Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Birthday Celebrations - Part 1

YX is 5 TODAY and XJ turning 3 on the 12th Sept !
The next day after the wedding dinner, we had another party to attend. It was my friend, Mummy-J daughter's birthday party where her birthday falls on the 1st Sept. Since both my kids' birthday falls on September too, Mummy-J suggested to co-join the birthday party which was held at her parent's home in Johor.

Part packs for the kids

Animal foam masks for the kids
All food were provided and prepared by Mummy-J and her mother. I only bought some party packs, animal foam masks for the kids and some siew pau & birthday cake for the party. Mummy-J was so kind to provide everything. Thank you so much Mummy-J. We did not even stayed back to help with the cleaning up as we need to drive back to Seremban after the party. *so sorry for that*

Before the party starts, the 3 Birthday kids playing with toys.

Numbered candles. No. 2 = baby-G, No. 3 = XJ & No. 5 = YX. Oh dear, my photography skill was so bad that I did not managed to capture the candle No.2
Chocolate birthday cake for the 3 kids.

All singing Happy Birthday song for the 3 stars of that day !

Once the Birthday song ended, all kids were so excited to blow the candles. XJ did not managed to blow hers and cried loudly to protest. Mummy-J need to lit up the candle No.3 just for her to blow again. With tears still on her cheek, XJ finally smiled again. *shake head* What a manja little girl !

Kids with party hats !
Birthday presents for both YX & XJ.
Thank you to the newly-wed bride (who spare some time to join in the party), Mummy-J & aunty, SP, PL & SL for the lovely presents and ang pows. I did not allow the kids to open their presents yet but they can do that TONIGHT ! To avoid the manja XJ to cry, of course I will allow her to open her birthday presents together with her brother.

Scary jam along the highway
We left Mummy-J's house around 2pm and both kids slept in the car. Along the highway, we were quite disappointed to be caught in the jam. We thought the journey will be smooth sailing as 1st Sept was still a PH but never expect many people were rushing back as well. Luckily, the jam was just for a short distance only (along the Muar/Pagoh exits) and the whole journey back to Seremban was a smooth sailing one.

Thank you again Mummy-J for organizing the birthday party. Hope you all did not spend the entire afternoon to clean up the house after the party !

Coming up next, Birthday Celebrations - Part 2 .............


  1. don worry, after you left, most guests left too, then me sembang with PL & SL. BB-G play with SL's son, my parents talk to SL parents while eating some leftover from the steambot....

  2. haha, good to co-join the birthday party.. once and for all no need to have repeated hassle right.. somemore the more the merrier~~ :D

  3. Wow nice party at Mummy-J place (just read from her blog about the birthday party)..her baby G is very cute... Happy birthday to the trio kids.

  4. Happy birthday to the kids...guess the kids enjoy to the max

  5. Very nice celebration. So good both your kids' bday fall in the same month. So mommy can celebrate it together and hold a bigger party :). Happy Birthday to XJ & YX.

  6. Nice party, surely the kids enjoyed very much!

  7. pretty chocholate cake you got there!

  8. Happy Birthday to your kids! As long as they have fun.. mum does a bit more also worth it.. hahaa..

  9. A belated birthday wishes to baby-G, XJ & YX all the Virgos me too. Phew jam on the way back look at the cars bumper to bumper.

  10. Happy birthday to your kids, mNhL! They sure enjoyed the party (and pressies) to bits.

  11. Such a nice celebration, the kids sure enjoyed the most.

  12. All the way to Johore to celebrate birthday? Good grief! And ALAMAK!!! The jam! Pengsan... LOL!!!

  13. mummy-J ~ Thks for organizing the party. We all had great fun!

    [SK] ~ It was a fun party cum gathering!

    Angeline ~ Baby-G is very pretty... got a pair of charming eyes..

    Yee Ling ~ are always the one enjoying !

    Vickylow ~ haha.... but this year, we have a few celebrations. Coming up in the next post

    Hayley ~ Kids are the one who are always enjoying

    Alice ~ Love the chocolate rice on the top.

    LittleLamb ~ Thks Rachel.

    reanaclaire ~ Thks to mummy-J, she did more than me !

    Bananaz ~ Ohh...when is your birthday ? Luckily the jam is only for a little while. More or less about 30 minutes

    yvonne ~ got excited and happy when they can blow candles, eat cakes and receive pressies.

    Sheoh Yan ~ More celebrations to come... haha

    stp ~ We goes down to Johor to attend a friend's wedding... so at the same time, we do this birthday party.

  14. Happy Birthday to J's daugther

  15. Happy Birthday To The Kiddos! That was a great birthday celebration. ^_^

  16. The kids looked a joyful lot. Am sure the adults enjoyed the chance to meet up and mingle too :)

  17. Happy Birthday to all three kiddos!!! Looks like a very fun party!

    You have a good friend, Mummy J to help out :-). And Baby Gwen looks pretty in her dress :-). Did XJ manage to wear her dress on her birthday? :-)

  18. SL's son is very cute in the photo!! with both his hands cupping the face...

    really look like a fun party... if i had joined, probably i wouldn't be able to resist playing with the kids' toys too! :P

  19. Happy birthday, YX! I'll wish manja XJ later ok :) Such a nice birthday party you all had!

  20. Looking forward to part 2 :) Happy Birthday YX

  21. Happy belated birthday, YX!
    so many prezzie and nice cake .

  22. Pete ~ Thks on behalf :D

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thks. It was indeed a great party.... very rare we can do this together.

    Gratitude ~ That's the time to meet up with old friends.

    Boey Joey ~ Bb-G indeed look good in that dress.. She is very fair.

    SP ~ SL's son very friendly. He is not camera shy too! haha

    Chloe ~ haha...thks. Yes...a great party.

    Smallkucing ~ Thks....part 2 up already and coming soon, part 3.

    Anggie's Journal ~ Thks for the greetings.

  23. Happy 5th birthday to YX! The kids sure had a blast during the BIG celebration. And def fun for u to hv a mini gathering with ur frens.


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