Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 2 (26 Aug 2010) Part 3

After lunch, we proceeded to Vung Tau, situated about 125km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a famous seaside where many locals will travel over there on the weekends for a short vacation. Click here for more info of Vung Tau.

Even it is only about 125 km away, but the journey took us almost 4 hours. The road were very narrow and bumpy. In between, we need to catch a ferry across (about 10 minutes ride) and required some waiting at the jetty.

This was the hotel we stayed. Not as impressive as the one we stayed in the city. Luckily it is only for 1 night. The breakfast served were not as good too. But the scenery was beautiful. I love beaches but did not manage to take any photo of the beach because by the time we arrived, it was raining. Ended up, we only rest in the hotel room while YX enjoyed watching Tom & Jerry (they have Cartoon Network).

Soon, the guide came to pick us up for dinner before we proceed to the town area for some shopping.

Fried 'ham chee peng' and some local cakes. 1 piece only cost RM0.35 comparing to Seremban which is selling at RM0.60/piece.

Yummy ..... The outer skin was crunchy and soft while the fillings are mung bean instead of the usual red bean which we had over here. Simply delicious !

Then we had a walk at the 'night market' which is along the beach area. Something like the night market along the Ferringhi Beach in Penang. Most of the stalls were selling similar items made from seashells.

Further down, we finally saw a few stalls selling drinks and BBQ seafood! That lady was BBQ-ing octopus.

A variety of shells, fishes and seafood. We only tried the octopus and scallops. NICE ! The scallops were being prepared in a very special way. They cracked a quail egg onto the shell and added some seasonings before bringing it to BBQ. Once done, they topped with some spring onions.

We also tried their stir fried corn. Not really tasty. I still prefer our style of corn in cup with butter + salt. Over there, they stir fried with margarine, salt, sugar, shrimp powder and cilli sauce (optional). The corn somehow taste sweet + salty + oily. We did not add the cilli sauce because of YX.

After all the heaty stuffs, we proceed back to the hotel to sleep as the guide told us the next morning, she will be bringing us to have some 'exercise'. Hmm....wonder what is that?

Day 3 coming up soon.......


  1. one of the nicest thing about going to another place is to try their local stuffs, most of the time you will find lots of surprises.. :)

  2. The Ham Chim Peah so cheap . But for me i like the without inti punya.

    Wah your pic so cantik la. really makes me wanna go also

  3. Wah...kuih in Seremban so expensive kah? Here, 30-40sen only... Travelling to such countries, I would be more careful when eating at such stalls...but I came down with food poisoning in Singapore once - at the Newton Centre hawker centre...probably the or chian! So far in Penang or anywhere in Malaysia, no problem - touch wood.

  4. oh never been to this vung tao.. yes, their roads are all dusty and bumpy... we went to this chu chi tunnel.. took us hours too..

  5. The grilled seafood looks so yummy. The octopus so big.

  6. oh...the ham chee peng looks good....mung bean must have been a difference! yummy!

  7. MeRy ~ We enjoyed from day 1 till the last day.

    [SK] ~ Oh yes...and must dare to try their roadside stalls....those were the hidden 'treasured'. hehe

    smallkucing ~ Cheaper than in my hometown. hehe....

    suituapui ~ parents always complaint food in Seremban oily and salty and expensive too! haha..... poisoning during holiday is terrible! Lucky we were all fine including YX.

    reanaclaire ~ Oh u didn't? I thought it is one of the highlighted tourist destination. Beautiful scenery but very long hour journey.

    Mummy Gwen ~ it is indeed delicious....

    Ann ~ Yes....something different. And it tasted very nice.

  8. So many bbq seafood, must be tasty Huh stir fried corn, sound so oily.

  9. vickylow ~ Loves the BBQ nice... but the corn a bit of disappointing. Really very oily.

  10. The grilled seafood looks so yummy. The octopus so big.

  11. Wow...such a wonderful trip.


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