Thursday, September 15, 2011

Childhood memories in the 80's

PS 2
A few years back, we shared with SILs to buy this PS2. It was fun and once you started, you will get hooked to it.

Fight ! Fight ! Fight !
During the recent school holidays, we installed it for both YX and XJ to play. Most of the game are too difficult for them to control except for Ultraman. No matter what button you pushed, you still managed to fight with your opponent.

On their birthday week, FIL gave them a big surprised. Hubby and I were surprised too !

With the help from SIL, the grandfather bought 2 set of hand held consoles for his precious grandchildren as their birthday presents ! The PVP has 25,000 built in games and it comes with a cartridge of 99,999 games where many of the games were repeated on each screen. That does not matter to us because a few of the games can already kept the kids quiet for a long time. What's special of this console was it brought back lots of childhood memories for both hubby and I as 99% of the games are what we used to play during our childhood time. Even SIL couldn't helped it and bought 1 console for herself ! LOL.

If your childhood time are during the 80's, I'm sure you have played these games before. Do you remember them ? 

Super Mario.
Super Mario is one of our favourite ! We even know where to find the hidden green mushroom which gave an extra life and we know which bricks contain extra golds when you kept on knocking on it.

Another of my favourite is Mappy. I've always thought this is an elephant not until recently, I finally realised it is a MOUSE !

My brother and I used to pair up and fight until the last level. We had endless fun of shooting. We even managed to break the secret code to add extra lives and do not have to only rely on the pathetic 3 lives given at the start of the game. However, now I can't remember what's the code is.

Ice Climber
This is classic! Do you remember how to play this ? The Eskimo will have to break the ice and make all the way up to the top. Along the way, the Eskimo will have to avoid the seals and bird. Interesting !

Door Door
This is another classic game! I love this a lot. The cute white color creature will have to open the door for the monsters to enter before closing the door again. Once all monsters are trapped behind the door, you will proceed to the next level.

Road Fighter
When comes to racing, I personally prefer this one. It is not so complicated like the other racing game. At least I managed to clear the stage with satisfaction ! haha..... And do you remember seeing a superman flying on the left side? That superman will appear and give you bonus point.

Adventure Island
How about this ? Do you remember playing this ? The boy will have to collect fruits hanging in the air for points and in order to collect extra power, he will need to crack an egg for a skateboard which will make him go faster, or a fairy flying beside him to protect him.

I hate those crows !

Balloon Fight
Wooo.....another of my favourite ! Fly and fly and poke the opponents balloons. I still remember having a sore thumb for playing this because it is quite difficult to control by the console.

Bubble Bobble
Do you like this too ?

Circus Charlie brother and I love this a lot! We can play to quite a high level. It requires a lot of patience and tactics in order to clear the level.

Not forgetting the block games like Tetris, we love this colorful jewelry. The game comes with great music !

Star Force
Disappointed is, the PVP do not have THIS GAME ! Another of my favourite which I will never failed to choose to play. At the end of each level, we will have to fight against the master which are named as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc...... An interesting air force game !

There are still a lot of games like load runner, ninjas, pacman, Donkey Kong, etc...... it will be a long post if I list them all here ^_^ 

We only allowed the kids to play with the PVP during weekends as do not want them to be addicted to it. Long hour of playing is also not good for their eyesight. On weekdays, no need to guess you already know who will be playing with it ! Ahhh..........childhood memories !


  1. I never played so many games like u ler...

  2. Wow, you hv a very very generous FIL!!O_o

    Envy, envy...

  3. hahaha!! give me five!! i've played all those games before (except the Door Door), i think we must have bought the same game cassette!! haha.. oh, i miss those days, we all fight to play with the video game, classic!!!

  4. High 5 here mNhL. Last time we used to play those games...I always play Mappy...hahaha

  5. Oh yes I play super mario too. Your post bring back lots of memories to me :)

  6. Why not PS3 instead?
    I'm not really good in these things... but hubby is.. LOL

  7. *palm face* as I've not played any of those!

    Mebe coz I'm not a video game fan so I never played anything except for PacMan in my life!

  8. Better,don't let my boys read this post,they have been bugging me to boy Wii for them,, i say no no no....

    hey,have a great long weekend ya

  9. oh YES.. I played most of the games.. ya, the new consoles don't have the old games... and the new ones are too graphic for my liking..

  10. I played those games before, we siblings were so addicted to it and my mom was left with no choice but to keep it away, lol!

    Now my girl is sticking to games too, and I have to restrict her playtime... otherwise would turn out like me :p

  11. I am not so into games. Thank God I am not. I wish my girls are not into games too.

  12. Hahaha....cannot let my son see this

  13. Back in 80s, i was hooked to Mario that i got so pro with it. But now, I cant even operate the joysticks...ahahhahah

  14. I only know a few games you mentioned..hehe. I like Super Mario Bros and Contra!

    I dare not introduce these games to Gwen. Nowadays, she did not ask to play with my iPhone anymore...thank God.

  15. wa wa wa...i guess u r much younger than me cos i dont recognise these games....hehehee or maybe i dont get to play games when i was young

  16. Some games were familiar. For example, mario, circus, eskimo but i hadnt played the other games before. You really played many games.

  17. Love those games! Used to play those with my bro in the 90s. Btw, mind sharing where your fil bought those pvp? Don't mind buying one for myself too! The ipad just doesnt have games like that :(

  18. So these PVPs are actually for papa and mummy while the kids can only borrow during the weekends hehe. I rarely played with computer games so I also can't identify most of the games here.

  19. My girl never had PS...but she did play those games on cd-roms on the computer...and ended up wearing spectacles - over 300 one side. Tsk! Tsk!


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