Thursday, September 8, 2011

Birthday Celebrations - Part 2

Birthday cake for YX & XJ
On the 3rd September, while my parents were still in town, we celebrated the kids' birthday again. Unfortunately, both my PIL had a buffet party to attend on that day, so they did not join in.  

Posing with their birthday presents from my brother. Next to XJ is my brother's son. He got a share of present too to avoid the kids from fighting. hehe
My brother gave each kid a box of presents. It was not wrapped, thus the kids immediately requested to play with their new toys on the spot.

Singing Birthday song for the kids. My dad said, it was ALL THE KIDS' BIRTHDAY that day !
Blowing candles
 Every kids had the chance to blow the candles, including my 9 months old baby niece. haha

Cake cutting ceremony. 
Together with grandma, they cut the birthday cake to mark they are 1 year older !

To read part 1, click here


  1. The kids must be very many cakes...can blow the candles again! yippie!

  2. Many pressies and many celebrations, what a fruitful month for your kids.

  3. Kiddo nowadays are so lucky! Celebrate their birthday so many times and get lots of presents,

  4. wow, they have so many presents!! kids are always so pampered, always got nice gifts for birthdays.. hehe, but the birthday cake is a bit too common?? i would thot you'd get them an angry bird cake!! haha..

  5. I can see a Sarung there..reminds me of the good old days.. last time use manual..the hands kept changing.. right, left..right left...

    By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,KIDS!!

  6. wah... are you having another celebration with your inlaws?

  7. The cake looks yummy! But enough for everybody or not? :P

  8. The kids must be so happy to get so many rounds of celebration. I suppose there'll be another cake-cutting session on XJ's b'day? :)

  9. Angeline ~ haha..indeed they are very happy to blow the candles

    Sheoh Yan ~ both kids are so lucky hor.

    yvonne ~ agreed with that. Nowadays, society are different already.

    [SK] ~ haha...the cake is more suitable for older people hor. But the taste is good !

    reanaclaire ~ haha...i used my leg to rock that sarung before!

    mummy-J ~ Bingo.....look out for tomorrow's post

    Hayley ~ haha....just nice in fact. Because we had the cake after a hearty dinner.

    slavemom ~ We already pre celebrated XJ's birthday..together with YX.

  10. Just two kids' birthday became all kids' birthday :) It doesn't matter as long as they had fun. So many new toys... I'm sure they were very happy that day.

  11. Granny (in the last pic) looked the happiest of the lot! :)

  12. Kids these days! So fortunate. I had three birthday parties between the time I was born and when I turned 21. Twice when I was in primary school...and once at 20 years old. Didn't even have one at 16...or 21.

  13. Bananaz never have any birthday celebration until too old to remember when..Happy birthday to ALL THE KID's BIRTHDAY.

  14. Lovely cake. Everyone looks so happy. So many pressies! :) XJ is getting taller now.

  15. wow... your parents really fair to all kids... every child has equal opportunity in the family! good! he he...

  16. The cake is beautiful and the kids were hvg so much fun! The pressies, the kids sure can't wait to unwrap it, lol!

  17. Chloe ~ haha....every kids' birthday. It will be fun if more kids are at the party..... but very pening also. haha

    Gratitude ~ yaya....she was indeed very happy and excited for the kids.

    stp ~ haha....those were the days. Nowadays, kids are different already ya. I don't celebrate my 16 or 21 birthday too. But when I was a toddler, my parents did celebrated for both my bro and I.

    Bananaz ~ Oh dear... hahaha... if everyday is happy, everyday will be our birthday. haha

    Mummy Gwen ~ XJ really grew taller coz she can now reached to tap to wash her hand where previously, i need to carry her. haha

    SP ~ I was really glad every kids are treated fair and square by the grandparents ^_^

    Alice Law ~ It is yam + vanilla cake. Very tasty but the deco are not suitable for kids. haha... Never mind, the taste is more important ya.


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