Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The swell is gone

Today is YX's appointment to see the eye specialist after the last visit over here.

We are not sending him over because we don't think it is necessary anymore since the swell is gone! YAY! A good news indeed. Over the past few days, MIL have been brewing Chinese Herbal Tea for the whole family. It is actually a norm for MIL to brew Chinese Herbal Tea 3 times a week but this time, she gave YX a bigger portion. The elders believe it is 'heat' that trapped in YX's body which leads to the swell in his eye. Luckily he did not develop cough after taking a huge dose of the Chinese Herbal Tea *touch wood* ^_^

We did not even managed to drip any eyedrop into his eye because he was afraid he won't be able to see clearly after a single drop. We explained, but that does not work.

On that very 1st night, I waited till he slept and put a drop into his eye. Gosh! My roof and bedroom windows nearly crash. He screamed and got so angry while saying "I can't see, I can't see". LOL. This silly boy. Then, he insisted me to wipe away the eyedrop (and his tears) before he is willing to sleep again.

Since the swell has now gone, hopefully it will not pop up again in the future. Sometimes I wonder if he took too much of milk which makes his body heaty?

At the meantime, my toe is 1/2 healed. It turned blue black. :(


  1. A happy news indeed that the swell is gone and bet XY is happy as well.

    You know,as parent the most difficult time is when our youngs are sick, it is more tormenting than not having food or money,seriously speaking.

    take care now ya and God Bless

  2. Good to hear that his eye is ok. I guess he has a heaty body eh?

  3. that reminds me..i also must poe leong sui.. normally i dont.. just drink out with my kids..
    glad to hear your son is ok now..

  4. is the swell "bak jiam"?

  5. Good to hear that YX eyes are OK now. Btw, milk is heaty? I mean YX is already 4yo, thought heaty is only for baby who main food is milk and does not drink as much water as us.

    Oh yes, hope your toe fully healed soon.

  6. I wasn't in the picture, so sorry but I am glad your son's eye has healed and hope your toe will heal quickly.

    Take care there!

  7. glad to hear that.. and hope your toe will be 100% recovered soon lah.. :)

  8. Like what Claire said, I think it's time I boil some herbal drinks for the family. The last time was two months ago. Oops.. :)

    Glad to hear that your boy's eye is fully recovered and your toe, towards recovery. :)

  9. That's very good news. I hope your toe gets better soon.

    BTW, what leung sui your MIL bolied? Ada recipe kah?

  10. Good to hear the swell is gone :)

  11. Glad to hear that the swell is gone and your toe is recovering.

  12. Good news, can go out and play lantern tonight. Happy Mooncake Festival to you and your family.

  13. really hope your kid is getting better lah. dont worry too much eh. it happens to every kid lah. just pray pray pray :)

    have a lovely tuesday love.
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  14. Glad to hear his swell went away on its own. And hope ur toe is fully recovered by now.


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