef ball noodles still ok..

  4. All the food looked very delicious, will wait for the chance to visit it in future. Thanks for sharing.

  5. saw Annie post about this just now. Haha..rally expensive leh :(

    Satay RM3 a piece?

  6. eh the hokkien mi which stall? cos tat time i order hokkien mi is spore style, white type, not the one in your photo...but i stil like msian hokkien mi, must black black lagi syok

  7. All nice food...worth to try out,but the bak kut teh bit pricey.

    I love your son"ultraman" action.....so cute.

  8. Hey! Annie went there too! Seems that the food is nice...but abit expensive. I wouldn't mind trying some of the stuff. The bak kut teh looks good...and oooooo.....I miss or chian!!! Drool!

  9. mummy-j, that's because you haven't tasted really YUMMY SG style hokkien prawn mee!

    mnhl, wow... breakfast and lunch also at the same place, really so yummy???

  10. The food there is quite good but expensive lor. Next time I wanna order the oh chien..hehe.

  11. All the food look nice. But it is not surprising that food nowdays are expensive.

  12. even i m org KL, i also never bn there ... bn hearing people talking abt this place ...but when come to think abt the parking and jam, i so sian already O.o

  13. shame on me. i hv never heard of this...only read ur blog n annieq blog recently about this nia....shame on me. will go soon.

  14. Lovely food you had :) I'm getting blur nowadays, didn't even notice there's a foodcourt nearby Pavillion *shame shame* Thanks for sharing.

  15. So this was the trip that you mentioned lah... we were there on the 13th and 14th.

    We saw the hokkien mee in almost every table there too. Next time must go and try it :)

  16. I went there too but didn't knwo it is called Hutong Foodcourt. I only know it as Lot10 foodcourt! hahahaha...

    Didn't like the food there coz we ordered the rice set meal...the least ppl!! If ever I stay in KL again, maybe I will try the hor chien. THat looks YUMMY!

  17. Whao, free advertisement for Hutong LOLZ
    Glad you enjoyed your time here in KL :)

  18. Seldom go to downtown. Dislike the traffic and crowd. Hehe. Anyway, love your boy's pose. Very unique! LOL!

  19. oh Annie also just posted abt Hutong. Boy the photos of the food are making me very hungry now. I really must make a trip there :) I can't help laughing at your boy's poses :)

  20. wow...all food..and super expensive esp in KL,right?

  21. Hey, i am stay in KL, but the last trip also my first to Hutong! Food quite good but expensive, once in a while should be ok. :)

    I have to agree, that BKT very expensive, but it is very tasty! I didn't try the hokkien mee, because there is a long long queue!!

    hahahha, your boy and my boys can become friend, see how my boys pose for the picture? Just exactly like your boy.

  22. wow...all food..and super expensive esp in KL,right?

  23. Seldom go to downtown. Dislike the traffic and crowd. Hehe. Anyway, love your boy's pose. Very unique! LOL!


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