Friday, November 12, 2010

A story of a piece of grant

I will need your help to cast a VOTE according to the below story. No prize ^_^ for higher votes but just for fun. Thank you very much !

We shall name the characters of this story as

The owner - A
The KPC - B
The runner - C

One day, A asked C to pay road tax at the JPJ. C did as told and since the grant was very old and fully printed (have not been changed over the past 15 + years), the JPJ staff changed it and updated the road tax details. C brought back the new grant and the KPC B asked if all the details were the same or not? Since the JPJ staff took the old grant, C did not have a chance to check. Moreover, every single details were being printed out from the computer system.

KPC B dig and dig and dig and found a photocopy of the grant with the latest road tax being printed as dated 1995. KPC B checked the details and found the model of the car was different. The old grant printed as XXX brand 2.0 while the new grant printed as XXX brand S.....S.......

KPC B quickly pointed that out to A and both were afraid the differences might caused troubled in the future when A wanted to sell the car / changed of ownership. A asked C to bring the new grant and check with JPJ staff again on the 'error'.

The next day, C brought the grant to the JPJ and was directed to a department called 'UNIT REKOD'. From the system, the staff confirmed the model is what as printed on the new grant. Everything are from the system and every details were being keyed in from their HQ in Putrajaya. So the JPJ staff suggested for C to bring the car to PUSPAKOM for an inspection to determine the car model. With a letter issued by the PUSPAKOM, the JPJ staff only able to do the amendment.

C told A about it (while KPC B was there too) and A was VERY UNHAPPY with this. A said it is NOT our mistake. NOT we wanted the changed. KPC B jumped to the conclusion that the JPJ staff keyed in WRONGLY. A suggested for C to go back to the JPJ again to clarify.

C went back to the JPJ again on the same day and this time, C did not go to the counter staffs. C directly requested to meet up with the PEGAWAI to clarify the matter.

Now, if you were A, what would you do ?

1) Just bring the car to the PUSPAKOM for inspection and get a letter so JPJ will be able to do the amendment (if any).

- OR -

2) Asked C to go back to the JPJ again to clarify and 'ARGUE' until things are clarified.

Please state (1) or (2) in your comments. The voting results will be on the next post and I shall continue with the story............


  1. My very quick answer is 2. But it is depended on what type of person C and A are also. Because different attitude may produce different environment at the end.

  2. Hmm... I opt for (1). No point arguing with them. They are very defensive.

  3. My answer would be 2 or can it be 3 - A & C go together. Yes agreed something deal with different person, different level/position may come out with different answer & solution. If it still unable to change only get to Option 1.

  4. 2 and requested retrieval of the old grant returned earlier for verification with the records on their computer.

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  6. go for option (1) lah, and that's the only way you can have the PROOF to shut JPJ's mouth if there is any mistake.. by just arguing without any black & white just won't work, at least in this bolehland..

  7. Whether option 1 or 2, time is needed. In this case, I will go for 1. If model stated on new grant is correct, nothing need to be done. If model stated on new grant is wrong, then bring along the letter from Puspakom to JPJ to change kao tim.

    But if go for option 2, and cannot win the JSJ staff, still need to do 1. Then time is wasted lor.

  8. No use arguing with them, coz C would just get more pening. I'd choose option (1)

    Have a lovely weekend ya! ^_^

  9. Option (1)..can argue till the cow comes home what JPJ need is proof. Been to JPJ once to clarify on a wrongful summon for speed trap cos the car's not mine. Asked to go upstairs counter (x), then was told go around the corner to counter (y) and then was told to go downstairs counter (x)..sigh *shake head* gave up and left.. JPJ boleh.

  10. I am back visiting your blog again! hehe - feeling all better now. time to catch up on ur post. how is everything going with you??

    have a lovely weekend!
    jen @

  11. will first go to JPJ with C together for once.. I personally don't like message passing around, and I prefer to hear it with my own ears. In the event if I can't go, I will still call and ask for the 'best' solution. If JPJ will say that Puspakom check will be FOC just to 'confirm' the model, then I will go..

  12. No use argue with donkeys... period!


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