Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August is a good month, Red is a great colour !

N.S Carnival 2011
Last week, there was this Carnival held in Seremban. There were about 100 booths to promote their products such as Banking, Furniture, Electrical, Beautician products, etc ...Our main purpose to visit this Carnival on the 18 Aug night was to bring the kids to see the Lion Dance performance which starts at around 7.30pm.

Are you lucky enough to get spotted ?
There was this Spot & Win contest. If lucky enough, the reporter might capture your picture and published in the newspaper and you will win a brand new CSL Blueberry handphone. For those who made a purchase of RM50 and above, they will be entitle for the Lucky Draw contest which will be drawn every night before the closing of the carnival at around 9.30pm. Prizes like motorbike, bicycle, LCD tv, electrical goods, etc to be won daily. We did not buy anything, thus not entitle for the Lucky Draw.

Can you spot XJ in the photo ?
But little did I expect that MY PHOTO WAS BEING CAPTURED BY THE PHOTOGRAPHER and being published in the Chinese newspaper (dated 20Aug) !!! Those being circled in RED will win the CSL Blueberry handphone.

After work on Saturday, we went to the Carnival again to redeem my prize from the registration booth but was told that the prize will only be given out on the stage together with the lucky draw events at 9.30pm. What ? I need to go up to the stage to receive the prize ????? I was then thinking should I go or not. Should I forget about this phone ????? Since it is not iphone or ipad. hahaha

On the left : The emcee  (spoke very well in Chinese, Cantonese, Bahasa & English - talented ! )
After discussion with hubby, I decided to go. This kind of winning does not come everyday. So, relax and let's have fun ! At around 9pm, we went to the Carnival (again) and I was feeling kind of anxious and excited.

Receiving my FREE handphone ! I jokingly told hubby that he was jealous with my winning, thus taking such a BLUR picture !!!! And this is the only picture he manage to take during the prize presentations!!!!
It was such a great feeling to experience a 5 minutes Celebrity feel ! Many photographers were taking photos and I just got to smile and smile until the photographer showed the 'Good' sign.

Metal casing
Looking at this handphone, it was just like a dream. Until today, I'm asking myself "Am I really that lucky ? " WOW !

I still remember last year, AUG 2010, I won big too (winning Bio Essence products worth RM1000) which I've blog over here.


PINK blueberry
Even it is a very basic phone (worth roughly RM150 +), I'm still happy to be the new owner of this phone. I'm currently using it as my FM radio.

The basic functions of the phone
No WiFi, no bluetooth, no 3G, but still a great prize !


  1. Congratulations on the winning. August is always a lucky month for you. Next August, remember to tell me the lottery number that you are buying.

  2. wah you are so lucky. Congrats!

  3. Congrats! This month is indeed a very lucky month for you :)

  4. Come! Come! Send me some of your good luck! I certainly could use a little bit of that myself... Congrats! Lucky you!

  5. You are on a lucky streak! Congrats!

  6. wow, you got a new BLUEBERRY!! hahaha, luckily that RM150 still enough to cover the petrol for going to and back from seremban huh, haha!! so the one in the paper covered by the pen is you?? :D

  7. U ve a lucky star shinning on you...i never have this kind of luck.

  8. Congratulations to you :) I hope next August, you will win a bigger prize...perhaps a car :D

  9. anything which is free is GOOD! u are so lucky to win that hp :)

  10. Wow, congratulations for winning! What will it be next year August? :-)

  11. Congratulation on the winning! XJ really ONG you!;D

  12. wowowo ... lucky you ....:P enjoy ur new phone then ...

  13. Wow really ONG! You should have bought magnum, damacai, sports toto and the lottery too. lolz

  14. Wow... Congrats! Go on stage n the cameras kept clicking. Like a celebrity ya. Can I get ur autograph, pls? hehehe

  15. congrats! so lucky to be spotted and photo get published in paper!

  16. ah, didnt know got this N.S Carnival..if know sure pi rebut luck with u...kekeke... winning already so great, somemore go on stage, lagi famous lah.. like Ginie said, autograph please ;-)

  17. Everyone ~ Thank you for the wishes!!!!

  18. Wah, really lucky wor :) Congrats! My parents went to the pesta too but they just brought home goodie bags only. I think they were not aware of the lucky draw thing hehe.

    It's still August now.. sempat to go buy a few numbers ;)

  19. Congrats on the win! Although not an iPhone it's still a good prize! You are really lucky! So I guess another windfall awaits you next August? Haha!! Alamak! Your husband took the picture so blur? : )

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