Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Celebrations - Part 3

Ice cream birthday cakes
This year, the kids are so lucky to celebrate their birthday so many times with different groups of people. Part 1 was with my friends, Part 2 was with my parents and finally, Part 3 was with hubby's family.
Love by both young and old
As we had already had cakes for the previous 2 celebrations, we chose something different and opted for an Ice Cream Cake instead. Doesn't required special order but just simply grab them from the confectionery section from Tesco. Easy and cheap !

The cheeky YX always gave funny posed. XJ was definitely on cloud 9 as can blow candles again ! 
Most importantly, both old and young loves the ice cream cakes ! Both kids had the privilege to blow candles AGAIN and they doesn't mind at all. In fact, they are looking forward to it.

Busy unwrapping her pressies.....
After eating the birthday cakes, it's time to unwrapped their presents. This is something I personally love to do, even until now. But since it was the kids' birthday, I let them unwrapped the presents themselves. As XJ doesn't know how to tear the wrappers, she asked me to help. Oh, I was so happy to tear the wrapping paper away, just like the presents was for me. haha.....

Waiting anxiously to see what's inside !
YX on the other hand was a bit rough. He simply tear here and there but at the end, still asked hubby for some help.

A fishing set

Aren't the kids lucky ?
And these are what the kids have for this year ! plus ang pows which I've already 'fed' their piggy bank. How lucky they were. Thank you once again to all for the well wishes and birthday gifts !


Earlier in the morning of 7th Sept, we bought a cake for YX to celebrate with his classmates in the kindy.

Celebrating birthday with classmates

A closer view of the KungFu Panda cake.
I handed over my camera to the teacher and asked her to help to capture some photos. Kung Fu Panda is one of YX's current favourite cartoon and now, he is eying on The SMURFS !


  1. Wow, plus the kindy celebration, that makes 4 altogether! YX is a very lucky boy indeed.

    Using Vienetta as a cake is a good idea. My, the kids are pampered with so many presents! I like all the Smurf toys hehe.

  2. Wow wow! I am sure both your kids looking forward to next September now.

  3. wah so many celebrations and presents!!!!!! they sure very happy laaa~~ :) Happy Belated birthday!

  4. Wow, so many pressies!! Happy Belated Birthday. The cake sure look delish.

  5. My children and I love Wall's Viennetta and it was a great idea to use it as birthday cake :)

    And look at the presents :O I also want to unwrap~~

  6. wow!! cakes after cakes and presents after presents!! really a great birthday for the kids yeah?? :p

  7. eh are you going to post Birthday Celebrations - Part 4??

  8. wowowowo... celebration after celebration! nowadays our kids are very blessed..
    the presents on the floor nearly can cover them... hahaha...

  9. Ya lor,never knew birthday celebration can be so many parts one,,, got some more to come?

    hey have a great weekend and enjoy the children god bless

  10. Happy Birthday, wow so many pressies

  11. Vienatta ice cream cake is a very good idea - cheap & nice! Shall try this the next time! The kung fu panda cake is also very nice. Fr Secret Recipet?

  12. Ice cream as their birthday cake, good idea wor. haha nice and yummy.

  13. You truly know how to make your kiddies happy!

  14. Smurfs so popular in Msia now? Here not so popular like that although the movie is on... but Smurfs Village game on iPhone is still popular!!! Funkiegal and I are still playing!

    XJ looked dramatic in all her photos! actress in training!

  15. Gosh! Kids nowadays are so fortunate! One birthday and they seemed to be partying non-stop - how many cakes altogether, I've lost count. LOL!!!

  16. When the kids' b'days r vy near, usually there'll be oni 1 celebration. But for YX and XJ, there're 4 rounds. Woohoo! And look at the "mountain" of presents. :) The kids must be so happy.

  17. wah..banyaknya those presents. Do u let them open up all to play?


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