Friday, October 1, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 4 (28 Aug '10) Part 2

After the sampan ride, we were all hungry. We had lunch at a Chinese Vietnamese restaurant and the main star were their famous Elephant's ear fish and Dragon's egg.

In Malaysian, the Elephant's ear fish is also known as 'kalui' (a freshwater fish). It was deep fried and we are suppose to eat the fish with rice paper sheets. Again, we need to wrap, dip and eat. D enjoyed the wrapping thingy a lot but I prefer to eat with white rice.

The Dragon's egg was actually fried sweet glutinous ball. After the photo was taken, the waitress cut the Dragon's egg into small square shaped. We were being served with glutinous rice cake (texture like mua chee) which are to be eaten together with the Dragon's egg. Don't really fancy this combination because they were too sweet.

YX was so curious and thought it is really a Dragon's egg and asked me numerous time why there is no baby dragon when the waitress cut open the egg. LOL.

They served us steamed rice. Besides than their 'star' dishes (Elephant's ear fish and dragon's egg), we were being served with vege, soup, freshwater prawns, eggs and another type of fish. A sumptuous lunch indeed.

We continued with the journey back to the city again and everyone were so tired and slept in the van. We took a short rest in the hotel and bath before the guide brought us to have our dinner at the local Chinese restaurant which was the same restaurant which we had our dinner on Day 1. The dishes served were different and this time, they remember to serve us rice!

But before we took our dinner, the guide bought us a packet of glutinous rice from the night market for us to try. It is one of the Vietnam delicacy. There are many types of glutinous rice being sold in the market from Orange, Green, Brown to Red color. But our guide strongly recommend the Brown color type which is with black bean.

It was delicious. The texture was sticky and chewy with very strong sesame smell. It was topped with some sesame seeds and shredded coconut flesh. Selling at 10,000 dong = RM1.60

Then, came our dinner dishes..........

Stir fried lala, stir fried cauliflowers and stir fried celery.

Steamed fish with soy sauce, stir fried chicken and siew bak choy

That night, YX lost his appetite. He only ate a few mouth of rice and 2 pieces of watermelon. We thought he was too tired, or perhaps he missed Malaysian food.

Find out what happen to YX in the next post..........


  1. LOVE those food, The dragon Ball look so special for me lei ...i wander how they cook this .

  2. Wow, dragon ball! Hmm..very interesting!

  3. wow...the fried lala looks yummy.
    What happen to your boy? Curious...looking forward for your next post.

  4. The dishes looks good and delicious.. yr boy was too exhausted to eat?

  5. Wow, that photo of the steam rice, looks so yummy~ (Though it was just steam rice... =_=) just fyi, I'm a rice lover! haha :D

  6. wei..i m still waiting for your post..on the stuff u bought le from VT...

  7. This tour is quite good as they let you sample LOTS of local food! I like :) The dragon ball is so round... must be made by a very skilled chef.

  8. wow...great tour. The food look so delicious

  9. much of food. The food looks good too. What happened to YX? Food poisoining?

  10. oh dear hope ur boy is ok....

  11. Ah!!! The food here looks real good! YUM!

  12. haha the dragon ball is quite big, wonder how they prepare it, so round and crunchy look.

  13. That dragon egg looks like a huge loh han kor, lol!

  14. Anggie's Journal ~ Special but I don't like the taste.

    Angeline ~ something different to us

    MeRy ~ Most of their stir fried food were nice. Stay tuned for my next post.

    reanaclaire ~ Indeed the food were all very delicious. boy started to miss home...

    Hayley ~ haha...I love the way they present the rice too. *high 5* I love rice too!

    Little Lamb ~ You will be disappointed. I did not buy a lot.

    Chloe ~ Oh the way they arranged our tour. round. Looks good but I don't really like the taste.

  15. smallkucing ~ indeed they were. Every meals also satisfying.

    Mummy Gwen ~ The portion were quite generous for our group of 7. Not food poisoning...but something makes me worried too

    Sheoh Yan ~ must be hungry

    Mummy-J ~ :( not ok at all. Lucky already towards the end of the tour already. If happen on the 1st day...*shake head*

    suituapui ~ Indeed very nice....

    vickylow ~ Ya..very round. 1st time for all of us. hehe

    yvonne ~ are so imaginative!

  16. Elephant's ear fish and Dragon's egg? Wah....... First time see..

  17. the dragon's egg.. big nyer :D after cut... small small dy.. eat lah the whole thing big big :D

  18. Interesting Dragon egg, I personally a fan of glutinuos rice!^-^

    Have a joyful weekend!

  19. hey i didn't know could find elephant's ear fish here too... or maybe becoz they presented the fish like that, so i thought i had never seen it anywhere else apart from in Viet...

  20. p & p mum ~ Me too first time see and eat.

    Merryn ~ Looks interesting but I don't really like the taste.

    Alice Law ~ Interesting ya.

    SP ~ Over here we don't eat this type of fish. Normally people will keep as a pet fish. haha...

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  22. Is there some fish scale on the dish? It can be eaten?


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