Thursday, March 17, 2011


During the CNY holidays, we went for window shopping at a local shopping mall and YX spotted some stickers with his favorite characters - ULTRAMAN. Of course he requested us to buy for him but we told him to 'earn' it instead. Meaning, he has to be a good boy before we buy it for him. 

One fine day, his wish was granted because he makes us happy ! We purposely drove all the way to the shopping mall just to buy the stickers for him. * happened we are free at that time. It was a Sunday *  We make him realized that being a good boy, he will be rewarded. 

Ultraman name stickers for YX and Mixture of cartoons name stickers for XJ
64 pieces @ RM 5
Of course, we have to buy a set for XJ too. At the shop, YX did not even changed his mind at all. He still requested for the ULTRAMAN as seen earlier. However, we spent quite some time to choose for XJ. She wanted Mickey mouse. Then, when she saw dogs, she wanted to change. We asked her to make up her mind and she decided on Jie Jie (Barbie dolls). Then, she changed her mind again and said she wanted Doraemon. LOL !  Finally, we chose the mixed cartoon characters for her and she was happy with it. 

YX's rewards
We suggested him to stick on his water bottle so he can see the stickers whenever he wants to drink water. 

Normally, I used the stickers to reward YX during the morning wake up time. You know how hard it was to wake a child up for school in the early morning. I reminded him NOT TO CRY (as his crying makes me felt very tensed in the early morning), BRUSHED HIS TEETH AND DRINK HIS MILK without dilly dally and I will reward him with one sticker. So far, it worked but of course in some days, he will still showed his sour face. When he was out of control, I just need to chant the magic word "stickers, stickers, stickers" and it did knocked some senses into him. He will count his stickers everyday and proudly told us that he has collected xxx numbers of stickers.      

XJ's rewards
As for XJ, she does not know how to appreciate the stickers yet. She will peeled and sticked back (repeated a few times) until the stickers are not sticky anymore. Therefore, I've suggested her to stick the stickers on one of her toy which was kept in the bedroom. Unlike her water bottle, she won't be touching the toy unless she is in the bedroom, hence there will be a possibility the stickers will still sticked there for a longer time. But when she saw the toy, her itchy hand will be peeling the stickers again.....therefore, only 2 left at the time I took this picture. 

The name printed on the stickers will fade when being rubbed against. But the cartoon printed on the stickers will remained and the quality of the stickers are quite good. They are thick and not easily torn. What really matters are, the stickers worked like magic on YX (even not 100%, but I'm happy enough).


  1. Interesting stickers! Might get one for my boy too!

  2. I have those stickers on my girl's books, tumbler and tupperware. I find it very convenient, too. My girl chose Mickey and friends, and Disney's Princesses.

  3. kids really like all these stickers yeah?? i notice my two nephews have their own set too.. wait, i remember i used to have that when i was a kid too, and the cartoon was Garfield, used to stick on everything that belongs to me, haha!! :D

  4. eh i remember last time our era, we used to print beautiful namecards. now beome stickers pulak

  5. Good idea to have these personalized name stickers. I also want to get a set for Chloe so that she can stick on all her barang-barangs :)

  6. Lucky boy!
    I remember during my time, my parents dint buy me any stickers.. I guess sticker wasnt a trend that time... kids these days are so lucky ho!

  7. my yinyue loves stickers too. it does work for kids.

  8. LOL!!! I also have. Mine's my Chinese astrology sign - Dragon...

  9. Ethel has keep pestering me to get this stickers when she saw her classmates have it. ...till today still havent get to do it for her..

  10. Wah... got "magic" sticker! Both your kids has very nice name!

  11. Never thought of using the personalized stickers tim. I use marker pen to label Gwen's things which she brings to school.

    If Gwen gets her hands on these stickers, it won't last for a day..haha.

  12. last time i used to buy a lot for my girl.. she loved to collect them.. but not anymore. :)

  13. i have similar comment as Mummy-J. yah... last time, we could order to have beautiful namecards or pernalised stickers. i think the design last time nicer...

    even during my younger sister's era, they also still had the namecards...

  14. I also got these type of stickers for my girls. I let them stick on their text books, colour pencils, tumbler and other stationary which they bring to school.


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