Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 5 (29 Aug '10) Part 2

After our lunch at the Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown, we proceeded to the Thien Hau Temple. Click here for more info.

Beautiful porcelain decorated the roof of the temple.

Hundreds of huge incense burner hung on the ceiling. One is required to make a wish and write it down on a piece of red color paper, and tie on the incense before it was hang up.

The not feeling well YX is finally back in action ! After the dose of panadol, he was energetic again.

My little tauke resting on a huge chair inside the temple.

As it was still too early for dinner, the guide suggested us to do some shopping at the famous Ben Thant Market. Click here for more info. Since our hotel was just a few meters away, we can walk back on our own and get ready for the guide to pick us up again for dinner.

While in the van, YX requested to go back to the hotel. He said he was tired. Dad and mum volunteered to accompany him. I felt so bad. Half of me wish to shop, while another half, I knew I got to take care of my own son rather than having my parents to do it for me. I pestered YX to follow me to the market but he refused.

Then i bribed him! haha.....I said I will buy him a toy ( IF ) I can find something suitable for him. Right after he heard the word 'TOY', YX immediately agreed and said he wanted to go shopping !

Since YX did not eat much in the whole day due to lost of appetite, I bought him some cheese bun from the market. While mum was buying some cashew nuts (next to the bakery), YX borrowed a chair from the vendor and enjoyed his bun. I took a bite, and was hooked and unconsciously finished up the whole bun. haha.... One pack have 5 mini buns, so YX still have plenty for himself. The man later showed us he was using 'Laughing Cow' cheese. No wonder the cheese bun was so so so delicious ! In the hypermarket over here, the Laughing Cow cheese is quite pricey. Moreover, the bun was soft and fluffy with no yeast smell. Delicious !

After some shopping, we had some drinks at one of the stall inside the market. The guide told us ealier that their coffee shops were divided into 3 category. The LOW class (which we were having - low chair), the MIDDLE class (open air cafe with higher chair) and UPPER class (with air-con. Something like the Starbucks). In Ho Chi Minh, I did not see any Starbucks Cafe but they have Highlands Coffee which I think is similar to the Starbucks.

By the way......No, I did not get YX any toy because nothing is suitable for him and I was glad he did not make any fuss about it.

Coming up next, dinner in the Cruise.


  1. wow, nice series of photos..

  2. Vietnam supposedly famous for its coffee bah...but I'm not really crazy about what they have to offer.

  3. Wow....long post of your trip...Love reading your holiday posts.

    What happen to ur boy? fever?..

  4. Looks like he is the only child in tour group? good that he didnt ask for any toys.. good boy..

  5. Wow, what a wonderful family trip! See, you boy was so enjoy. I think the best thing about travelling is to experience their local food. I wonder do you post any of their specialties! hehe... Thanks for taking us along the trip. And hope you're enjoying your evening.

  6. Nice trip! He is a good boy, I bet he is very easy to handle too.

  7. I was like having a free go about to Ho Chi Minh. All thanks to your sharing.

  8. wenn ~ thks

    suituapui ~ I don't drink did not try out their specialties.

    MeRy ~ Yup....he had a fever... a mild one.

    Reanaclaire ~ Oh yes...the only child. Glad that he did not pester me for a toy. hehe....

    My Little Space ~ Oh yes... I did post some of their local food. You can find them in my archive.

    Mummy Moon ~ So far, I can say yes... he is quite easy to handle. But at times, he does manja manja... luckily got many baby sitter with me. hehe

    Sheoh Yan ~ can plan to visit this place. I pretty love it. Won't mind to go again.

  9. YX is such a good boy. Can bring him to more trips in the future :)

  10. mNhL: ur boy really got alot of possing! Lol

  11. LOL, it's so cute of you to think of bribing him with buying a toy at the market, and even cuter that he immediately 'woke' up upon hearing the TOY word! LOL!


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