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 Last Sunday, while my parents were still in town, we impromptu made a plan to visit Tg. Sepat which is about 1 hour + drive away from Seremban. Since everyone have never been to this fishing village, all agreed immediately. The weather that day was just PERFECT. It rains in the morning and was cloudy for the whole day.

We left home at around 4pm by 2 cars. One was ours and another was my brother with his family. My brother hardly follow us to any outing as he always have his reasons and choose not to participate. But on that faithful Sunday, it was a surprised that he agrees to join in !   

The famous pau shop

With the help of GPS, our journey was smooth sailing. Our first stop was the famous pau shop. When we arrived, the shop was packed with people and many were queuing up to buy the pau. Mum was reluctant to enter the shop at first (as she said we can buy pau anywhere in the town) but was tempted to do so after seeing so many people. Was it really that delicious ?

Snowy white pau skin in the making

'mui choy'

They offer a varieties of pau but we only bought their famous 'mui choy' pau. It was indeed very delicious and SPECIAL because we never had this type of paus in both Seremban and Johor.

Not cheap eh ?
At first the lady boss told us the 'mui choy' pau were all sold out. Whatever are available in the shop are all being reserved by customers. If we wanted to buy, we can place a reservations and come back 2 hours later to collect. But upon hearing that I only wanted 6 pau, the lady boss sold to me ^_^ 

YX posing with a huge fishing boat
After the pau shop, we went to the jetty area (The Lover's Bridge). There were some roadside stalls  selling fresh fish balls, dried stuffs, fruits and tidbits. Near the jetty, there was also a shop selling dried food stuffs and we spent some time shopping there. Mum bought some prawn crackers and sweet potato crackers where the kids enjoyed munching away.

2 happy kids
Just right beside the jetty, there were 2 - 3 seafood restaurant. I've seen somewhere in the Internet that the one nearer to the jetty served very delicious food. The name is something Ocen ..... Since it was around 6pm, not many people were eating, we decided to have early dinner to avoid the crowd.

We ordered the below 3 dishes ....................

Claypot tofu 'geng' (tofu soup slightly similar to shark's fin soup texture. Taste still acceptable. 7/10 

Deep fried calamari rings. Not crispy and not well marinated. 5/10

YX's favourite - 'ko lo yuk' (Sweet & Sour pork. I can get better ones from the economy stall in Seremban. 2/10 
........ steamed fish, fried mantis prawn with salted egg and a plate of green vege. You must be wondering why I did not snapped photo of the remaining 3 dishes. Well, the dinner was a great DISAPPOINTMENT ! Not only the taste were lousy, the mantis prawns were NOT FRESH (have a kind of stale smell) and the sweet & sour pork consists of FATS more than meat !

On top of that, their service were really bad. We have to wave our hands for almost 3 times before someone came to take our order.

We paid RM 116 inclusive of rice and tea (6 adults + 3 kids + 1 baby).

Regardless of the 'BAD' dinner, we still enjoyed this trip a lot because it has been ages since we, one family got the chance to get together for an outing like this. And I'm sure dad & mum were the happiest of all to be able to see their children (that's us), their son and daughter in law plus grandchildren all by their side.   ^_^  It's the togetherness that counts !

Brother, let's do this more often while we still can !


  1. The togetherness of one big family would definitely make your parents happy and proud. I can see that you girl has grown up so much.

  2. Never heard of Tanjung Sepat also leh,, but with GPS everything kau tim kan,,,,,

    hey have a great week ahead ya

  3. cham ah...we went to the restarant next to Ocen. The Lover Bridge restaurant. Food was not bad la

  4. i feel like going to tg. sepat again. i didn't get to eat the mui choy paus cos they were all sold out. which restaurant did you go to? the one nearest to the jetty on the left side?

  5. Tsk, too bad the food was terrible. Otherwise this trip would be more than memorable. Now whether you recall this trip, you would go, "Ah... a very beautiful trip with father, mother, brother and family, but then..." the ugly food expedition comes up.

    Nevertheless, family gathering is always nice and should be arranged more often :)

  6. we went there once and food was superb but i don remember which restaurant. however hub said not worth driving there coz minyak mahal, hahaha!!!

  7. Ya...pao not cheap but if very nice,ok lah...expensive a bit. The food looks good leh... Not nice kah? Real frus, go so far...and had to put up with not so nice food.

  8. nice to have a family gathering :) should do it more often!

  9. Yes, it is the family outing that counts... even the paus are quite costly, aint they? 2rm for each.. wow.... how did they taste like? good?

