Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Notes #1

I think I've never posted any Random Notes before in this blog and thought it will be fun to do so as I have some little things to share.

Note # 1
Yesterday, I met 2 difference races of people but both could speak very fluent Mandarin. One was an Indian lady worked in a local Pharmacy and another was a Malay lady worked in a bank.What a coincidence.

Note # 2
This morning, there was a water recession in the office. I felt so uncomfortable as when I wanted to wash my hand, there is not water running down from the tap. Everything just seems so not right. So inconvenience. 

Note # 3
Taiwan version. Image source : Facebook
張棟樑 (Nicholas Teo) new album has been launched and are officially in the market in Taiwan. Malaysia will only market the Taiwan Version on 21st Sep (Today) and as for the Malaysia Version, it will only be release on the 28th Sep. I just can't wait to get myself a copy of it.

Note # 4
My parents are planning for a holiday overseas early next year and I wanted to join them. However, I'm in a dilemma. Should I bring both kids with me or leave both kids at home while I went solo? Am not going to choose either one to bring so it will be either both or none. Without the kids, it will be less hassle, but with them around, my trip might be more memorable !

Note # 5
Angry Birds craze. Drew in June 2011
I felt so bad for not updating YX's drawing blog for so long. He had drew a lot of drawings over the past few months but the lazy me yet to take the photos of his drawing. His love for drawing are so deep that he need to draw 1 or 2 pieces EVERYDAY.

Note # 6
XJ enjoying her sushis
Last weekend we had sushi for lunch. Hubby and YX does not like sushi but I'm happy to know that my girl love sushi !! She seems to enjoy what I like to eat and she will definitely be my best 'kaki'.

Note # 7
I just received my credit card statement and was shocked to find out that I've over spent this month ! I must start to control myself in spending.

Note # 8
As of 18th Sep 2011, I'm proud to declare that both of my kids are no longer afraid of CLOWN ! Usually, when we see any clown at the shopping mall, we will be very excited and encourage the kids to queue up for balloon. But both always refused and pulled us away. However, last weekends both kids somehow agreed to join in the queue and even 'high 5' with the CLOWN !


  1. Yea, water recession always bring inconvenience! I hate it!

  2. You can't go solo when your parents are going too,right,hahahahha.

    anway,if time and money permits,,take lah anak anak juga

  3. mNhL: Sometimes without kids during travel time really shiok hor?

    I like YX draw the angry birds...

    nOTE #3: Wish u can grab it. good luck ya...

  4. I encountered water recession in my office as well, I hate it.

    You are really Nicholas's die hard fan. I will buy an album only i find it really very nice.

    I agree with you on the memorable part, but I will still prefer to go solo....hehehehe

  5. A little note here and there... =)

    Never liked water recession...

  6. I like this random notes concept in blog. Interesting. :)

    Oh, you're Nicholas Teo die hard fans ar? I only like to listen to his song.

    Now i am with kids, hardly to go holidays without them already.

  7. yeah, sometimes random post will make you write more actually, haha!! oh, new album from Nicholas Teo?? he looks good in the photo, different styling..

  8. Used to go on "honeymoon" holidays when Ian was younger but now that he is older, gotta drag him along to compensate for the lost time. Hahaha..

  9. Seremban is really famous for its never-ending water cuts. Hate it!

    Ask hubby to go along for the holiday lah... There's nothing more enjoyable than a family holidaying together :)

  10. Hayley ~ same with no power supply.. electricity & water are so important to us

    eugene ~ hahaha..solo here means without the kids... I think leave them behind will be the best idea ya. haha

    Angeline ~ I also wish the kids can stay behind.... haha...I hope i can have a copy of the cds... love his songs so much

    Sheoh Yan ~ Water is so important ya. The more I listened to his songs, the more I like him. haha. I hope to go solo too. hehe

    yvonne ~ no water so inconvenience

    Annie Q ~ Nic's song very nice because he has a very soothing voice.

    [SK] ~ He is so charming! More mature already as this is what the album is all about. Haha

    Inspired Mom x 1 ~ haha....good to bring Ian along for holiday as he can learn while travel! But my kids still young....very troublesome to bring them along. haha

  11. Chloe ~ Hubby got his work commitment. If possible he would love to follow too.... :(

  12. Bring the kids! Since my daughter was born, we never went anywhere on holiday without her - working trips, not included...and she hated it when I went on those even for a few days - would want me to be around all the time.

  13. Me feels that taking the kids would be a wonderful thng to do, but I'd worry about the cost though.

  14. Me feels that taking the kids would be a wonderful thng to do, but I'd worry about the cost though.

  15. so, bringing or not to bring? hehe...either way, there is pro and con right?

    btw, saw you had a great Mid Autumn Festival plus that nice nice tangyuen. Sorry I did not have time to drop by to wish you Happy Lantern Festival then. Now that Kakak is back, i hope we will get into our routine again.

  16. bring kids along can be fun, but can be very tiring too..esp when they're sleepy and throwing tantrums. Bcoz of this, they will spoilt everybody mood. Not only the kids 'san fu' during the trip but the adults too. I prefer bring them when they're big enough to understand and enjoy the whole trip. No point bringing a sulking kid who keep on complaining tired of this and that. Just my 2 cents.

  17. YX's Angry Bird drawing is nice! For the credit card over-spent ~ same case here due to the sales carnival earlier!

  18. stp ~ I wanted to bring both kids along but after weighing the pros and cons, I believe leaving the kids behind will be the best option for now. hehe

    Gratitude ~ cost and their health too. Afraid the kids might fall ill during the traveling due to change of weather and lack of sleep.

    chinnee ~ bringing the kids along will have more cons than pros. hehe . And don't feel bad for not dropping by..... we have our other stuffs to do besides than blogging.

    Wyson ~ It is true....both kids are still young and it can be quite a hassle if they are not feeling well during the trip due to lack of sleep and tiredness.

    Dora ~ Thks :) it is pay back time :(


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