Monday, September 26, 2011

'Couple song'

After this post, on my parents' wedding anniversary, I suddenly thought of our 'couple song'. That time, hubby and I was still in a courting stage. He came down to Johor during CNY for a visit and we went to the cinema for the first time ! (That one and only cinema in my hometown had since been closed down after our visit ! ). Since my hometown is a small and boring town, cinema is the only place we can spent our time together rather than sitting at home. We watched a film by Jackie Chan and Shu Qi and the theme song was sung by William Soo and Kit Chan. Eventually, this song became our 'couple song' but not the movie though. far, 'couple movie' was not found yet.

Both of us like this song because of the soothing melody and beautiful voice presented by the 2 singers. Over the years, we somehow did not mentioned about this song anymore. The other day, I heard this song over the radio and was glad that I'm able to find it over YouTube.

Do you have any 'couple song' or 'couple movie' with your other half ? Or perhaps any 'couple' stuff to share ?


  1. interesting but I don't do that..

  2. Hubby and I had some couple songs, they were all disco songs, LOL, cause we visited the pubs quite often when we started dating.

  3. Our couple song is "Because you love me" by Celine Dion. When he asked me to be his girl friend, we were in the mall, sitting on the bench, and the background music was this song. I love it to bits, but I doubt he can still remember.

  4. prob got, but after hearing so much scream everyday from the kids, memory lost liao, hahaha

  5. My song is Always On My Mind.. when I listen to this, it reminds me of my husband...

  6. yeah, i like that song too.. it's always sweet to have "your song", that will be a good and strong bond between yourself and your hubby~~ :)

  7. Oh nice, I love this song too. My 1st movie with my hb during courting is City of Glass - 玻璃之城.

  8. oh i love this song too :) i don't think there is a couple song for me and hubby. we are so unromantic :P

  9. I edited bits of our wedding video and put them together on a video tape...and sang "Endless Love" (Lionel Richie & Diana Ross)...and dubbed the audio track...BUT the video tape got moldy and had to be thrown away. more! LOL!!!

  10. Oh..I love this song too. I don't have a couple song. My husband is not into mushy love songs.

  11. Hehehe... "Something There!" Beauty and the Beast.

    My hubby used to sing with me whn we were still dating.

  12. wenn ~ we did not purposely planned for it, but just 'fated' to pick this song. hehe

    Hayley ~ 'hot' !

    Sheoh Yan ~ So romantic.... and it is a nice song

    chinnee ~ u r so funny ! hahaha...

    reanaclaire ~ sorry for reminding u on the past.

    [SK] ~ i like william soo's song... very nice.

    Vickylow ~ I did not watch that you still remember the content. hehe

    mommy to chumsy ~ haha...dun say that.... just that you have not found any song yet.

    stp ~ oh dear...what a waste ! but a good memory for u

    Mummy Gwen ~ haha....this is a nice song ya

    Alice Law ~ Nice pick ! and so romantic of u two !


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