  10. We went there for our 2nd visit recently too... the restaurant next to Ocen was better as recommended by Smallkucing. We enjoyed the food and the trip very much leh.
    Since it's not far from Seremban, you can always go again ;)

  11. I have heard about this place many many times dy but yet to visit the place. I am drooling over the mui Choy pao.

  12. the food photos look nice, didn't expect the actual food to be not nice! the pau shop looks interesting indeed!

  13. The baos are really that nice? Glad to know you had a great family outing with all your family members despite the food not that nice.

  14. I heard they have very nice pao there and is very famous too.. OMG, those dishes you ordered is so not nice?? that's really a bad disappointment!! but at least you have the whole family to be disappointed together and not you alone, haha~~ :D

  15. It warms my heart each time I see families spend quality time together. Parents are simple to please. Spending time with them whenever we can bring them much joy! You are setting good examples to your kiddies:D

  16. dei...i heard someone said the lovers bridge seafood very nice, but since you've said that, i'll think twice for our coming trip lau

  17. Nice family outings. It's a pity the food was not good.

  18. I haven't been to Tg Sepat. It looks interesting too fr the pics :-)

  19. haha..i just bought ku lo yuk for lunch.

  20. My elder one loves Ku Lo Yuk too! *high five*
    YX likes action heros? His every pose gave me the hint. *giggle*

  21. Oh dear sorry to hear you had a BAD experience over dinner. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose life is a balance. ON a positive note glad your brother came along and that was one great family outing to be treasured since its is so hard to get him to join together. Never been to Tg Sepat before and whoa the pao is famous and yummy with its famous 'mui choy'. When things get a good name price would also follow in tandem haha.

  22. oh is alright, family gathering that counts...So no more next time going to that seafood restaurant again! *Black Listed*

  23. Any family gathering is in itself, a blessing ;) Btw, XY and I would be fighting over every morsel of ku lou yuk if we were at the same table lolz

  24. Wah the pau taste so nice ar? All already reserve to customer. Oh yes the food look so so to me. Luckily you all still enjoy the trip.

  25. he he, quite some time didn't drop by liao...

  26. Nvr tried mui choy pao b4. Must be vy tasty. Awww... too bad the food was a big disappointment. But the family outing was definitely a good bonding.

  27. The pao relatively expensive ehh...but i know is good.

  28. Sheoh Yan ~ can sense my parents are very happy ! :D

    eugene ~ It is in Selangor state.. a small fishing village.

    Smallkucing ~ Aiya...we went to the wrong one. But the Ocen was crowded! Surprise !

    mommy to chumsy ~ ya la...the one nearest to the jetty... Ocen. Don't go is terrible!

    yvonne ~ ya..together with fun. Chat and chat non stop

    chinnee ~ haha....minyak mahal ! Hubby also not interested to go again. he said lazy to drive !

    stp ~ Wrong choice of the restaurant. But the pau really tasty!

    Venie ~ yaya...hope to have this family outing more often.

    reanaclaire ~ the paus really nice.... coz cannot get in seremban. haha

    Chloe ~ hubby lazy to drive and said nothing attractive for him to go again ;(

    Mummy Moon ~ the pau really tasty.... the mui choy added with a little bit of minced meat. nice!

    SP ~ Ya lor...the sweet & sour pork are so fat!! Really don't enjoy the dinner

    Mummy Gwen ~ the paus really delicious. Some people even reserved 50, 60, 70 to bring back home.

    [SK] ~ wah....u jump i jump. hahaha

    Quay Po Cooks ~ seeing my parents so happy, i'm happy too :D

    Alice ~ No No....Alice. There are a few rest. near the Lover Bridge
    's Jetty. Don't go to OCEN Restaurant.

    cheeyee ~ ya lor....don't enjoy the dinner

    p & p mum ~ food not yummy...only the pau yummy.

    Dora ~ A nice peaceful town.

    wenn ~ Bet your ku lu yuk better than this anytime!

    Angeline ~ haha....yes...he likes to pose whenever I wanted to take his photos. Silly boy!

    Bananaz ~ If got time, bring your family there.. a nice peaceful and quiet town. But remember, don't eat in Ocen Restaurant. hehe

    Angeline ~ listed! Will eat somewhere else, but if hubby wanna go again. He said not worth driving there...nothing attracts him. haha

    Gratitude ~ haha....ku lu yuk your fav. too ?? That's my fav dish too...

    Vickylow ~ The pau really delicious. Maybe we can't get any mui choy in really love it.

    Pete ~ hallo...nice to see you again!

    slavemom ~ the pau very special...

    Yee Ling ~ haha...ya lor...expensive. But luckly taste good !


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