Friday, September 16, 2011

Mooncakes Festival 2011

Birthday girl in her birthday dress. By the way, she is not allowed to climb like this at home.
On the 12 September, we had a mini party at home to celebrate the Mooncake Festival. FIL suggested to have dinner outside and I took this opportunity to dress up my little princess in her Birthday dress.

 After dinner, we set up the tables and lit up the lanterns. It was drizzling that night, thus no moonlight.

nuts and yams
 MIL steamed some peanuts, 'sai kok' and some mini yam for us to munch.

Pamelo and jelly mooncakes
 We also had pamelo and jelly mooncakes. Some of the jelly are given by relatives and some are homemade by MIL.

MIL's homemade jelly mooncakes with red bean fillings

soya bean milk and tau fu fa
 Earlier, SIL went to the pasar malam and bought some soya bean and 'tau fu fa'.

pre-packed tang yuan
Hubby did his part too..... he cooked 'tang yuan' where we bought the frozen packed type from the hypermarket. Taste quite good. We had the red bean and black sesame fillings.

ginger soup
 Hubby also boiled some ginger soup for the tang yuan..........yummy!

yummy delicious tang yuan
tang yuan in soya bean.
Since we have the soya bean milk, we added into the tang yuan. It was delicious to eat this way too.

As for me, I'm in charged in clearing up the mess after the mini party, and ...........

Kids with Angry Bird lanerns
 ......... accompanied the kids to play with the lanterns. Did yo noticed YX was in his pyjamas ?

I'm sick but still active !
Well, because he was having a slight fever that night. But he is all well now. Must be the bad weather these days making his body too heaty...

Famous among the kids at all age !
SIL bought this Angry Bird lanterns for the kids. We had a very simple yet enjoyable Mooncake Festivals that night. Both kids slept at around 11 pm which is consider very late for them. Hope you have a memorable Mooncake Festival too !


  1. wow, looks happening!! we just had simple dinner at home (those from offerings to ancestors lah of course).. i like those yam and "ling gok" haven't been having that for a long time, only available during mid-autumn.. and clever you to serve the "tong yuen" in the soya milk.. :)

  2. XJ is pretty in the dress :)

    Although you had simple snack, it's nice to have a family gathering.

    Happy Malaysia Day, mNhL!

  3. That's a lot of goodies to feast on! The jelly mooncakes look very yummy :)

  4. The dress is so beautiful. She looks like a little model.

  5. XJ is getting prettier. We had almost same type of food that night, except, tong yuen and soy drink.

  6. Oooo...your girl looks so pretty in the dress. That's one thing about having daughters - can dress them up in pretty clothes. Hope your son's ok now - biasalah children....this sick, that sick...and still want to play. Part of growing up.

  7. Great lantern party... so much food.. and as long as the kids are happy, the adults couldnt be happier! :)

  8. Sai kok and mini yam, I really miss tht... since I hv grown up!T-T

  9. So long I never see 'sai kok' already~

  10. Your Mid-Autumn Festival celebration look so happening wor. Hope XY is recover now.

  11. The tang yuen looks good! The weather is so bad and I am sick too..

  12. got tang yuen on moon cake festival? heheheh

    We celebrate a day earlier, after family dinner at home, kids play lantern, adults sipping chinese tea and eat moon cake and junks. :P

    I think this year AB lantern is the most hit, i got few at home too. hahahahha

  13. [SK] ~ only a few of us...but a nice gathering indeed

    yvonne ~ yes...a simple gathering with family are so warm

    Chloe ~ Homemade ones are not too sweet.

    Small kucing ~ haha...she likes to pose for photo

    Sheoh Yan ~ Really ! bet you enjoyed your mooncake festival too

    stp ~ i like to dress up my girl too...look so satisfying. haha.. and son was ok already

    reanaclaire ~ Kids are happy to play with lanterns

    Alice Law ~ Actually that night i did not even eat it. hehe...

    Hayley ~ Very difficult to peel of the shell.

    Vickylow ~ haha...just a mini gathering only

    Mummy Moon ~ yea....i'm sick too. Hope you are recovering

    p & p mum ~ something to remember and we shall do that again next year and so on

    Annie Q ~ haha..the tang yuen is an additional. Yea..the AB is such a hit among the kids !

  14. XJ looks very pretty in her dress! She has such lovely thick hair too :-). Hope YX has recovered. And what a feast! Happy that you and your loved ones had a lovely celebration :-D.


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