Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Now On 2008

After searching for this concert DVD around the local music stores, I can't seems to find it. I was told that the DVD was too long ago and are no longer in print. Hence, I searched for it via the Internet and glad that I found it !

Enjoyed watching it over and over again, yet not bored ! 

Hubby shake head and said he's gonna put on 张栋樑 mask, soon !  Haha !


  1. Sorry who is Nicholas? Bananaz no read Chinese and cant copy and paste his name from your post to check online. Laughing at your hubby's mask.

  2. Angeline ~ :D

    wenn ~ Thks to the Internet !

    Bananaz ~ His name is Zhang Dong Liang. Our Malaysian singer who make big in Taiwan, etc..

  3. Hehehe... like your hubby's sentiment!^^

  4. haha....hubby now started to sing his song too (addicted by me) :D

  5. memang the songs are very good. Love it

  6. i love him too, i can watch his drama hor, XXX Pasta ( forgot already the name, hehe) for many many times till i last count... but seldom listen to his songs lor..

  7. small kucing ~ His voice very soothing...makes every song he sang very touching.

    Wyson ~ It is called 'wei xiao pasta'. And I enjoyed watching that dramas again and again too! haha...

  8. tQ for your email now it rings a bell, the smiling prince.


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