Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 6 (30 Aug '10) Part 1

Finally, our holidays were going to end. The very last day in Ho Chi Minh was our free & easy. We visited the Ben Thant Market again for some last minute shopping.

YX posing in the middle of the market.

One of the stalls in the market.
Looking at their prices with so many zeros, I lost count. haha. RM1.60 = 10,000 dong. Lucky dad was with us as he has very good mental calculations. He is just like our walking calculator. Besides, D even wrote out the conversions in a piece of paper from 10,000 dong up till 1 million dong for our easy reference. We became instant millionaire when we were in Vietnam. haha

In Ben Thant Market, there were 2 parts. One with FIXED prices and the others can bargain. We opted for the FIXED prices so we does not need to bargain. Language was a barrier. Not all know how to speak Mandarin or English. So it will be a duck and chicken talk. As long as the items we wanted are within our budget / we felt it is reasonable or worth paying, we are fine. And dad wanted to shop in peace. Take, look and pay. Between, there was a signboard showing the FIXED PRICE logo and the staffs wore blue color uniform (like the lady above).

After shopping at the FIXED price area, we still have some time and decided to window shop at the bargain area. Something happen to me over there. I will blog about it in the next post.

Back to the hotel, we do our last minute packing, bath and ready to check out. Before we left, I asked YX to wear the bath robe for a photo shot.

Check-out time is at 12 noon. At the hotel lobby, we were glad there was a weighing machine. We quickly got all our baggages weighed and was shocked that our baggages were 13 kg overweight. Since we do not have much of hand luggages, we took out some stuffs to be our hand luggages and the remaining for check-in. Finally, we managed it! Between, the bags behind the weighing machine are not ours.

Note : As we took Air Asia, baggages were being paid online (cheaper) and we did not buy extra or rather enough for the 7 of us.


  1. I bet YX must be the happiest boy there,hahahah.

    so what is next travel destination for you ? for me now i am saving up for Japan trip, My Jap friends have been pestering me and my family to go,,, count count must be at least 15k,, so now save save first.

    take care now ya

  2. mNhL:Hahaha, almost wanted to ask you the same question like Eugene. So, what's ur next destination...

  3. Wah, 13kg overweight! I think their local snacks are the culprit? hehe ;)

  4. yes, i also prefer to go fixed price but of course, their prices are a bit more than the bargained ones if u r good in that..
    sure overweight one.. hahaha.. i think for handluggage, u can take at least 5 kgs..

  5. yeah, for me i'd prefer to go for the fixed price.. less the hassle of bargaining, and even if you thought you got a good prices, it's actually even cheaper at the stall at the end of the street~~ :D

  6. wahhhh what you buy LOL...13kg over.

  7. good that the hotel do have a weighing machine there to weight your baggages, very convenient and good idea.

  8. oh i remember this market. very stinky..hehehehehe

  9. I'm really interested in what you brought back from your trip... extra 13kg *grin*

  10. Overweight for 13 kilos...I guess you must shop alot.

  11. eugene ~ YX's mummy also very happy. haha....oh Japan...nice destination. And yes...cost a bomb....save and must go.

    Angeline ~ sob sob....no plan at this moment.

    Hayley ~ You are so clever! haha.. the cashew nuts, candies, etc are all being weight. Mum bought some, I bought some and cousins bought some...so all added up....very heavy.

    reanaclaire ~ But the items at fixed price are very reasonable.

    [SK] ~ Sometimes, at the bargain corner will get scolding if the bargain did not materialised.

    smallkucing ~ All those food stuffs la. Not my bag only la.....all added up in our group.

    Annie Q ~ We were lucky they do have the weighing machine. Else, we will be kelam kabut at the airport. hehe

    LittleLamb ~ hahaha....ok la...but stuffy.

    yvonne ~ Refer to Hayley...she is so clever to guess correctly. haha

    MeRy ~ Not really alot, but the stuffs we bought were heavy.

  12. Your dad's 'take, look, pay' motto sounds very much like my hubby's motto as well! If I add some more words like 'think, calculate, haggle' into the motto, my hubby would have nagged me and we most likely will end up quarrelling! ^_^

  13. Dunno what you bought but on my trips to Thailand and Indonesia (long ago), the things, though very cheap and nice, were not worth buying. Got spoilt so quickly... Maybe now, they're of better quality, I wouldn't know.

  14. Ha ha, I love this Ben Thanh market but the stalls outside it at night are cheaper.

  15. i didn't buy anything from Ben Thanh market... actually didn't buy anything at all from this trip except for souvenir for grandma, coz nothing to buy...

  16. Wah...15kg overweight? what did u all buy lah..hehe.

  17. Haha! Too many zeros made you confused right?

  18. The hotel u stayed has vy good service to prepare a weighing machine. ;)
    I'm quite bad at bargaining so the fixed price area wud suit me better too.


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