Monday, October 4, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 5 (29 Aug '10) Part 3

This was consider our last dinner in Ho Chi Minh City. We had it on a cruise ship.

A few woman sailors welcoming guests at the jetty

YX and dad had a photo taken. The only time where YX smiled properly for his photo taken.

Steamed fish

Fried drumstick and Vietnamese rolls.

Stir fried vege, fried taufu and some kind of fried stuffs.

In most of the restaurant we ate, rice were being served in this type of big bowl

Obviously, the food were LOUSY. Initially, we thought it was a buffet spread but turned out to be prearranged. The fried chicken were so tough (just like being fried over and over again) and the vege were overcooked. Those fried stuffs were nothing to shout about. Just some cold storage stuffs. We were being served with soup too and that does not taste good either.

In the middle of our meal, the cruise departed and some fireworks were being lighted at the jetty.

Then, came a young sexy lady doing a live performance.

She was asking if anyone needed to light up a cigarette. There were 2 man walked forward and the lady put the fire into her mouth whereby the man will light up their cigarette from there. And of course, have to pay her tips.

I noticed this beautiful fish-shaped cruise from the other side. Too bad I used flash and the picture did not turned out nice.

Overall, we did not enjoyed the cruise at all. We were not full and requested for the guide to buy us some burgers from the fast food outlet on the way back to the hotel. In Ho Chi Minh, there is no McDonald but they have Lotteria (a Korean brand fast food outlet) selling burgers. Click here for more info. No photo was taken because we wallop everything once in the hotel room. The taste is similar to any fast food outlet's burger. If you like fast food, then you will like Lotteria.

After the burger, we had a walk around the town. We had a great experience by crossing the busy road without a guide! was challenging at first, but we remembered what the guide told us. WALK and DON'T RUN. That was her advise. Because the motorists will slow down and some even stopped for us to cross. Then we realized that was how the Vietnamese crossed the road. They WALK in normal pace with both their hands swing relaxingly and the motorists eventually stop for them to cross.

Busy road full of motorbikes


  1. The cruise food were pretty 'normal' right?
    Sorry to hear that you dint enjoy the cruise trip.. But nvm, lesson learnt! ;)

  2. I also went for the cruise.. nothing to shout about but the food we had were of steamboat, something slightly better than yours.. hahaha.. cos we didnt have tour guide but it was quite xpensive.. the same girl performing too..
    yes, about the roads, all you have to do is to walk on and then "scream!!" .. lol..

  3. Next time can go for a real cruise and eat till puas2 cos every meal is buffet!

  4. Ah...all the Vietnamese specialties - the rolls, the kebabs on sugarcane stick...I love those! Yum!

  5. Beautiful cruise, it's the 1st time I see a cruise resemble a fish.:)

    An awesome trip you got!

  6. yaloh, how come the food so lousy! But at least you enjoyed the fast food. hahahah! What an experience

  7. really lots of motorbikes

  8. Wow..i see u really have lot of fun over this trip. Foods not to be mentioned.

  9. I think overall, u guys still enjoy the trip foremost!

  10. That is really "paying with fire" hahaha

  11. The only time I went on a night river cruise was in Cairo...along the Nile River. The food served on board was good.

  12. the only photo that YX smiled?? hmmm, maybe because of the pretty lady sailor?? hahaha..

    oooh, the firey and sexy performance, not suitable for YX leh~~ :D

  13. Motorcycles are more than cars on their busy road.

  14. Oh! Too bad you did not enjoy the cruise! The pretty lady doing a live performance also don't enjoy meh? Haha!

  15. all the post on your HCM trip, sound interesting and tired. Food they serve almost all the same? Is it tasty?

    Oh..the woman sailors look very pretty. :)

    Hmmm...i have to agree, the food that serve on the cruise not look very appealing, except the steam fish.

  16. I was expecting the sailor dress to be a little more, erm, like those in Japanese games show. The vietnamese sailorwoman's uniform looks like pilot's :p

  17. Hayley ~ Very lousy. haha....I was expecting seafood buffet.

    Reanaclaire ~ they served different type of food on board. I saw all the tables around us eating the same stuffs like ours.

    Chloe ~ Yalar....suppose the cruise should served us buffet. Like that only ada standard ma. haha

    suituapui ~ Not nice at all.....

    Alice Law ~ If only I have a better camera, sure can capture better pic.

    Rose ~ Oh yes....luckily got fast food to stuff our tummy. haha

    Mummy - J ~ Almost doubled the cars over there.

  18. Mommy Ling ~ I love this trip, but not the cruise la....

    Angeline ~ Yes...overall we still enjoyed ourselves.

    Kelvin ~ U only eyed on the sexy girl. haha...wonder did you read my post or not. haha

    smallkucing ~ hahaha.....she really hebat.

    Mei Teng ~ In a cruise, food should play an important part....

    [SK] ~ Haha...he is afraid of stranger. The show...ohh...YX sat still and watch with concentration.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Exactly! More than cars.

    foongpc ~ The show ok la....but for you guys (male species) enjoyed more la...haha

    Annie Q ~ Most of the food were tasty. But this cruise food were so lousy.

    yvonne ~ Jap to be more sexy?

  19. LOL! So it's the pedestrian walkers who eventually become the king of the road! :-D

  20. Bet u were holding tightly to YX when crossing the super bz road.


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