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Ho Chi Minh City - Day 3 (27 Aug 2010) Part 1

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We were given a wake up call at 6.30am. After breakfast, we were all ready for the morning 'exercise' as mentioned by the guide.

And this were our morning exercise ! Climbing some hundred / thousand of stairs (I can't really remember how many steps) of Christ Hill. Click here for more info. You can also click here and scroll down to Statue of Jesus.

We were panting all along the way up. We got to rest a few times half way while climbing as it was not an easy task! Mum gave up half way as her knee hurts, so she sat at some benches to enjoy the view while waiting for us.

Breathtaking view from half way of the hill. This place was quiet and less polluted as you can hardly see any cars on the road. A great place for relaxing.

In case you are wondering, that person in the photo is not me. While I'm focusing to take the Jesus's statue, this lady happen to stand there for a photo shot too.

Both sides of the Jesus's arms had a small opening for visitors to stand to have the best view from the top. Inside the Jesus's body, there were staircases for us to climb up to reach the arms. The stairs were very narrow in spiral shaped and glad that we made it! Including YX too! He did not even complaint of tired. Lucky me. Else, I can't imagine carrying him while climbing up the stairs! *faint*

Views from the top of the Jesus's arms.

One side - view of housings and hotels / resorts .....

.... and the other side - view of seasides.

The guide explained that as Vung Tau is a tourism destination, the government set rules that constructions of houses and hotels / resorts must be at one side only so they will not block the view of the sea.

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  1. Funny though, my lovely wife and the boys were in Ho Chi Minh last year for holiday, the places they went were not as exciting as the ones i see here, how come?.

    Hey, have a great week ahead ya.

  2. Go holiday still got 'exercise'.. not bad wert :P
    The view is nice though~

  3. haha, not bad at all, can still do some exercise while in the trip.. oh, i like the idea of government setting up rules to the construction to protect the place, now this is call planning and strategy which we don't have it here!! :D

  4. WOw!! Magnificent view! When reading you mention abt standing at the Jesus's arm... OMG, I got batophobia. haha

  5. yX big boy already. Sure wont be afraid. But I would be scared to stand so high

  6. wow..dint know got so much to see there.. must follow tour next time..

  7. Wah! Such a huge statue of Christ - so nice. At the cathedral in Sibu, also one big one but not as nice...

  8. good exercise :D

    i love the view.. very very nice :)

  9. Wah..early morning exercise. Very nice view indeed.

  10. At first sight, i thought the beach is like Gold Coast..ahahhah

  11. hahaha...early morning exercise! high...good thing not scared of heights.

  12. Wow! I want to climb up that Jesus statue! So nice to see the view from up there though I have phobia with heights!

  13. eugene ~ How many days did they go? Maybe certain tour agency have different type of tours.

    Hayley ~ ya lor...but not as much of exercise if compare to China! There you will have to walk more.

    Angeline ~ Very nice place....

    [SK] ~ haha....we were all panting. Climbing stairs are not easy, but coming down was a breeze.

    cleffairy ~ Yes...makes me feel so calm and stress free.

    Broccoli Ginger ~ haha...not to worry. There are protections on the Jesus's arm. Definitely won't make you feel scare at all. Nice view with strong winds blowing on your face. Great.

    smallkucing ~ phobia la...standing so high only can see beautiful scenery.

    reanaclaire ~ visit remember to include Vung Tau.

    suituapui ~ Yes...very nice. Heard there is also another one in Brazil.

  14. Kelvin ~ YX love to posed for us in a very funny way. Mischievous boy.

    p & p mum ~ very peaceful. love it

    Merryn ~ Yea....climbing up the stairs were not easy. But coming down was a breeze.

    Mummy Gwen ~ At least can catch some fresh air. hehe

    Mommy Ling ~ hahaha....all beaches are nice.

    Ann ~ The place were all very secured. When u saw all those beautiful scenery, you will forget about the height. hehe

    foongpc ~ Great view and nice wind. No need to be afraid because all are well secured. But the stairs inside Jesus's body were very narrow.

  15. Nice view from the statue. The Jesus statue look kind alike at Rio De Janeiro one.

  16. vickylow ~ I've heard from my cousin that there is also one statue like that in Brazil. I've not too sure of it though. Very nice view and statue.

  17. this reminds me that I miss my vacation :( I WANT ONE!!!

    have an awesome day!!!
    jen @

  18. YX is such a good boy, din complain at all abt the "exercise". And yes, lucky u, he din ask to be carried. If not, sure pengsan. LOL

  19. Wow! The view is simply awesome! With so much good food waiting for you all, the "exercise" is a must also haha.


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