Monday, October 18, 2010

No Peace

Last week, my in laws were outstation and we went to have dinner at a nearby shop. Eating OUT with KIDS were NOT EASY. I almost felt like asking hubby to 'ta pau' back so I can eat in peace. At least the kids have their cartoon or toys to entertain themselves back at home.

Once seated, hubby ordered the food while I was busy 'serving' my 2 little bosses.

FIRST, Baby XJ wanted a pair of fork and spoon. I gave her. YX saw and wanted the same. I gave him.

While playing with the fork and spoon, baby XJ requested to pee. I got to bring her to the toilet. YX wanted to pee as we went together. (Note: both already eased themselves before we left home).

Soon, the waitress brought some porcelain cups and 1 plastic cup for us. (There were 2 kids. Wonder why the waitress only gave 1 plastic cup). Obviously, I gave Baby XJ the plastic cup. YX saw, and requested to have the same plastic cup. Hubby went to take at the counter since the waitresses were busy.
YX poured his drink into the saucer and drink from there. Baby XJ saw and wanted to follow her koko. I had to make sure she does not wet her shirt.

When the food finally arrived, baby refused to eat her rice (she already had her meal at home earlier) and just wanted to 'play' with her drink. I still have to keep an eye on her.

YX ate half way and said he was full. Actually he also wanted to 'play' with his drink.

When I was half way eating, baby XJ wanted to pee again! I was so furious and said "NO, you just went earlier. Go home first." Not satisfy, she wanted to climb up from her baby chair!!!!

Hubby quickly went to carry her and she requested to wash her hand. So hubby brought her to the toilet again. YX saw and said he wanted to wash his hands as well. *faint*

Once back to the table, baby XJ refused to sit on her baby chair. She wanted to roam on her own. Luckily YX sat quietly on the table because I told him many times already don't simply walk around in a restaurant as the waiters/waitresses might knock onto him with hot dishes / soup in their hand.

SIGH! I quickly gulped down whatever was on my plate while hubby settled the bill.


  1. wooooooooooooaH! I seirously dono how I can handle two kids lor - so much work ar. it would drive myself crazy and that's for sure!! cant handle that kind of stress myself lah. you are a strong woman!!!

    have a wonderful weekk!
    jen @

  2. i agree with u, many time , i rather ta pau and eat at home !!! me got 2 boys lagi la ......

  3. Lol, this scenario sounds like mine. When we eat out, both my kids fight for the plate, spoon and cup - must be the same one. And they like to imitate each other. Really driving me nuts!

  4. I hv been through that situation before :)

  5. LOL, sounds like very busy X) Is this how mother's life will be in the future?

  6. Hang in there my friend, like i said,children will outgrow us in no time ,,hahhaahah.

    so here wishig you a great week ahead ya

  7. I feel breathless just reading ur post...

    Ya to enjoy meal with kids??? Must eat those fast fast eat and go kind of restaurant...
    Only when the kids are bigger, we can have enjoy nicer type of restaurant.

  8. Kiahahahah!! Monkey Sees Monkey 'wants'~! Oh yes, I support you with all my hands up, it's never easy to bring kids to eat out... so 'ma fan'(troublesome)!

    Have a great week ahead!

  9. hahaha.. this experience sounds so familiar to me.. mine also same.. kids couldnt sit still all the time.. eventually my hubby also quickly finished the food and went home..

  10. fully understood. when i eat outside, i oso kena dera from my baby...cannot enjoy meal too, must fast fast wallop everything, then leave the place asap

  11. LOL, "You do, I also do!" That sounds familiar even though I don't have a second child yet! I think this is normal for parents with very young children. You can never eat in peace when you bring them out to eat out - same here with me, only difference is I have to layan only one child.

    P/S: How about only when going out to eat, you put on the diaper for XJ, just for convenience?

  12. hahahaha i m so different from u. i prefer to eat out. philip can mess up as he wants cos i dont hv to clean up..ahahhahaha

  13. hahaha, i would very agree with that, you often can't even eat peacefully when you need to take care of kids.. so what does that tell you?? time for a maid?? :p

  14. I would rather tapao food home...and we take turns to eat and babysit/feed the baby...

  15. Hahaha! Poor mommy. Cannot eat in peace. Hopefully when kids grow older mommy can have some peaceful eating time. Yeah the going toilet thing is one issue. Last time, my gal also like to ask to go toilet! Now, she can go by herself. :)

  16. Your situation sounded so familiar la! I think it happened to all families who has more than a kid. I even scolded my children that, "Why you all like to go to toilet in restaurant one? You think this place is very nice and clean ah?". Multiple visits to toilet could make me vomit blood.

