Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Best Moments

This morning, I happened to stumble upon this photo contest and thought it will be fun to submit my kids' photo. I have a few loving ones but only picture less than 2 MB are accepted. Hence, I started to search my picture folder and finally settled with this one below.

Brother & sister bonding time. YX was sharing the 'pop pop' with XJ
I like to see them share while playing. I like to see YX, being the elder brother showed his love towards his younger sister. And I like to see how both of them communicate among themselves like a loving couples.

Please help to click 'LIKE' to this photo (click for the link over here) and my family & I might be a step closer for a 2D/1N holiday ! Hahaha......

Appreciate your vote and thank you in advance for your help.

For those who have lovely family or kids photo to share, you may enter this contest. Hurry ! Contest ends on the 31st October 2011. Good luck !


  1. "Liked" for you already. Good luck ya!

  2. "Liked" your picture already. Hope you'll win! :-D

  3. Lovely photo. Will definitely vote for you. :)

  4. I will do that with one good reason,your reasons for choosing that picture,not patronizing from myself but i truly like your reason for picking that picture,,,

    go over now

  5. Thank you everyone for the 'liked' ! :)


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