Thursday, July 28, 2011

微笑王子 - 张栋樑 (Smiling Prince - Nicholas Teo > Zhang Dong Liang)

Hello everybody! I'm finally updating my blog again. Have been missing for more than A MONTH ! Oh dear.... didn't expect I'll be so obsessed with this 微笑王子 (Smiling Prince)  until I don't have the mood to update my blog!

Image source : 张栋樑 Facebook
In year 2002, 栋樑 emerged as champion in the Astro Talent Quest Competition which was broadcasted LIVE over the tv. I still remember my brother and I cheered for him when he was announced as the winner. Love his very unique voice.  

In year 2006, he filmed his first Taiwanese Idol Drama 微笑 Pasta (Smiling Pasta) where he was the lead actor. I've heard so much of this drama but never had the chance to watch it.

The other night when the 2 kids slept early, I searched for this drama online and glad that I found it. Never did I imagine that this drama was so addictive and I watched one episode after another until 3am ! It had been so long I never sleep that late. Since the next day was a Sunday, I was not worried of getting up late. In order to finished up the whole drama eagerly, I slept late for the next few days leaving me a hangover feeling.

This drama's title really lives up to it's name. Even I'd finished watching the drama, eventually I will SMILE when I thought of it. Certain part might be unrealistic (idol drama are unrealistic, anyway) but the whole drama makes me feeling very happy. 

Then, I started to falls head over heels on 栋樑 . LOL ! I felt YOUNG again ! I began to look for more information on him and changed my mobile phone ringtone to his songs. Even both YX & XJ knows how to sing the chorus part of one of his famous song 當你孤單你會想起誰 (When you are lonely, who will you think of ?) Just recently, he announced that his new album will be released in this coming Sept / Oct and I'm really looking forward to it.

Join 栋樑 @ Facebook. Click here

And here's the mv of the song I mentioned above. Enjoy !

Today, I've read a message by one of his fans saying that there was a huge portrait stand of  栋樑 being displayed at the entrance of IOI Mall, Puchong. 栋樑 was the ambassador for Alba watches. Hmm........I so wanna bring him home, can I ?


  1. hahhaha...didn't know you are such a great fan of Nicholas Teo. I watched the Astro Talent Quest show when he was crowned the winner...and followed his singing career a bit. I like his songs too. After that, I didn't hear much about him. I also didn't watch his first movie. Maybe i should watch this one now :D

  2. hahahaha, ooopsss, so you are now a die hard fans of Nicholas Teo?? hmmm, ok ok, i heard his first song "Dusk" and that's it, hehe~~ :p

  3. mommy to chumsy ~ His voice very unique ya. Love it! If u got the time, go and watch smile pasta. Be young again. haha

    [SK] ~ He got many other nice songs too. Looking forward to his new album release.

  4. Oh, this poor fella...and that Michael Wong.

    They were engaged by the politicians here to perform during the election campaign in Sibu...and omigawd!!! So many opposition supporters went and attack them using abusive language on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere.

    So kesian... It's their rice bowl, they were paid - I'm sure if the opposition pays them, they will also come and sing...but not in Sibu anymore, I bet. Never again!

  5. i haven't watched Wei Xiao Pasta before, but is it really so nice??? err, i guess your answer must be surely a YES lar... hahah

  6. Oh...haha...never cross my mind that you were 'addicted' to Nic Teo's drama series. Don't get me started on this Smiling Pasta series..hehe..I better not search for it lah.

  7. He is the most good looking singer in Malaysia. Since he is a Malaysian, you have higher chance to meet him in person. My idol, Jerry Yen is a Taiwanese, not much hope for me to meet him.

  8. STP ~ yes yes... i read about that too. They were being called as DOG. HOw abusive. All I can say is political things are very sensitive. They got to be smarter next time ;)

    SP ~ If u got the time, go and try la. Not sure if you like this type of drama. For me, certain part are very happy and after watching, I really SMILE ;)

    Mummy Gwen ~ LOL ...... Go and search for it.... worth watching if u like those love love stories. hehe....

  9. Sheoh Yan ~ Haha.... I really do hope to be able to meet him in person. Don't know if I have that kind of 'fate' or not.

  10. Ooh I watched this drama when it was showing on the tv quite a few years back. And yes the drama was good! I was addictive during that time too. LOL! Every day at night I would turn on the tv to watch it. :)

  11. cheeyee ~ So addicting ya... I'm still repeating watching this drama when I have the time. Never get bored but the SMILES on the face still remains!


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