Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Army Museum @ PD

Last Sunday (20 Mar 2011), we brought the kids to visit the Military Museum in PD. We had planned to go there early (around 8am) so the kids could play at the seaside before we visit the Museum which was open at around 10am. However, our plan did not work as planned because we woke up late : p

We had breakfast at home and left for PD at around 9 plus. By the time we reached, it was already very HOT ! 

A huge plane

Army's trucks 



Army's Pre-packed food for tasting.
Biscuits and pineapple jam.
We were given a packet each at one of the booth.

Underground tunnel
XJ posing under the hot sun.

What's really fun at this museum on that day was, we can hold a REAL RIFLE !

YX got all excited when he can hold a real rifle ! 

XJ too, tried to hold the rifle

After the museum, we went to the nearby beach for a stroll under the shady coconut trees. YX requested to play at the beach but we did not allowed as it was really hot. Moreover, I did not bring extra cloths for them.

Lovely ocean. 

It was hot but windy ! 

The loving brother and sister.

We promised that we will bring them to PD another time for them to play with the sea water and sands. Maybe we should book a night at one of the hotel for a short holiday ! 

Next, I met Mr Lucky & Mr Disappointed at PD.


  1. i didn't even know there's an army museum in PD, haha.. looks like not bad at all, since we are allowed to hold the real rifle, but of course no bullets in it i guess.. :p

  2. The photo of YX holding the rifle is cool~ Did you experience holding it too? I also never hold one before, haha :P

  3. ur daughter so sexy with her "beach wear"...

  4. Wow! The kids are holding real guns~ Hahah! Your boy must be excited to hold it.

  5. So much to explore. i m wondering how the food taste like as small kucing claimed..LOL!!

  6. Wah...guns! So violent! LOL!!!

  7. I think I saw this museum sign somewhere but never bothered to visit cos I'm not interested in this kinda stuff hehe. Ya, should plan a night's stay there... can watch the sunset, relax and enjoy the beach until puas2 :p

  8. Hey.. PD .. i thought u were in Betong.. got guns and underground caves.. :)

  9. The banner seems to indicate that the Military Museum is for a limited time only? What about the mainstream military museum building? Where is the museum building if there is? Is it in PD as well? Whoa, YX is really good at posing dramatically for photos!

  10. oh i think i know where this beach is located. it's nice and breezy but pretty packed on the weekend. is there a shady place along the beach or you have to bring your own shades?


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