Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wholemeal buns
I had this wholemeal buns at one of the coffee shop in S2 area. I can't remember how much per piece but they are not cheap. I remember Papparich are also selling them. Coincidentally, we saw the same brand at the Jusco supermarket. It was at the frozen area.

Frozen buns. Hard like rock !
I'm not sure why it has to be frozen. A pack of 5 buns cost us around RM3.50 - RM4.50 (sorry, can't remember the exact price). I only remember they are quite costly and not worth eating them too often. LOL !

 The buns are not really big in piece and for only 5 pieces, it is not even enough for my family of 4. My son who loves bread can walloped half pack of it in one go. I gave him a nickname ~ The Roti King. After every meals (either lunch or dinner), he MUST eat one or two slices of bread.

Steamed hot
The inconvenience part was we will have to steam them hot before consumption................

Cut them into half
............... and need to cut the bun into half in order to spread our favourite kaya or peanut butter. We can actually skip the cutting part, but the bun will be too thick and not economical. haha 

Apply with some butter and peanut butter
The texture was really soft (like cotton), very fragrance and you can feel the wholemeal in every bite. It was indeed delicious. However, it is a tad too expensive for everyday consumptions. I've heard of Massimo bread but have not get the chance to try it over here.


  1. oh, but i love the name "ONE not enough" haha!! of course lah, RM4.50 of course must have more pieces inside la right?? :D

  2. One definitely not enough! :) I haven't come across this in KL and for sure I'll grab a packet as my boy and hubby are bread lovers too!

  3. Very interesting. I think it worths the money for sure. Delicious and nutritious.

  4. Never heard of this bread name.So few piece where got enough.

  5. My parents buy this bread quite often after a "love at first bite" at a coffeeshop. I think it's rm3.50 per pack lah. It's frozen cos it doesn't contain preservatives. Well, healthy stuff do come with a price ;)

  6. Maybe no preservatives so need to be frozen.. too bad over here in IPOH, they dont have...

  7. i find it a bit mafan, must steam first...can only eat when time permits

  8. I guess it still tastes like...bread? Expensive? Hmmmm...I think I'll pass. LOL!!!

  9. Roti King, lol! But it's good to introduce kids healthy bread and get them to like it. Easy for school going period :)

  10. oh wow, i won't mind buying some to try. i ate this at papa rich before :) looks like pita bread eh?

  11. Hehehe....deliciousness does come with a price! Same with me too, I won't find this bread to be economical for everyday eating, if once a while, then never mind lah.

  12. Ahah...i had this in one of the coffee shop nearby my place..Ok ler,not bad

  13. No wonder the tagline, One not enough, haha ;)

  14. I will look out for this... thanks for sharing. Think it'll make a good snack for the kids during weekends. I think it's softest right after steaming ya. My QQ loves wholemeal bread!

  15. Ooo it a wonderful and healthy food to have. This post has gotten me salivating! lolz

  16. Looks like got a lot of job to eat this bun haha.

  17. Looks delicious :) I love the fragrance of bread~

  18. Ohhh... I hv nvr have it before! No wonder it is so puff, it's actually a pouch... like those mexican bread, I reckon it might taste even better if sandwich with tuna mayo and salad!^^ YUM!!

  19. [SK] ~ The slogan caught my attention too. Very funny. haha

    Inspired Momx1 ~ Try to see the frozen area at any supermarket

    Sheoh Yan ~ Not economical to eat everyday. house need to stock up bread almost everyday.

    Angeline ~ haha...exactly. No wonder the slogan also One not Enough.

    Chloe ~ I believe so too... it is healthy... but for everyday consumption cannot la. My household got so many people. haha

    reanaclaire ~ Try to check at Jusco frozen area.... i got them at jusco.

    Mummy - J ~ ya ya...very 'ma fan' actually. haha..

    stp ~ The texture are smoother and more fragrance.

    yvonne ~ Now they love bread. but am afraid when time to enter primary school, they will prefer canteen food? haha.... i used to be like that because my primary's canteen served fried bananas,etc

    mommy to chumsy ~ Once a while still ok la....

    Alice Phua ~ Ya..once a while still ok. Because my house need to stock up bread everyday.

    Yee Ling ~ The texture is very soft and nice....

    Hayley ~ ya ya....i wanted to laugh when i saw the tagline. Very funny. Reminded me of the Singaporean show "Money Not Enough".

    Boey Joey ~ Ya...maybe after steaming, the buns became soft. But the smell and taste are just different from other kind of bread.

    Gratitude ~ It is indeed healthy... but a price to pay for.

    Bananaz ~ haha...exactly. If not rushing, then ok. Else if you don't mind eating them frozen. Hard like rock ! hehehe

    Kelvin ~ I like the fragrance of bread too.... the aromas after steaming hot.....heaven!

    Alice Law ~ haha...after DIY cutting, it looks like a pouch. Wow...thks for the idea...maybe i should get this again and stuff with tuna mayo.

  20. I used to buy this from the coffee shop near my plc. But after they increased the price (I think fr RM3.50 to RM4), I've stopped buying edi. Cheapskate mah. hahaha But yeah, taste vy nice n feel vy healthy. The Massimo wheat germ bread is nice. They hv oso increased the introductory price from RM2 to RM2.20 now. But if compared with Gardenia white bread, still worth buying. :)


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