Friday, August 5, 2011

Bye Bye Bottle

Both YX & XJ are a big fans of Sun WuKong (Monkey God) which is now showing via Astro @ 5pm on weekdays

In end of July, XJ suffered a bout of mouth ulcers and gum swelling. She had a terrible time eating and are always crying of pain, even in her sleep. She woke up almost every hourly during midnight due to the pain and we can't even do anything to help her. She refuse to gargle with salt water and refuse to apply any medications on her ulcer. We can only sooth her by telling her 'Tomorrow will be better'.

After suffering for almost 1 week, her ulcers are gone and we are happy to welcome back our cheerful XJ. On top of that, XJ managed to ditch her milk bottle for good. She started to drink her milk with straw when she have difficulties sucking with her milk bottle. Since then, she adapted the cup very well.

Sometimes, she choose to drink her milk bottoms up style. 

Yummy yummy !

Finished !

Bye bye bottle and XJ achieved another milestones in her life !

XJ @ 2 years 11 months


  1. So XJ has said bye bye to the bottle already lol,, good good but then again,we will miss seeing them sucking the bottle and i really think it is a fun sight to behold,, sucking milk form the bottle...

    I like the monkey god poses,, they sure learn fast,don't they...

    have a great weekend ,,,take care now ya

  2. Both your kids grown up so much already! May be it's because you havent update about them for some times....... =)

  3. So clever XJ. I still let my son have another honeymoon year with his bottle.

  4. Their sun wu kong poses are so cute haha! Well done, XJ! She's such a good girl. Confession: My Chloe ar, ditched already asked for it back after a week. She suffered from a bad case of "no bottle withdrawal symptom" haha!

  5. Good, good...all part of growing up and slipping through your finger slowly...and soon, will be leaving home for good. Sobsss...what parents all go through...

  6. eugene ~ I miss all their baby moments.

    Hayley ~ ya ya..... it is more than 1 month i did not load their photos in my blog ;)

    Angeline ~ haha...let him enjoy his honeymoon then. Every child grows differently. His time will come :)

    Chloe ~ haha...she is used to the bottle. Never mind la... slowly, she will give up her bottle.

    stp ~ I know you miss your girl ;) Just like how my parents missed my brother and I ;)

  7. wow this is so GREAT! My gal still need her bottle ( we call it opium) and i still don know how to stop her :(

    Btw I know they sell ulcers medicine for kids wit strawberry flavour. Have u try that one? it work for my kids cos they just love anything that's pink color even medicine.

  8. Wow! Ditched her bottle before reaching 3 years old. That's a great milestone!

    I noticed my girl drinks less oz of milk after she switched to cup, sigh. Now I have to force her to have her milk.

  9. Things happen for a reason and 'thanks' to the ulcers haha. My daughter had the same problem at age 3 and we applied bonjela cream. After that she said bye bye to the pacifier. Wah you have two monkey gods which is the real one? haha

  10. Well done XJ!

    My boys just "ditch" their milk bottle after they celebrate their 6yo birthday in May. Now at least i got less washing to do, just wash the cup. LOL!

    Love the first picture, so cute.

  11. Clap Clap to XJ! Very well done for so young.

    Nice to see u blogging again...MIA for so long !

  12. haha, i think they really watched a lot Xun Wu Kong, cos i find YX really looks like one in the first photo, haha.. hurray, great, XJ has grown up and no more bottles for her.. :)

  13. your kids can really grow up to be actor and actress la. ada bakat

  14. Two thumbs up....
    My girls still on bottle, even the 5 yo one. I guess it is easier for the lazy me not to worry about her spilling the milk... But she is in transition phase, when I need to rush her for school in the morning, she has to drink without the bottle teat.

  15. congrats to your baby!! no longer a baby liao lor..hehe...

  16. Wah....good job XJ. So fast ditched the bottle good girl. :)

  17. Well done XJ. Their monkey god pose are just too cute!

  18. Well done XJ! So easy for her to switch to cup. :)

  19. It has been a long time since we last visited and to know all is well. Kudos to XJ! Hugs from Quay Po! YX, you are definitely more good looking than the monkey god!

  20. Venie ~ Slowly, she will ditch her bottle too ! :) Din know bout the strawberry flavour ulcer med. Thks for sharing :)

    yvonne ~ is the same to my girl. Maybe the feeling of drinking milk with cup is different from milk bottle. But as long as they eat solid food (rice, noodles), should be fine. Can still get the nutrients from those food.

    Bananaz ~ haha....indirectly ya...thks to the ulcer. Both are pirated monkey god. haha

    Annie Q ~ Oh ... i agreed with that. It is easier to wash the cup comparing to milk bottle.

    Leona ~ haha...thks ! I got back my mood ;)

    [SK] ~ Monkey god is YX's favourite. It was my favourite too when I was a child ! haha

    small kucing ~ haha...monkey see monkey do.

    Linda ~ Oh yes...when she use the cup, i was really worried of the spilling. haha....

    chinnee ~ She is still a CRY BABY ! haha

    Mummy Gwen ~ Coincidentally ...haha. At the same time, because YX was using cup, she wants what her brother have....

    Mummy Moon ~ haha.... watch too much tv!

    cheeyee ~ maybe with her brother's support, she did it. YX is also using cup....

    Quay Po Cooks ~ LOL ! Thanks for the compliments. YX will sure be very happy to pose for the camera again!

  21. Same here, both my girls dropped their bottles 2 years ago.

  22. haha YX's face expression in 1st photo really look alike Sun WuKong leh. Oh good also as XJ is now wean off her bottle. Well done.

  23. Congratulation on ditching the bottles, mine still rely on it pretty much... tsk tsk!!!

  24. Sheoh Yan ~ Easier to wash the cups comparing to bottles hor.

    Vickylow ~ Ya....glad that both kids are using cups already. Easier to wash also. :)

    Alice Law ~ The time will come. No prob :) Let the kids enjoy their baby world :)

  25. wow, very good that both your kids can say byebye to milk bottle at such young age!
    for me ar... i was still drinking from bottle during Standard 1! ha ha... :P (but dared not let classmates know of course...)

  26. SP ~ All happened coincidentally. Both gave up bottles due to mouth ulcers. haha


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