Wednesday, September 14, 2011


a parcel for me !
Last week when I read about this news from 'ling in de house', I quickly did as what was instructed. In the next 10 minutes or so, I got a reply from the owner informing me that I was one of the lucky one! On the 6th September, my parcel arrived.

Well sealed with bubble wraps
Can you see what's inside ?

beautifully tied with ribbons

2 boxes of cookies
Yay ! It was some delicious homemade cookies by Cikumuffin. The thoughtful owner actually took the hassle to tie up the boxes with ribbon and protect with bubble wrap since she was sending the cookies to me via courier post.

a note for me
I've read from other lucky winner's blog where they received lemon cupcakes as their freebies and I was so eager to try that. However, I do understand it will be very difficult to sent those cupcakes to me via courier service. By the time the parcel reached me, I think the cupcakes will be out of shaped with the cream all splatted everywhere over the box ! haha ...

yummy delicious cookies.......
Nevertheless, these 2 boxes of cookies are heavenly too ! The double chocolates cookies was loaded with sinful chocolate chips which melt in your mouth with every bite ! The oatmeal & raisins was delicious too. It was very chewy and best of all, both cookies are not too sweet. Once pop-ed one into your mouth, you just can't resist to have another one.

Thank you Cikumuffin for the delicious freebies and thank you for the trouble for sending the cookies to me via courier service. Those cookies are still in good shapes when I received them  ^_^

Wish to know more about Cikumuffin and want to taste some wonderful goodies from them? Hop over to her baking journal in FB over here and it will be nice if you can click 'LIKE' to be one of her fans !


  1. ooo...u get to taste her oatmeal & raisin cookies, that's great!!

  2. mNhL: Same here, just blog about it...The oatmeal one really taste good. Those who stay near, can taste the cupcakes! Anyway, not bad for us too! I wallop all the cookies..hehehe...

  3. Read this from Ling's blog, you got yours too. Look good.

  4. Nice homemade cookies delivered to your door step.

  5. Ha,, sometimes i really got jelos with you mommy bloggers hahaha, freebies here and there,, I hope i can have more papa bloggers ,sigh not so many

  6. for a while, i had thought that the ingredient used is ciku!

    the cookies look tasty... Enjoy!

  7. Thanx for the compliment.i' happy to know you enjoyed the cookies!:D ya,would have given some cupcakes but I didn't have time to drive to seremban.:)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ah... I'd like to order some for this coming CNY too!^^

  10. got the cookies through post. Looks yummy.

  11. Hah!!! You too! Same question that I asked everybody, any ciku in the muffins? Guess you wouldn't know - yours already squashed upon arrival. Kesian. LOL!!!

  12. P.S. Oops!!! You didn't get any, just cookies. Well, cookies are good too...

  13. Yee Ling ~ Thks for sharing the good news :)

    wenn ~ the cookies are a killer

    Angeline ~ ya ya...the cupcakes look so tempting...

    Annie Q ~ They are delicious !

    Small Kucing ~ Great for my snacks

    Vicklylow ~ nicely packed somemore.

    Sheoh Yan ~ haha....but the taste is really good

    Hayley ~ Go grab from Angeline. Nearer to you. hehe

    eugene ~ Daddy can also participate in these time... try your luck ok.

    SP ~ I think the baker loves ciku. haha....

    cikumuffin ~ The cookies are really nice. Oooo.... i'll be embarrassed if you drive all the way to S;ban just to deliver the cupcakes to me!!! Cookies are fine to me :) Thks

    Alice Law ~ haha..good planning

    Mummy Gwen ~ they were yummy!

    stp ~ Yea....just cookies and they are delicious too!


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