Friday, September 30, 2011

Afterall, I'm still lucky....

The picture was taken after I've cleaned up the desk about 2 hours later.
Today's the last day of September but things does not turn out well this morning. While I was making milk + oats for hubby (for his teatime at 10am), I accidentally knocked on his cup and spilled his milk. I mixed with boiling hot water and you can see from the picture above how bad it 'injured' the surface of my working desk.

Positive thinking :
1) Luckily the hot milk did not scald my hand
2) Luckily the hot milk did not spilled onto my notebook or the office's desktop
3) Luckily the hot milk did not spilled onto the office's carpet. Else, more work to do.
4) Luckily the hot milk did not spilled on my clothings. Else, I will have to drive all the way home to change as I don't have any spare cloths in the office
5) Luckily the hot milk did not spilled on the office's printer which was on my desk
6) Luckily I still have enough milk powder and oats so I could make another cup for hubby. Else, he will have nothing to drink in the morning. (The milk powder and oats are going to finish soon as I've planned to buy them during this coming Sunday)

Afterall, I'm still lucky despite I need to clean up my yucky desk. That bad mark left on my desk will served as a reminder to me TO BE CAREFUL in the future.


  1.'s so nice of you making drink for ur hubs. I hardly do that..LOL!! it's ok, be careful next time.

  2. wow, that's a bad damage on the desk ain't it?? anyway, like you said, think of the bright side, you are lucky that you did not hurt anybody.. have a nice weekend :)

  3. wat milk powder brand u buy?

  4. Good for being such optimistic :)

    Accident prone to happen when we are being reckless. Be more cautious next time.

  5. Yeah, don't cry over spilt milk and be stay positive. I guess you work for your hubby.. :)

  6. It's good to always think positive~

    Have a nice day!

  7. ya lor..really lucky that your computer tak meletup ler...scary man...

  8. Need a coat of vanish. very hot or what - the paint so badly damaged. Maybe it's the quality of furniture these days - really bad...not sturdy and hardy and lasting as furniture before - looks nice only.

  9. oh no...ya lucky dodnt burn your hand .

  10. Yee Ling ~ haha....i'm forced to! Shhh...... hahaha

    [SK] ~ I felt so heart ache looking at the damage. My desk is so ugly now. U too, have a nice weekends.

    Mummy-J ~ Sometimes Anlene, sometimes Nesvita. Only hubby drink milk powder. I prefer fresh milk from the box. hehe

    Vickylow ~ haha...i was cursing while cleaning up my desk!

    yvonne ~ A way to comfort myself only. hehe

    p & p mum ~ It does help to cool me down. Actually I did got irritated when the milk spilled.

    Inspired Momx1 ~ Both hubby and I worked for FIL.

    Hayley ~ A good way to cool down too. U too have a nice weekends.

    Chinnee ~ ya ya...luckily did not kena my laptop !!! That's my precious. haha

    stp ~ Forget about the vanish. haha.... But the desk were during FIL's time.... most probably 15 over years or maybe more.

    smallkucing ~ I will suffer even more if scald my hands ya. Thks god!

    reanaclaire ~ Lucky me. haha..

  11. Good that you are so thankful. Have a nice weekeend to you.

  12. Wah you serve boiling milk to your hubby 'til it damages the surface of the desk?... Anyway, yeah you're lucky. Happy weekend :-)

  13. Positive thinking changes life, proud of you my friend!^^

  14. I'm expecting it to happen to me too, since I love to drink and munch at the computer.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Luckily you didn't scald your hand and the laptop was ok. Yeah..still considered lucky. :)

  17. You are very optimistic, which is good :) Yes, always look at the brighter side of things!

  18. Wow, good for you - the optimistic lady! Keep it up and remind yourself to be more careful next time. :-)


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