Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Malay kuih

Pink sago coated with coconuts
I had the first taste of this pink sago kuih when I was still working in KL. Never knew what they were at first, I was tempted to buy because the color looks like my favourite malay syrup drinks. I love that air sirap a lot and still remember they were only selling at RM0.10/ glass in my school canteen. Wonder how much they have increased the price now ? 

Ok, back to the kuih. Once I've tasted this pink kuih, I'd listed it as one of my favourite kuih ! Those days, I bought them quite often from the roadside malay stall near to the LRT stations. Last week, we visited the Radmahdan stalls and I bought some home. It was so delicious. The fragrance rosy smell, not too sweet nor too bland and very well coated with a tad salty sheared coconut flesh.  I had 4 in one shot and that spoiled my dinner for that night ^_^

Putu Piring (rice flour with gula melaka)
This is also another of my favourite. I'm not sure of the correct name (Is it Putu piring? ). I used to bug mum to buy this for me whenever we visited the pasar malam. And I still love this kuih up till now ! The gula melaka stuffed inside the rice flour are so addictive.

Other type of malay kuih that I love will be ondek-ondek. The green color mini balls stuffed with gula melaka and coated with shredded coconut flesh are something I love since I was a child. Some made the balls bigger in size but funny, they don't taste the same. I still prefer the cute mini balls.

What's your favourite malay kuih ?


  1. Onde onde is my favourite. I actually like all the Nyonya Kuih.

  2. High 5! I love pink sago kueh! Not forgetting cucur udang and its chilli sauce :)

  3. Me three! I like the sago kuih...Others like cucur badak, onde onde too.

  4. Gosh all three are my fav malay kuihs too. And I love pulut with stuffed sambal, goreng pisang tanduk and of course the fav of many, karipap! :)

  5. The pink drink is air Bandung. I love so many types of Malay and nyonya kuihs...can really pinpoint at one that's my favourite.

  6. 0.10 / glass...... where to buy with that price nowadays...

  7. Basically I like all kinda Malay kuih, haha.. Pasar Ramadhan is here, gotto pay it a visit before it's over!

  8. I love ondeh ondeh.. last time i used to make them using sweet potatoes and putting more gula melaka fillings inside..! yummy!

  9. If I hv to choose oni 1, then onde onde it is! Pasar Ramadan gonna be over soon. Hope to go n buy 1 round b4 it's over.

  10. i actually love all those nyonya kuih, that's why i love ramadhan bazaar so much!! haha.. my favorite would be the sweet potato donut with sugar glazing and the green color roll with dessicated coconut inside, just heaven for me~~ :p

  11. I dont like sago kuih but i like the putu piring.

  12. I love all types of kuih-muih too... hard for me to choose one favourite cos I just can't decide! :)

  13. eh my mom stuffed ondeh ondeh with chocolate..tried before?

  14. Sheoh Yan ~ Prefer the mini size one. So yummy !

    yvonne ~ oh yes...those deep fried cucur udang is something I love too. BUt very oily.

    Angeline ~ hahaha....looks like we love the pink sago kuih.

    Gratitude ~ That pulut panggang is my fav too..... and sardine curry puff!

    suituapui ~ Sirap bandung is added with evaporated milk. Those without the milk is air sirap.

    p & p mum ~ ya ya...can only buy 2 pieces of candy. haha

    Hayley ~ haha...i have the same thought too....puasa month are coming to an end. must go and visit the stall one of this day.

    reanaclaire ~ Wah...u r so your own! I;ve tried the sweet potato type....but still prefer the green balls. haha

    slavemom ~ Looks like the mini balls are so well received by many. Such a delicacies.

    [SK] ~ I love Ramadhan bazaar too. haah.... must go and visit every year without fail. sweet potato donut (kuih keria?). I love that too!

    smallkucing ~ the gula melaka fillings are so additicive ya.

    Chloe ~ favourite ?

    Mummy-J ~ No wor!! something to special. Bet must be nice too...

  15. I don't fancy all these kuih kuih...I like those unhealthy fried stuff like goreng pisang and keropok lekor. :)

  16. Mummy Gwen ~ I love unhealthy deep fried stuffs too....


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