Monday, September 13, 2010

7th September 2010

This date officially marked YX turned 4 years old. And this date was also a day to remember because it was YX's FIRST TIME and the day he got all of us PANIC & WORRIED. Well, by looking at the picture below, you might already know where is that place.

It all started after lunch time. At around 1.15 pm, MIL called me to inform that YX was complaining of stomachache. He was yelling, crying and crouching with both hands holding to his stomach. MIL rushed him to the government clinic while I went over to the clinic from my office. The service was very fast and soon, the doctor examined on him and suspected appendicitis.

YX was directed to be sent to the General Hospital for further check up and might required to be admitted. We quickly rushed him to the emergency department while YX was still yelling and crying in pain.

Once we reached the General Hospital (which was just located opposite of the clinic), we rushed YX into the room and the doctor started to press his stomach again to check exactly where is the pain to determine the caused. Seeing him in pain, the doctor feed him some pain killer but YX suddenly vomited everything out including the rice he ate during lunch time.

After numerous checking, the doctor took his blood and urine but the reading turned out to be fine. Next, YX was sent for an X-ray at the abdomen and it turned out to be fine too ! But my poor Birthday boy was still in great pain. So doctor decided to admit him for a 24 hour of observation.

Soon, the pain killer managed to claim YX down and he fell asleep. While in the wad, YX woke up and was in his normal self again. He even said he was hungry and managed to eat his normal portion of rice with chicken provided by the hospital. He no longer complaint stomachache but doctor does not allowed YX to be discharged as worried the pain might come back again. Doctor suspected bacteria attacking YX's stomach which was very normal for a child at this age.

The next morning, we were so bored in the wad and lucky there was a mini garden in the hospital compound and I brought him for a walk. Looking at his poses, this guaranteed YX was in pink of health !

And a playground for him to play too. He enjoyed the slide.

At around 4.30pm, finally the doctor gave the green light for YX to be discharged. Up till today, he is ok and no more complaint of stomachache. He eats well, shits well and plays well.

Note : 4th - 7th September 2009, YX was also not feeling well. You can read it here.


  1. Happy birthday to YX! And glad that he's alright!

  2. good to know he is ok now...

  3. Glad that YX is fully recovered.. that's what i heard about the bacteria infection in the digestion systems recently among school children, better take good care.. :)

  4. Happy bday to YX and glad to know that he has recovered..

  5. happy belated birthday to yr boy!

  6. Oh dear! This must probably be the most panicky time for you. Luckily and gladly he's OK already and no surgery too...phew! A happy belated 4 years birthday to him!

  7. Happy Birthday to YX. Glad nothing really serious. Now time for cake?

  8. Happy belated birthday to YX! Hope things are fine for him!

  9. Poor boy... what a memorable 4th birthday for him. Luckily it wasn't appendicitis. Glad that he recovered fast. Happy belated birthday, YX! :)

  10. Good that he is ok now!

    Happy belated birthday boy!!!

  11. Thank God he is ok now. Happy Belated Birthday to YX!

  12. Happy belated birthday.. glad to hear he's ok now..

  13. oh dear, so did u find out the reason of the tummy pain? good to hear he is ok now.

  14. A not so happy 4th birthday to remembered... but glad to hear that everything is OK now....

    My ziyi also had similar case, but we refused to admit her to hospital. Appendix is actually quite rare for children below 5/6 years of age. It turned out that she had too much faeces inside.

  15. Good to see him recover now.

    Happy belated birthday to him too.

  16. Glad to hear that he is recovered! Happy belated birthday to YX

  17. cheeyee ~ Thank you. ^_^

    Mummy-J ~ but I'm still worried because the doctor have not really find out the caused. He only guess it is bacteria as all the blood and urine turned out to be fine. Sigh! Hope no more 2nd attack.

    [SK] ~ I'm worried his digestion system is not good which leads to such problem.

    MeRy ~ Thank you....He recovered miraculously. hehe

    wenn ~ Thank you ^_^

    Alice Phua ~ Oh yes...I was very panic looking at him like that. He never have such pain before.

    Ann ~ haha....yes...we let him eat his ice cream cake 2 days after he was discharged.

    Hayley ~ Thank you....

    chloe ~ Last year, he was also sick around his birthday. This year, he was admitted. sigh!

    Lilhyppo's mum ~ Thank you ^_^

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thank you

    p & p mum ~ Thank you

    Mummy to QQ ~ No actually because the doctor can't trace what happen too since the blood, urine and x-ray were fine. Doctor only guess it is bacteria.

    Linda ~ haha....exactly ! all refuse to have ziyi admitted? Hmm...good that you all found out the reasons.

    CH Voon ~ Thank you

    Mummy Moon ~ Thank you

  18. Glad to know that your boy is ok. What a relief!

  19. Sorry to hear that what YX had gone through. Must be worrying for you and your family. Really glad that there's nothing sinister and he's well now. Happy Belated Birthday, YX!

  20. What a mystery... blood result sould be abnormal(with elevated white blood cells)if any infection in the digestive system(scratch head)!

  21. Oh dear, wat a way to spend his b'day. But luckily he din hv to go thru any treatment.


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