Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 4 (28 Aug '10) Part 1

Day 4

We had a 2 + hour drive to another town known as My Tho. The road to My Tho is many times better than the road to Vung Tau. It is wider and not as bumpy. Click here for more info of My Tho.

The main reasons of visiting this town was to ride on a boat along Mekong River, visit the orchards, villages and handicraft workshop. Then, we had an adventurous sampan ride along a very narrow creek. YX enjoyed that the most !

Along the journey to My Tho, we saw picturesque rice fields and something caught our attention. It was the tomb stones / graves of the dead being planted in the middle of the rice field / farm. Our guide told us that those are freehold lands and the people here (especially the old ones) wish to live and die on their very own land.

We rode on this bigger boat along the Mekong River to get across to the orchards and handicraft workshop.

YX did not hesitate to try on the hammock when he saw one. There are a lots of hammocks in Vietnam and you can see them especially at more remote places, tying onto trees.

While having some honey + lime at the bee farm, this boy suddenly brought out a huge python for photo shot at no cost. Dad was the only brave one to carry the python and had his picture taken with our own camera.

Visiting the coconut candies factory. All were handmade.

Next, we had some local fruits. Whatever was served, we had it here in Malaysia. While back in our country, most of us eat fruits with plum powder. Over there, the Vietnamese eat fruits with salt + shrimp powder. (The small plate in the middle is salt + shrimp powder). Don't really like it.

While enjoying our fruits, a group of Vietnamese singers sang some local and Chinese songs to entertained us. We just gave them some tippings.

After the fruits, we had the sampan ride. YX was so happy and kept on singing 'Row Row Row your Boat' while gong gong helped him to row the boat with a stick we found inside the sampan. Gong gong used the stick with the permission of the boat man of course. The sampan went through a very narrow palm shading creeks before coming to a bigger opening of the river mouth where we migrated to the bigger boat which we rode earlier.

Upon approaching to the bigger boat, it started to rain heavily. Phew ! We managed to get into the bigger boat on time! Inside the boat, we were being served with fresh coconut juice.

Coming up next is the famous Elephant's Ear fish and Dragon's Egg for lunch ..........


  1. python hahaha...just saw this not long ago :P

  2. Your son could really make a lot of ultraman poses. Very good experience for him to learn in this trip.

  3. coconut juice ALWAYS cooling.... :)

  4. Ohhhh.... those coconut candies used to be my childhood favourite!^-^ Love your boy's lovely smiles, sure attract a lot of girl girl when he grows older!;)

    Have a nice day!

  5. ahhh..i went to this place..mekong river but the boat seats.. yours are better looking!

  6. OMG, ewww... pls... keep the snake away from me! YUCKKKK! OMHG!

  7. OMG, that python looks so eerie!! i wouldn't even dare to go near it!!

  8. Nice river cruise!
    Fruits with shrimp powder sounds really weird. Cannot imagine the taste haha.

  9. Such a big snake...the river cruise looks fun.

  10. Eeee...big python. Nice experience with the river cruise.

  11. Eyewwwwww....the python! No, thanks...

  12. I like ur day 4 trip - interesting places u visited!

  13. smallkucing ~ the museum negara.....

    Sheoh Yan ~ I agree...travelling let us learn a lot of things and understand their culture too.

    Linda ~ But I don't like le... hehe

    Alice Law ~ Hahaha.....then i will be screening one by one...

    Mummy to QQ ~ yalor..i dare not even touch it.

    reanaclaire ~ haha...maybe they upgraded the seats. How long ago did you went there?

  14. cleffairy ~ are afraid of snakes? I don't like them either...

    [SK] ~ haha...that little boy's best friend.

    Chloe ~ We enjoyed the sampan ride but kind of eerie because very narrow and the water were very dirty! Can't imagine if accidentally fell inside.

    MeRy ~ We enjoyed the samapan ride.

    Mummy Gwen ~ Ya...we loved it.

    suituapui ~ Haha...looks like everyone hate the python.

    Angeline ~ Ya...the tours for this trip were all very nice!

    Kelvin ~ Haha...stay tuned for tomorrow's post but don't be disappointed though.

  15. drinking coconut juice in a rainy day, sure syok!

  16. It looks like a magical place.
    I dont eat shrimp, so eating fruit with shrimp powder = very, very bad.

  17. mummy - j ~ Too bad i don't drink. Dislike the taste.

    Indie.Tea ~ it is their style of eating. I'm not used to eat either.

  18. No life jacket on the sampan ride?

  19. Such a big snake...the river cruise looks fun.

  20. ahhh..i went to this place..mekong river but the boat seats.. yours are better looking!

  21. python hahaha...just saw this not long ago :P


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