Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 月15 日 - Mid Autumn Festival

Last Saturday night, the City Park, S2 held a Mid-Autumn celebrations. We thought, why not bring the kids to have some fun.

Not a fun place for us anyway. It was crowded. Hot. And the kids were running non-stop. Gosh! Hubby and I surrendered and said this is going to be our 1st and the last visit to such event. LOL !

The decorations were very nice with lots of mini red lanterns being hang all around the park. Many people brought their kiddos and own lanterns to the park. Some even brought those traditional type - paper and candle. I can't imagine if somebody were to accidentally knock onto the little kid and am sure the lantern will be on fire ! Remember, the park was CROWDED!

Since both my parents were in Seremban over that weekends, we invited them along. My brother brought nephew JS along too. It is not a very nice place to chat but a nice place to see those beautiful lanterns. Dad and mum could hardly hear what we said and vice versa. LOL. Not until we walked further in (away from the crowd and stage), we were able to chat for a while. The doting grandparents bought 2 battery operated lanterns for the kids.

YX with his train lantern (but with Hindi songs) LOL !

XJ with her car lantern (with traditional Chinese song).

Both kids enjoyed holding their lanterns around the park with the music blasting loudly. Back at home, I quickly pasted a thick PVC tape over the speaker to lower down the music. Hubby even suggested to cut the wire which I disagreed as they can still use the lanterns next year with the music ON (if the kids did not destroyed the lanterns) !


  1. LOL!!! They have such sophisticated lanterns these days...not like our paper accordion lanterns with a candle inside...

  2. XJ's car lantern is cute! hehe..
    Lake Garden Taiping is the must-go place every year during this time, pack with people, lanterns, candles and fireworks!

    Wishing you and your family, Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

  3. Hahahaha! I can understand why you used PVC tape and your husband's suggestion. Otherwise, you have to hear the remix of hindi and chinese songs in your house tonight.

  4. hey tat day i saw an ultraman lantern and i tot of your son!

  5. wahhhh..yes, me and stp same era.. those days, where got canggih lanterns like these.. hahaha..

  6. We had one around the neighbourhood organized by the residents' association last Saturday but we missed it.. Why Hindi song?:P

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  7. Hahaha! Indian song and mid-autumn celebration - truly 1Malaysia!

  8. hehe, looks like you don't know the name of the cartoon characters in the lanterns..

    YX is holding Thomas!!
    XJ is holding Bunny!!

    i love Thomas with Hindi songs, haha!! :D

  9. Happy Mooncake Festival to you and ur family!

  10. why Hindi song???? omg.. lol.. haha

  11. hahah! I cannot imagine all those creative lanterns. Thomas the train? It is cute, but very funny thinking about the Hindi song :p

    Happy Mid Autumn to you!

  12. I went to this kind of event once also, but didnt like as very crowded too..hahha..but again must be crowded onie fun,rite..hhahah

    Happy Mooncake Festival!

  13. Happy mid autumm to you and your lovely family.

  14. Oh YX with choo choo train and XJ with car lantern..what happen to all those 'animals' lantern..times have really changed. Cant imagine what will the kids be playing with in year 2525.. Happy Zongqiujie..

  15. Hindi song?? LOL! I didn't know about this event lah. Otherwise, would have brought C there too cos we were back in Sban that day.

  16. Oh ya..those music from the battery operated lanterns are too loud! I also taped Gwen's lantern with cellophane..hehe. Thomas train lantern some Baby is so cool and kor kor very pandai posing hor. :)

  17. oh i've never seen those lovely Barney and Thomas the Train lanterns before. Can you remove the batteries so that the music will not be played? I dislike the techno music. Wonder who invented it :(

  18. haha... looks like your hubby doesn't like the loud music until want to cut the wire...

    the Barney lantern is very cute!

  19. No Ultraman Tanglung?

    Happy Mid-autumn to you and your family

  20. Beautiful lantern and LOL@ the Thomas lantern's Hindi song! Happy Mid Autumn my friend!

  21. I also put a tape over the speaker coz the song really TOOOO high pitch!

  22. suituapui ~ We saw a boy with a bee shaped lantern whereby the wings and tail will spin with music and lights. That's very nice!

    Hayley ~ Ohh...lake garden must be crowded with people then.

    Sheoh Yan ~ hahaha....noise pollutions.

    Mummy - J ~ actually bought those lanterns from Tesco. And that day I saw the ultraman lantern in tesco but dad did not choose that for my boy.

    reanaclaire ~ haha...i personally prefer those paper and candles type of lantern too.

    Inspired Momx1 ~ to wait till next year for such events again.

  23. yvonne ~ hahaha.....I never thought of that. But in the park that day got Malays and Indians too.

    [SK] ~ Hallo!!! Looks like you don't know the name le....It is BARNEY and not Bunny! hahahaha

    wenn ~ Same to you and family!

    Angeline ~ Same to you !

  24. Merryn ~ haha.....funny !

    Rose ~ The design and all are very nice. They are inflatable. Can be kept easily.

    Mommy Ling ~ Yalor...crowded only shiok but too crowded sometimes very hot. If without the kids, maybe ok la.

    Anggie's Journal ~ Same to you and family.

    Bananaz ~ Oh...I remember mine was a rabbit and my brother's was a cock ! Ya....time changed. All kinds of designs.

    Chloe ~ Bring her next year (if you don't mind the crowd).

    Mummy Gwen ~ haha...very noisy ya. That kor kor posing non stop while baby always turn here and there...very hard to capture a nice photo of her.

    mommy to chumsy ~ They are sold in Tesco. afriad if the battery were being removed, there will be no more lights. The kids love the songs anyway. hahaha

    SP ~ Ya lor...that's the only solution. I like the Barney lantern too...

    smallkucing ~ Got Tesco, same place where by dad bought the lanterns. But he did not choose Ultraman for YX.

    Alice Law ~ haha....i can't help myself laughing too hearing the songs.

    Ann ~ hahaha....yes yes..too high pitch.

  25. I remember seeing the same THomas and Friends lantern that YX was's selling in Giant as well. I almost wanted to buy it for Juan Or, luckily didn't buy becos I don't think hubby or even Juan Or will like lanterns to be matched with Hindi songs.

  26. first time for me seeing the Thomas lantern too. seems a nice place to visit especially the very traditional decoration :)

  27. Hindi song? That's really weird n funny! :D


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