Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 3 (27 Aug 2010) Part 2

After visiting the Christ Hill, we proceeded to the Guan Yin Temple which was just a few minutes drive away. According to our guide, as Vietnam have majority of both Christian and Buddhist, you will noticed that whenever there is a Chinese temple, nearby to it will be a church and vice versa.

Guan Yin's statue.

Two ladies were enjoying their bowl of 'taufu fa'

At the entrance of the temple, an old lady were selling hot 'taufu fa'. It has added sagu and the ginger syrup were so thick and flavorful. The original should be eaten with coconut milk but we did not go for that.

Look at who is praying. He looked cute, isn't ? I love to see him pray.

And he insisted to put the burning incense on his own.

After visiting the Guan Yin temple, our next stop were at the Whale Temple. Click here for a virtual tour. It is a very small temple and we only stopped for about 5 minutes or so for the guide to tell us some of the history.

After lunch, we headed back to the city. We will be staying at the same hotel (which we stayed on Day 1) until the end of the tour.

By the time we reached the city, it was already dinner time. The journey back to the city were longer, comparing to the day we came because there was a massive jam at the jetty. That night, we had beef noodles at a local restaurant. YX and mum had lemongrass BBQ pork rice.

Something happen after dinner.

something to do with the roadside French Bread (Banh Mi) ......


  1. Wonder how the tau foo far taste like? :)

  2. yummm..i m also wondering how the tao foo far taste...my fav!!

  3. Hmm must be nice having tau fu far while site seeing!

  4. ya cute to see YX praying. Lovely photos

  5. nice nice pics...i went to hcm, like the city a lot

  6. tau fu far with coconut milk? wow...

    the church and the temple concept if cute.

  7. wow, that's a very beautiful Guan Yin statue!! luckily there's nobody posing there while you take the photo eh?? haha.. :D

  8. ...now what about the French bread? Wow...this is like one of those Cantonese series. LOL!!! Have to wait till next episode...

  9. Is the tau fu fa good? I like the Guan Yin statue! So what happened after dinner?

  10. reanaclaire ~ Smooth and sweet. Not much of a different from ours over here. The only difference is the added sagu and coconut milk which we did not try. Scare will spoil the whole bowl. hehe

    Broccoli Ginger ~ Sorry...what does that mean?

    Mommy Ling ~ Not much of a difference from ours.....maybe with added coconut milk will make the difference but we dare not try. hehe

    Angeline ~ I love to eat those roadside stall while standing and eat in a group. so nice. hehe

    smallkucing ~ He is excited because he wants to follow the adults and put the incense on his own.

    vialentino ~ Yes...I like HCM too. Don't mind to go again....

    Ann ~ Can't explain more because we did not try it with coconut milk.

    [SK] ~ haha...there's YX posing with the Guan Yin's statue. haha

    suituapui ~ hahaha....come back tomorrow morning and you will know.

    foongpc ~ The tau fu fa not much of a difference actually. Smooth and sweet. Maybe with the added coconut milk will be difference but we dare not try. I don't really like coconut milk. haha....come back tomorrow to read on.

  11. Taufu Fa added with sagu and ginger syrup...hmm kind of special.

  12. vickylow ~ Over here, we have ginger syrup but not the sagu. Taste wise, not much of a difference with ours here. hehe....but nice though. smooth and sweet.

  13. Taufu fa with ginger?!
    Never heard of it before~

  14. Kelvin ~ We have it here in Seremban. Strong ginger smell with sweet syrup. We also have the gula melaka syrup.

  15. Ohhh... can't wait to try taufu fa with coconut milk! HUh?!! Got accident with road side french bread kar?!

  16. This reminds me when I was young - I used to go to the temple with my momm. Miss those times lah. Now I dont go anymore. :)

    have an awesome day!!!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  17. I hope to visit Vietnam one day.

  18. I like to see him pray too. Yes, very cute.

    The Kuan Yin statue is so huge.


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