  17. Haha very familiar with this situation. Kids request to go toilet not because they got urge but they are too bored to sit still on the dining table. Yes I hate to bring my boy to dine out, he definitely won't take his food. So I need to feed him full b4 we dine out.

  18. NO peace and you dont get to eat your piece oh dear better have a great time eating at home when you tapao next time.

  19. same thing happen to me...but Elise is still on diaper la...Worst one time Ethel said wana poo. at that time, i was half way eating and after came out from the dirty toilet, i have no appetite to eat jor...

  20. It is only those times observing how parents slaving over the childrens' wants that I'm perfectly happy to be single! rofl

    But i suppose parenthood still has more pros than cons ;)

  21. That is how you can't get fat even if after giving birth. Not able to have a peaceful meal

  22. maybe the kids very excited to be eating outside and wanna look around?? (incl. toilet...)

  23. Ha ha, I also face the same peace to eat out! LOL!

  24. When the kids are still young they are really a handful. Now Gwen is older is easier for me but she eats very little when we dine out. Sometimes I still prefer to tapau food. And I hate bringing her to the toilet outside.

  25. I do agreed with you..I prefer to tapao than dining outside..esp if my son asked me to bring him to the toilet...I hate it because the toilet is not clean one...smelly.

  26. I salute you mummies with two kids. I have one son... oredi enuff to loose so much weight that ppl could easily mistook me for a Somalian Refugee- needs to chase the kid around, cannot eat full cuz I dun really have time to really sit and eat... *pengsan* If I were to have another baby... I'd probably get a knife and get it over with my life!

  27. I am with you on the tar pau bit. No peace at all eating out with 2 kids. What more your eldest all want to do what the other kid does....I think I will loose my temper already.

    Snacks don't help them stay still? And no wonder parents now get their kids those iphone etc to keep them occupied.

  28. Can totally relate to that. And even now that XY's edi 7, she still wants those "privileged" stuff (eg. plastic bowl n cup) that CE gets. *shake head*

  29. jen cheung ~ hahaha......when you become a mother yourself, you will eventually know how to handle such situation.

    Angeline ~ *high 5* hahaa......

    Anggie's Journal ~ hahaha....truly understand your situation too.

    yvonne ~ ya ya...they fight for everything! Even MENU!! hahaha

    wenn ~ your kids all grown up. So senang already.

    Vicky ~ haha...yes...a mother will be always BUSY. Day in day out.....

    eugene ~ When they grow up, I will sure miss their baby time.

    Leona ~ haha...breathless.

  30. Alice Law ~ Exactly that word - ma fan. haha....cannot even enjoyed the HOT soup. Got no time to blow. haha

    reanaclaire ~ Not fun bringing the kids out for a meal. Yours all grown you can enjoyed every single meal with them.

    Mummy-J ~ wah....dera somemore. haha

    Alice Phua ~ If only the kids know how to enjoy food like us. haha... they just can't sit still!

    LittleLamb ~ Oh...that's very true too. No need to wash and wipe.... haha

    [SK] ~ How i wish I got a MAID ! No...don't think MAID will come into my life. And to hire one is so costly!

    suituapui ~ Take turns ? No way...not my hubby.

    cheeyee ~ aiyo...the toilet outside so dirty.....really hate to bring them there.

    Sheoh Yan ~ hahaha....ya la....public toilet so dirty. That's y I get them to pee before we left home. But once at the restaurant, they wanted to pee again. *faint*

    vickylow ~ I agreed. I think they are bored. So going to toilet is just an excuse. haha

  31. Bananaz ~ I think eating at home also the same. Just that no need to worry them running around.

    Mommy Ling ~ Alamak! hahaha....

    Gratitude ~ Every parents will have to go through this.....

    Kelvin ~ How positive is that! yes...sweet one indeed. haha

    smallkucing ~ time to get fat. haha

    SP ~ a jakun. But toilet outside is soooooo dirty.

    Pete ~ No wonder you love to cook at home!

    Mummy Gwen ~ Sometimes tapau at least the kids can entertain themselves. haha

    MeRy ~ ya ya...outside toilet very yucky.

    cleffairy ~ Wah ! Not until that extend gua! hahaha.....

    Ann ~ I do not bring snack out. Very leceh to bring so many things. And agree with that iphone thing. Too bad we don't have one. haha.... not even PSP.

    slavemom ~ tend to follow what their peers have. No matter how old.

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