Friday, June 17, 2011

Bukit Bintang & some Super Heroes

At the entrance of Hutong Food Court
The following day after the Science Center visit, we took a train ride to the Bukit Bintang for a day trip. Only my parents, the kids and I. Hubby was too lazy to go shopping and he rather lazed at home. Imagine both kids are not with him....he can have all the freedom he wants ! 

I suggested to visit the Hutong Food Court as dad was craving for some beef noodles. By the time we reached, it was around 10.30 am and just nice for a brunch. 

* Sorry for all the half eaten food photos.
YX and XJ had chicken rice and tau fu fa but i did not
managed to take the photo of that * 
Singaporean fried prawn noodles
It was rather oily and they added in too much pork lard. Not a good choice !
RM7.90 +  

Wantan noodles
The sauce was delicious. Both my parents enjoyed this very much
RM7.90 +

This plate of BBQ combinations are the best of all !
The BBQ pork are sweet, The Roast Pork are very crispy at the top and salty at the bottom. Nice !  The Roast Duck are the star of that day. The skin are crispy and meat are so tender. Yummy !
RM30 + 

My all time favourite Fried Oyster Omelet
Nicely coated with both flour and eggs and served with huge oyster. Best !
RM ??? can't remember how much. 

Mini Pohpia.
The fillings are a lot and they taste awesome too.
RM ??? Can't remember how much. Approx RM 5 + for 2 rolls ? 

Beef Noodles
Dad's favourite. He loves the noodles and beef balls.
RM 7.90 + 
 After a hearty meal, we proceeded to the Pavilion for some window shopping. The weather that day was perfect. Not too hot and not raining ! My 'candle - like' mum was so afraid of the sun as she did not carry an umbrella with her that day. With such weather, she can walk without needing to worry too much. hehe

A nice tv cube I spotted on the way to the Pavilion. 

Coincidentally, there was a stage show on some super heroes. The kids had fun posing for some photos.

with Superman 

Superman & Batman 

Don't know what is this.......
But I just realised my girl like to pose cutely for photo. hehe 

Dance performed by some jokers

 After the dance, we wanted to make a move and suddenly, the security asked us to step aside. We were wondering what's coming up and waited at the side. To our surprised, we saw the hunky Batman !

Hunky Batman 
Our first time seeing a real Batman !


  1. Yes I agree, your little girl really can pose! =)
    The oyster omelette looks really nice!

  2. Cool! ur kids got to watch some live show....they must got excited seeing the hunky batman,huh....

  3. YX is so good in posing. The real bat man is so cool.

  4. yee?? how come i didn't noticed there's such a big toy at the entrance of the Lot10 Hutong?? anyway, i kind of find the stalls there can't compete with their original stall, kind of dropped standard and furthermore the food is 20% more expensive at least..

  5. Wah! You were so lucky to be meet the 'ahem' macho Batman.... My kids also like superheroes, too bad we missed them!

  6. I love this place - the best food, nice environment...a bit more expensive but worth the quality of what you get. Other places - hot, dirty...may not even been cheaper...and worse still, not nice.

  7. I love this place! Good food, good comfortable environment...a bit more expensive but worth it!

  8. Pening...want to comment. Maybe my connection's bad again...on throttle. I thought all attempts failed...and then, eh? Two managed to come out. Tsk! Tsk! Really hate these macam-macam punya comment features... :(

  9. this is so interesting.  the best part is the hunky batman eh?

  10. Ooops false alarm, some kids  must have accidentally activated the search light sending the distress signal to Batman..Where is Robin? hahaha.

  11. Real batman, is great..

  12. Superheroes!! I was there too ;)

  13. Hv nvr been to Hutong. I think I've nvr even tried at their original locations. The kids r really good at posing.

  14. look very fun .... i duno got such event .... sure the kids love it :P


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