Thursday, August 4, 2011


Our favourite Hainanese bread. RM 1.70 / loaf
As both kids started to grow, they began to love bread. They will request to eat bread at any time of the day, so our home is always stock up with a loaf. We used to buy those G or H brand but after MIL introduce her all time favourite Hainanese bread, we started to fell in love with it too !

Thick brown skin - yummylicious
We love the thick brownish skin which is so fragrance and the texture are so nice to chew. Both my kids will fight with us over the skin !

The white cotton fluffy bread are so nice to eat when we dip them with Milo or coffee. But most of the time, we will spread with either kaya or peanut butter.
MIL's homemade pandan kaya. Smooth and fragrance !
Recently, MIL made some pandan kaya and we bought 3 loafs of bread and finished them up in less than 3 days !

Spread with margarine and kaya.
My breakfast this morning...........yummy !


  1. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. I love this bread too.

    Another interesting to enjoy this bread:
    Try to steam the bread for a while, then spread with kaya and butter...

  3. Most people dont like the thick bread skin, but me likey! =)

  4. Own home made kaya is very nice!!! i also love your pandan kaya!!

  5. hehe, i normally won't eat the skin, no problem i won't fight with you for that, haha.. the kaya looks good, nicer than those available in the market!!

  6. eh end aug when u back to hometown, i bring u to my uncle's shop, he makes very nice soft hainan roti...

  7. None of us in my household like the skin. And I always have to trim them off. But we are suckers for kaya, hehehe,,, will spread a lot - sweet tooth :p

  8. yummy!!! imagining the smell of the kaya with the bread... hmmmm..hmm....

  9. wow! this look very delicious!!! I'm hainamese also but too bad my parents don know how to make Kaya... Will u share ur secret recipe? :)

  10. Mr Lonely ~ :) Thks for visiting

    Angeline ~ Oh, MIL steam her bread once a while ! haha...

    Hayley ~ Another kaki. hehe.... both my kids loves them.

    reanaclaire ~ Homemade one taste better ya

    [SK] ~ have miss the best part of a piece of bread.

    wenn ~ really yummy !

    mummy-J ~ ok ok.... will buzz u when i'm back ;)

    yvonne ~ kaya goes with bread are so delicious ya

    Broccoliginger ~ so delicious ! haha

    Venie ~ Sorry..i myself don't know how to make kaya. haha.... try google for the recipe.

  11. Our home is never without bread too :) I usually bake my own bread and all of us will fight for the fresh, fragrant and crunchy skin too. Your MIL's pandan kaya looks so yummy!

  12. oh i love the hainanese bread too. brings back memories of my childhood :) they are so soft and fluffy :D

  13. Ya I like the skin too! Even normal wholemeal bread, I always eat the skin. And now, my gal likes to fight the skin with me. :)

  14. we love this type of kopitiam bread too, but very difficult to find. my kids, one likes the skin, one doesn't like, so they exchange! *slap forehead*

  15. OMGawd the bread certainly looks wonderful. I'd slap on lots of kaya and butter too. Brings back memories of the days we laughed at my late-dad since the layer of kaya and butter is the same thickness as the bread.

  16. Toast it and spread butter and eat - eat while still hot. Nice! But why the name "tawar" - it means bland, tasteless? What a horrible translation of "plain bread"!!!

  17. Dont talk about the kids fighting for the roti skin even Bananaz fight for it too haha.

  18. Chloe ~ U r such a healthy mother. How I wish I could bake my own bread too. :)

    mommy to chumsy ~ Nice to eat them in the old kopitiam ya. haha

    cheeyee ~ Bread skin are nice to chew. Love them.

    Boey Joey ~ haha....good that both can exchange !

    Gratitude ~ LOL ! kaya + butter same thickness as the bread! That's a lot ! But the taste are amazing ya.

    suituapui ~ haha....I think they direct translate the word. The bread are indeed tasteless if you eat them plain.

    small kucing ~ We wallop them up very fast....

    Bananaz ~ Oooo......the skin are just so irresistible!

  19. the kaya yur MIL made looks so delicious. So smooth some more!

  20. chinnee ~ indeed very delicious. Fragrance and really very smooth. Both adults and kids loves it! haha

  21. Ghostynana ~ too :) But am looking forward to be a grandma too.. because can be treated like a child again (hopefully).

  22. oh, i've also seen a stall here selling such roti with kaya! and you have to buy the entire half-loaf... quite yummy lar...

  23. SP ~ Nice burnt like smell on the skin. hehe....


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