Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 in 1

Can't wait to open it !
No. Am not talking about the 3 in 1 coffee but about an apparel. A few months back as I was browsing through Nivniv Handmade, I was very tempted to get a dress for XJ. They were all so lovely and affordable. One fine day, I made up my mind and buzz the friendly owner (Pei Yi) and got the order done ! After waiting and waiting, my packages finally arrived safely.

Well sealed in a plastic bag

The dress

The bottom part

The flower shaped detachable brooch

7 rows of elastics
What I like about this dress is, it can be worn in 3 different style ! As a halter dress, as a dress where tie the 4 straps as bow over the shoulder and as a skirt.

Worn as halter dress. Photo courtesy of Nivniv Handmade

My little model wearing as halter dress

4 thin straps tied as bow over the shoulder. Photo courtesy of Nivniv Handmade

XJ loves the dress so much that she refused to take them off once I'm done taking her photos !

A matching hairband courtesy of Nivniv Handmade

Wearing as skirt. A bit too long for her at this moment. ^_^

On top of that, the thoughtful Pei Yi included 2 set of mini puzzle into the packages for the kids ! Thank you so much for the little gift. Really appreciate it !


  1. XJ looks lovely! And a good poser too! Thanks for the purchase & write-up, HL :-D.

  2. haiyoooo i like the photo when she wear hairband, just like making one sweet wish..

  3. Aw... ur gal is so cute!!! The dress look so nice on her :D

  4. XJ can pose so well huh.. Must be from her mummy :P
    The dress is special!

  5. Aww..that is so sweet of your gal

  6. Boey Joey ~ She loves to pose for photo!

    Mummy-J ~ haha.....she make all the pose herself. Don't know where she learn them from.

    Venie ~ I like the dress too!

    Hayley ~ Nivniv very creative ya.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Yes...i love it too

    Yee Ling ~ She is very happy to pose for her photo taken. hehe

  7. The dress is very sweet. XJ sure can pose very well. :) Pei Yi is really talented.

  8. Very pretty... Not itchy, I hope - my daughter could not stand dresses that made her itch here and there. LOL!!!

  9. Oh, 3 in 1 dress, very interesting. Looks cuter on the little model.

  10. Mummy Gwen ~ She was so happy when I put on the dress on her!

    stp ~ Not itchy at all. The materials are very soft. It's 100% cotton.

    yvonne ~ Now a bit long for her, but at least she can wear it for a longer time :D (hopefully the dress won't outgrown her so quickly)

  11. sweet cutie pie with a beatiful 3 in 1 dress..such a luxury to dress up a girl girl now hor..envy envy... do they have 3 in 1 shirt for boy??? hehe

  12. the dress look big thou, did u try it? :P

  13. Wyson ~ haha 3 in 1 shirt for boy ar? You got to ask nivniv already. haha

    Venie ~ is impossible to fit me!

  14. pretty little dress it is, and so sweet to have a few complimentary items inside the same order hor?? maybe if you can be more creative, there can be more than 3 types of methods to wear the dress.. :)

  15. Pretty girl in a pretty dress! Very nice workmanship... Can see that the dress is made with love :)

  16. [SK] ~ wah...i really have no idea how to have more ways to wear this dress. Have to ask the maker

    Chloe ~ lovely dress ya.

  17. XJ is a born model! She is not shy in front of the camera for sure! Lovely dress with love shines through.

  18. the prints on the cloth are very cute too... and different fabric used really shows the creativity of the designer

  19. Quay Po Cooks ~ haha...not shy in front of me only! If there are strangers, she will hid behind me !

    SP ~ I like the 3 in 1 design. haha... can last her for a few years!

  20. The dress fits so well.Normally that would be my fear when buying clothes online.
    Can see XJ loves d dress very much.

  21. Very sweet dress and XJ so good in posing!

  22. Lovely dress! And creative, can wear in so many ways!

  23. XJ looks so sweet in the dress. A vy good purchase, can last her many yrs as it can oso be worn as a skirt.


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