Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekends with the dinosaurs

* Oooo I've been missing from the blogging world for a while and I've got so much to catch up. Will be slowly blog hopping to your blog soon......... * 

One the 4th of June, we brought the kids to the Pusat Sains Negara after we got to know that the Dinosaurs exhibitions were being extended until 12 June 2011. Since my parents were in town, we invited them as well. It was all our first time visiting the Pusat Sains Negara and we absolutely love it !  
The Science Center building

The main entrance into the Science Center

Aquarium above us

YX's hand print

XJ's hand print

After exploring some machines at the front entrance, we proceeded to the Dinos Alive hall.

Entrance into the Dinos Alive

YX riding bicycle with a skeleton 

A little playground for the kids to have some fun ! 

Huge piano with lights lit when being stepped on

Coloring section for the kids. All coloring materials were provided for free. 

More dinos in the dark hall

XJ wearing a mask of a dino's face

There were endless of interesting activities to explore in this Science Center. Both kids enjoyed themselves even they do not understand how things worked ! 


  1. What a fun trip. I bet the kids had lots of fun. We wanted to go but keep forgetting about this place.  Now, the Dinos are gone already :(

  2., isn`t it?? 

  3. welcome back..........

  4. Looks like your kids enjoyed themselves very much! I wanna play that huge piano!

  5. OH, I never been there before.. didnt know there is a dinosaur and science centre too.. but i have been to the one in Singapore .. two times too!

  6. So tempted to go, after read in many mommies' blog. Will try to pester my hubb to schedule for a trip there, although no more dinos anymore.

  7. Where is this science center located?

  8. Such fun and exciting weekends, thy kids must be crazy playing at the gigantic playground leh, lol!

  9. Science Centre! How can I not think of this place? I've been sitting at home during the school holidays thinking of interesting places to go sigh... The last time we went there (early last year) they were having the Da Vincci exhibition. 

  10. Blog hopping. Very interesting dino exhibits and many other interesting activities for the kids too....Kids are happy, parents and grandparents are happy too!

  11. Interesting plc to visit. Altho some younger children dun u'std the scientific stuff, there r many other fun activities for them. The huge piano looks really fun.

  12. The kids sure very happy for the visit! 

  13. I heard a few mummies visiting this Pusat Sains Negara. Next time, I go to KL, I will like to go visiting these places, and not the mall only.


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