Monday, September 12, 2011

Officially THREE !

Mooo.......I'm a mouse in a cow mask !

After so many Birthday celebrations for the past week, there will be no more candles blowing or cake cutting for XJ on her actual birthday. Nevermind. She had her fair shared already. ^_^

For XJ at the age of 3, she is quite independent. She can ease herself at the potty, pull off and put on her own pants / panty without any help. Despite she is very 'manja', she is consider mature at her age as sometimes, it is hilarious to hear her scolding YX when he misbehaved. She speak exactly like an adult !

She is still a complaint QUEEN and will complaint to us on whatever issues, immediately she saw us getting down from the car after work. She will talk and talk non-stop following behind us while we walked into the house. Sometimes, I find her very noisy but without her voice, sometimes I do feel the house is too dull ! haha ^_^

As a girl, XJ loves people to praise her PRETTY. She will melt your heat by giving you a very sweet smile and pose for the camera. She likes her hair to be 'decorated' with those hair clips and doesn't mind you working on her hair for as long as you told her "You looked so beautiful !" after that.

Seeing her brother going to school, XJ are so eager to attend school too. Every now and then, she will be telling us that she is already a BIG GIRL and can goes to school just like her brother. We had planned to sent her to the same school as YX in January next year and we shall see if she will cry bucket then! haha

I actually do miss their baby times but am truly enjoying their growing up moments now !

Enough of the Happy Birthday greetings for this year.............but I wanted to wish everyone


Remember to spent some time with your loves one tonight to light some lanterns, chit chat under the big round moon or munching on some mooncakes / peanuts while sipping a cup of hot tea. Treasured those besides us while we still can. Let's do it together ! ^_^ 


  1. wahhh.... what a great idea you have

  2. Happy 3rd birthday to cute Princess XJ and happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family too! :)

  3. I am sure come next year, she will not cry bucket cos the brother is there for her,kan?

    Hey,have a 幸福快乐的中秋

  4. Happy Mooncake Festival to you and your family. What's for dinner?

  5. Happy gregorian birthday to XJ and happy mid-autumn to you and your family~

  6. Happy Birthday to XJ. Happy Mooncake Festival to you and ur family.

  7. Happy Birthday to Princess XJ and Happy Chung Chau :)

  8. Happy Mooncake Festival too! but guess what, over here, I can't see the moon due to haze...

  9. btw, not sure if others have this problem... if I look at your white font against the black background, after a while, my vision gets blurrreeeeeeed

  10. happy birthday to the birthday girl, wow, finally 3 already!! and somemore birthday on such a special day.. can blow candles both on the birthday cake and lantern, and can eat two types of cakes too!! haha.. :D

  11. Happy Birthday XJ, many happy returns to her!^^

  12. Happy Birthday to XJ and same Happy Moon cake to you and your family.

    Enjoy enjoy :)

  13. Happy Birthday and Happy Mooncake festival!

  14. Happy Birthday To XJ and Happy Mid Autumn Festival to You and Your Family!

  15. Yes I do think little girl is more mature compare to boy. Happy 3rd Birthday to XJ.

  16. Happy belated birthday another Virgo celebrating her birthday.

  17. mummy-J ~ we did a mini celebration every mooncake festival....

    Chloe ~ Tq. and hope you and family had a great mooncake festival too.

    eugene ~ hopefully she won't cry in school. haha.... wish you the same too :)

    Hayley ~ Tq

    stp ~ FIL treated us in a restaurant. haha...but did not managed to take photos coz forgot to bring my camera.

    yvonne ~ Tq and wish you and family happy mid autumn too.

    small kucing ~ same to you :)

    Angeline ~ tq. same to you

    mommy to chumsy ~ tq and same to you

    SP ~ Same to you ;) That night no moon too coz drizzling ;(

    [SK] ~ tq. And yes...she get the chance to blow candles again ! haha

    Alice Law ~ tq...

    CH Voon, Pete, Mummy Gwen ~ tq and same to you

    wenn ~ tq

    Vickylow ~ i agreed with that...i notice that too...

    Sheoh Yan ~ Tq

    Bananaz ~ So when is your birthday, Virgorian ? hehe Happy birthday to you too (even i don't know which date).

  18. Happy Belated Birthday to XJ! many birthday celebration, she is a lucky girl.

    Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival to you and your family, hope you all have a good time.


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